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When all is said and done and the facts are laid forth--it is this dynamic knowledge of the identity and Presence of God within the Soul of Man and throughout Nature which is the ultimate goal. This stage for the human race must be attained before it is possible for it to build an enduring civilization of unity and brotherhood. We can give you all the "how to's" and "why's" and "wherefore's" and it is of no consequence if Man fails to attain this KNOWLEDGE.

There is only one reason that man has never known God and that is because he is still in his intellectual infancy and his ideals and practices are still quite primitive and barbarous--for he walks the path of the physical and discards that of the immortal Self.

To know God, man must know what Light IS and, also, energy, gravitation and God's processes in the building of bodies which manifest His Presence and His purposes. And he must know the mysteries of life, death and growth, and of the seed into which even the giant oak disappears but still retains its identity. And he must know how man retains his identity when he, also, disappears.

No man has yet known these things. The concepts of modern sages regarding them are totally unlike God's processes. The conclusions of man regarding them are the conclusions of his senses. His Mind has never yet pierced their illusions. He still senses EFFECTS without knowing their CAUSE.

These things you shall now know--and when you comprehend them within your Inner Self, you will then know God. In this outlaying we shall dive off into the




This will be the ending portion of this volume and we shall call it a unit as to subject matter. It won't take a lot of drawings--but it is that which of all things, needs heeding lest all the rest be of moot point.

To truly know love as the sole motivating force of the universe is man's primary purpose on Earth. This is WHY the Elite adversaries of LIFE have distorted the meaning of love--to spoil and misrepresent the entire concept into the physical lustfulness of the flesh desires and senses. If every institution of man's civilization were built upon loving service given in all interchangings with others, your world would be a wonderfully happy one, for only GOOD would then be given for true "love" is only GIVING--misuse of "making love" is only TAKING.

That is what is meant by the spirituality of love, for God is LOVE and God is GOOD. God gives only GOOD to his divided Father-Mother universe and this GOOD is manifested by giving and re-giving. Nature, which is a manifestation of GOOD, always gives; it never takes.

GOOD, therefore, is not divided into its opposite expression which is evil. It is forever unchanging.

Deep within man's Consciousness is the knowledge that LOVE is all there is for LOVE is God--and God is all there is.

To "discover" God is man's eternal quest. All of man's earthly experiences have but one purpose--to break the shell of his awareness to himself. His experiences take him down diverse paths and he knows great joy and sorrow as he walks down these self-made paths of life.

When he walks the path of love, he is happy and balanced. The sun shines brightly within his heart even on a cloudy day.

When he walks the path of hate, he is lonely and apart from all that would give him warmth within his heart.

When he walks the path of fear, he dies a thousand deaths in self-doubts and diverse ills.

When he walks the path of greed, he is sick with self-deceit and imprisoned from the light of love which alone can set him free.

Whatever man experiences down his pathway of life, he has an insatiable desire to know the "wholeness" of love. This desire is only faintly known by some Souls who live a sensed-existence, but for the Soul that has unfolded farther along the path of Consciousness there is an everlasting search and longing for that completed circle of love.

Man may experience every kind of success in the material world: money, position and power with the attendant adulation which he believes will completely satisfy his desires. With each accomplishment, there is a faint sense of "something" missing. That elusive "something" is what man is eternally searching for.

Within the lessons is the CAUSE and ANSWER to man's eternal quest, for in the understanding of the science of the universe and man, himself, lies the explanation of Life's Cosmic drama.

To understand the WHY of all things, however, one must truly know LOVE. In this knowledge and realization lies the answer to your eternal quest.

Those who know LOVEknow GOD and, knowing God, know the ecstasy of eternal ONENESS. The man and woman who are true mates experience moments of oneness with all eternity when they reach that moment of complete unawareness of body-sensing. They are then one in the God-Light. This is the spirituality of love.

If men and women would search for their spiritual and mental mates rather than allow their physical senses to govern them, divorce would be impossible. There is nothing in this universe that could separate a man and woman who know and share true love, for such a union is truly a marriage of God (Love). True love is eternal love and two souls who have "found" it will find each other again and again in life after life.



