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Violinio Germain

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God said, “Behold, I am in all things, centering them, and I am without all things, controlling them.”

The nearer you can come to feeling your Self to be that center of stillness from which all things extend UNDER YOUR CONTROL, the more you can control your own body to its perfection of health, strength and beauty.

No matter what you must do in life, do it joyously. Whatever work it is, put love into it. If you do put love into it, you will find love regiven to you by it.

Love given out from YOU vitalizes YOU as well as it vitalized the one you give it to.

If you do not like your work, it does not like you. It gives back to you what you give to it. You become fatigued and devitalized. Whatever situation in which you find yourself, master it by giving love out of yourself to it, for that is the only way to master it. If you give aught but love, it will regive aught but love.

There is no task which manifests God which is not beautiful if you make it so, for beauty is not in any task-it is in YOU.

If you have to sweep the floor, do it gloriously. The floor must be swept. If it falls to you to sweep it, do it perfectly, with love, and it will bless you.

A joyous attitude of Mind from love given out will prolong your date of maturing, lengthen your life and make your thinking more brilliant and keen to the day of your passing. Joyousness is the great insulator from the toxins which arise from unbalanced thinking.


Some day the chemist will realize the same unbalanced conditions which cause violent explosions in his elemental compounds cause violent explosions in the human body under similarly-unbalanced conditions.

The chemist and metallurgist know that when they find pure cube crystals, they find the stability of absolute balance in such crystals, and when they find distorted cube crystals, they know full well that unbalance in interchange between opposite pairs is the answer to that distortion.

Learned men of science, especially in medicine, will have to come to understand that distortions due to unbalance in elemental bodies have the same basic causes that distortions in human bodies have. Human bodies are composed of these same elements and both are light-wave recordings of Mind-thinking. Therefore, both MUST obey the same inviolate laws of balance. The medical world is being transformed because of these new beliefs.

This principle of unbalanced interchange is being manifested upon a world-scale by the greeds, hates and fears of neighbor by neighbor, and nation by nation, which have been released into this thought-wave universe during the last decades.

Just as one individual destroys his body by depriving it of the balanced polarity which love gives to  bodies, so can nations, or the world, destroy their civilization by the various kinds of cancerous disintegrators which hatred breeds. With such hatred comes miscegenation, licentiousness, sadism and infinite cruelties. The consequent loss of the best blood of all nations degenerates entire nations.

During this last fifty years, even the morale of nations had decreased as their national unbalanced has increased. The whole human race is facing its utter destruction as a whole, just as countless thousands of individuals are, likewise, destroying themselves by preferentially practicing the principle of greed for their own selfish ends.

The world is not supporting great men in the arts, great statesmen in government, or great leaders in any of the fields of human endeavors. The geniuses are often suppressed and starve for need of recognition and patronage. A Caruso or Beethoven finds it difficult to compete with the rowdy talent which receives high salaries and honors today. Morality, integrity and culture are at a low ebb and honor is selling out to materialistic power-seekers in every great nation of the world.

The sick and unhappy age of man is what man made it. Whatever it is, man’s thinking has made it so. Today’s civilization is the record of man’s thinking. It is the record of sensed desires, not spiritual ones. It is the record of fears and hatred in mankind, not of love.

Much of the world may be self-destroyed but not all of it. The first Cosmic Age of man is about to dawn into the light of its new day. Millions of bodies have been sacrificed and many millions more will follow them into the grave, but love will come into the hearts of men and the world will be transformed by love into another stage of its unfolding.

That is why God sent His Message into the world for man’s new day. And that is why God timed the delivery of the messages to his period of man’s great self-chastening.

This is why even SOME of you are ready to receive the Truth and further the planting of the seeds in the hearts of legions of men so that they, in turn, will bring into being this Cosmic Age of Love and understanding of the Truth of God and Creation.

pg. 119-121