The purpose of your whole life's experiences is to find and KNOW your Creator. The laws of Creation are inviolate laws which man can only know through a basic understanding of the Creator's ways and processes. The principle which underlies all Cosmic Law is LOVE--and this, perhaps, would be better understood if we used the three dynamic words "RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE" (Now, you knew you would hear about this again!).

The meaning of RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE is equal giving for equal regiving--and not equal receiving—because every pair of opposites in Nature is balanced equally, even unto life and death. What goes into the ground must equal that which comes out of the ground. BALANCE is the fulcrum of this lever of equal giving and regiving.

Love means equality between all things.It means equal division of all interchange in industry instead of bargaining so one group gets the better of another. These principles are as important to the meaning of love in industry as the balance of love and sex is between man and woman.

There is an old expression which says: "' Tis love which makes the world go round". No more appropriate expression could be devised to express the real meaning of "balance" in the interchange of all things--nor its lack thereof to express the total unbalance. It is a well known fact that geniuses and Illuminates understand this principle of love for they give all they have without expecting material reward. Remember that no matter how many may be in an audience, you play for only one--paint for only one, sing for only one--Self and God. You can only give of that which is shared for the artist must first please self.



There is only ONE way to know God and that one way is throughknowing and living His Law of Love. That one way is found through inner vision which inspiration awakens into physical expression.

All down the ages, man has felt the necessity of knowing that there is a God who created him. His desire inspired him to create idols which he formed in the image of himself, for he had not yet reached the stage in his Soul-unfolding where heknew the Light, which God is, that centered him.

Man knows God when his awareness of the God-Light is awakened in him. This awakening comes into being by diverse experiences and that is why we say every experience is GOOD. The experiences which bring man a great sense of aloneness most often are the ones which awaken the Light of God in him--for where there is sorrow, there is solitude and then a point of rest is reached. Man's fulcrum, which is his balance, lies within himself. To "discover" and know his fulcrum is his moment-to-moment task. That is why we so often stress the fact that the incidents in your lives are of secondary importance but your adjustment TO those incidents and what you gain FROM them is of PRIMARY importance.

When you at long last come into realization of what is the purpose of life, you endeavor to use each moment constructively for you know that when you overcome a weakness in yourselves, you have gained strength in your character, andyour individual destiny is created by your individual character. That is why philosophers of all time have counseled you toseek within and know yourselves.

To know yourselves is to know all men, for all men have identical God-like potentials which are just awaiting their awareness of them.

Immanuel said: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God within and all else shall be added unto you".

Socrates said: "Know Thyself".

The people who give most to life are usually the ones who have known the greatest personal suffering, either mental or physical. The deeper the suffering, the deeper the inner searching for the answer. From that deep inner Source of all-knowledge comes the clear answer.

There are many examples of man's spiritual awakening in desolate solitude. Men such as Socrates, and others would never have given the great wealth of their thinking to the world but for their aloneness in deep sorrow arising from personal tragedies. Kahlil Gibran, in his timeless and beautiful book "The Prophet", wrote:"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain".

No man has known greater sorrow on earth than did the one called the Christos, and the more he suffered, the more he loved and gave. Deep within the heart of the persecuted is born pity for the persecutor, for the suffering Soul is often awakened and knows its true identity with the God-Self and, realizing this, is filled with pity for the unknowing one. I watch, for instance, as this very example flows forth from this scribe who understands it not.

Solitary confinement can also awaken Cosmic awareness. It is witnessed that many men and women serving prison sentences have found their true selves behind prison bars. You are, no doubt, familiar with the statement: "The greatest sinners have often become the greatest saints".

When reincarnation is actually fully comprehended, capital punishment will cease for the "body" that is put to death is NOT the being and that being or "Soul" will return in yet another manifestation at the same stage of Soul-unfolding as it departed. If it left with a sense of hate and revenge, it would return with the same negative thoughts and would play the same kind of "role" as it did in its previous incarnation. If the offender had an opportunity for solitary confinement prior to the death of his body, he could "find" himself. In other words, he could have a cosmic awakening and his desire for revenge would be replaced with a desire to love. In the silence of man's Soul is the seed of God's love. In that love is only beauty and a desire to give--and in giving is unbounded joy.

In love there is freedom--every kind of freedom--for there can be no hate, fear, greed, jealousy, covetousness or hypocrisy where there is all-enveloping love. When a man has the opportunity to know "himself", he knows the exquisite ecstasy of his true Self--the Self which all men are destined to find and know whether it be in this life or a million lives from this one brief expression which, at best, is but a breath in the timelessness of eternity.

What is meant by "The truth shall make you free" is that when you really know TRUTH, you will LIVE TRUTH--and "TRUTH" is love, honesty and beauty--and you will desire only to GIVE for you will know that you can fulfill your purpose on Earth only by giving so that you may, in turn, be regiven. In other words, if the man who had taken a life or committed some other unpardonable crime had an opportunity to "know himself" in solitary confinement, then when he again returned to earth he would not commit the same crime for which he lost his life (body). An understanding of God's scientific ways and processes brings full comprehension of reincarnation, which is the repetitive principle in Nature. That is why it is of utmost importance that Universal Law be understood and practiced in all human relations. An adherence to Universal Law will dispel individual and worldwide inharmony and the leaders of all countries would endeavor to work cohesively for the peace and prosperity not only of their own people but of the people of the whole world. They would then truly be "their brother's keeper".

Only basic knowledge of the science of the universe and man, himself, will bring this utopian state to earth, but the agony and sorrow of man's awaiting is his alone.





The great men of all time were men of character--men who have reached such supreme heights of wisdom, justice and righteousness that it can be said of them that they closely emulate God on earth.

God, the Creator, is LIGHT. The language of Light is LOVE. Men of character are the Light of the world. Their every deed and action is based upon love (balance).

The Light of the world of today is going out and the world sickens unto death because character in man is at its lowest ebb in seven thousand years. As man's destiny is governed by his character, so is the world's destiny governed by the character of the people of the world.

If we are ever to restore our civilization to a state where the people of the earth can live happily together as a one-world family, we must build Godly people whose innate nobility is so basic that it would be impossible for them to act in any other than a noble way.

Let us review what we mean by that. A man of fine character is one who can be defined as a perfect gentleman. The best definition of a perfect gentleman is that he is one who can always be counted upon to do the right thing. If your world were made up of people who always did the right thing, you would have no crime, no prisons, no wars, no need for locking your doors for protection, and no unhappiness resulting from the wrong things people are forever doing.

A gentleman, or gentlewoman, of high character could not possibly speak ill of anyone nor repeat one word of malicious gossip. Neither could he take the slightest advantage of anyone in either social or business affairs, for he would know that gaining such an advantage would be at the price of his own soul.

A noble man, or woman, of high character looks noble and beautiful no matter what size, shape or color his physical features are. His nobility brings a radiance to his personage, a radiance which magnetically draws others to him. He stands apart like a light from his fellowmen. The power of his presence overwhelms and overpowers every lesser character. There is an ageless quality about him.

Such a person walks with a dignity in his, or her, bearing that makes heads turn as he passes. One says to oneself as he passes: "I wonder who that distinguished person might be"?

There is something infinitely greater about such a person than what one sees with one's eyes. There is an invisible Presence encircling him which seems more real and overwhelming than the visible man himself. That Presence hovers over the very works of such a man, and this, one can feel but cannot see. One stands before his work with reverence and is exalted with inspiration if it be spoken word of wisdom, the interpretive rhythm of a poem or symphony, or a gesture of friendliness bestowed upon a neighbor by the wave of his hand.

How does such a man acquire his nobility and his power? How is it that he has found self-sufficiency and competence in a lonely and incompetent world? How is it that he has found complete inner joyousness and insulation from frustration in this crime-ridden, warring world of ravenous humanity where practices of inhumanity to man conspicuously overshadow kindly actions or love-inspired deeds?

From what inexplicable source comes the power of such a noble character as Mahatma Gandhi who quietly conquered a great nation, what of a Caesar Chavez who quietly stands before his farmworkers in front of the insecticide poison tank? The nation's armaments and high-walled prisons are not able to detain these men. What better term is there to explain such power than to say that goodness and righteousness triumph over the power of might exerted against them.

Various practices in industry today breed disloyalty and contempt among employees. The lash of the tongue is resisted as much as the lash of the whip. The master and slave relationship is not conducive to lasting progress and success. That is why such organizations as unions were originally formed, to see that workers were given a fairer deal financially and spiritually. But now, however, the worker is in the driver's seat and instead of working for character, he all too often is working solely for material gain.

Until both Capital and Labor realize that LOVE must be the basic factor in their working relationship, neither side will be happy and progressive.

Bargaining can never bring success because it always leaves one side or the other with a sense of loss, whether the bargaining be between individuals, unions or countries. A settlement based upon the love principle--and this means balance--is the only one that will stand for all time.

Character building will destroy the animosity which has always existed between Capital and Labor because commerce would be viewed from an entirely different angle. When man knows his purpose on earth, his work and everything he does will become more meaningful. Knowing that whatever he does, he does for himself will give color to his life. Is this not an interesting concept?

The "purpose" of life has never been universally understood and so Capital and Labor resent each other for quite different reasons. Until UNITY is established between employer and employee, there can be no progress in industry.

Industry is actually THE very thing that could be the CATALYST FOR WORLD PEACE.

You can grow in awareness of God only through your experiences, as we have stated over and over again. Experiences mean action and interchange. Your lives must express balanced interchange and this produces motion of bodies. Bodies, in order to survive and function, must have fuel. To fulfill the Law of Creation itself, you must FIRST GIVE. Therefore, you must first work in order that you can EARN the food you eat. If there were no money interchange, you would still have to work to eat for you must always plant the seed, nourish the soil, harvest the produce and prepare the meal. Therefore, the food you eat is truly a manifestation ofloving service given to yourselves, for without loving care man produces little and the body dies of starvation .

This truth has been made startlingly clear in those countries where labor is regimented to such a point that love has been submerged and the "slave" has lost all desire to live. Only work performed with love is lasting and fruitful.

Food cooked with love feeds one's Soul as well as one's body. But that cold sandwich served and shared with love is greater than the banquet feast prepared as a "chore".

Your world has become so mechanized and "classified" that the loving personal interchanges are disappearing. Parlor games have been replaced by "necking" parties and juvenile delinquency is ever on the increase for lack of loving guidance. Young people should be given the opportunity of playing games in sports for they need physical outlets for their growing bodies. Working at something constructive or sharing is a necessary ingredient for happy, healthy bodies, and happy, healthy bodies are productive bodies.

Work and play, however, must be balanced. If either side outweighs the other and balanced action ceases, joyousness and productivity also cease and the end result is dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction leads to trouble. Always in the equation must also be responsibility for actions.

Character is destiny--and you create your own destiny. "Your own shall come to you".



The greatest quality of a noble character is kindness--simple kindness given with love. What is kindness but love in action? The more love you put into anything, the more inner joy you experience. And the more inner joy you experience, the more love and joy you extend to others. This joy--expressed in kindness--becomes a snowball and once it starts rolling, it never stops and gradually becomes a world snowball.

Either the world becomes a "snowball" of LOVE or it will disintegrate into "nothingness". Which will it be, good brothers?

God has given you a beautiful world in which to experience and everything to make life perfection, but you must do your part, also, for unless you do your part by first giving to life, you cannot be regiven. Give kindness and kindness will be regiven to you. A wounded animal who is given kind attention will lay down its life for the one who saved it. If animals do this, why not extend the same kindness to your fellowman?

There are countless people in the world today who are hitting back at life because they perceive themselves to have been injured. One hurt after another has piled up within them and now it is exploding.This is the deep-rooted CAUSE of most of the trouble in the world today. Man began innately kind but, being kind, he is often abused and then goes in reverse and wants revenge.

When men and women make the giving of love, thoughtfulness and kindness their GREATEST concern, all else will take its rightful place.



Humility is love personified. How could one who knows love be other than humble, for he knows the basic longing of all souls to express greatness. This desire to express greatness is man's Soul-ego--not his little ego which is expressed through his "senses" in self-aggrandizement and other selfish ways.

Humility is the mark of a truly great man. A humble man is fully aware that no matter how great his accomplishments are, he knows he could do better. Because of this, he is embarrassed when praised.

Humility grows as God-awareness unfolds. It brings a sweetness and gentleness which is irresistible in young and old alike.

A humble man is a powerful man who is respected and sought after as a leader. Such a man's judgment comes from his Mind-knowing and not from his sensed-thinking. That is why true humility should be the goal of all your world leaders, for the destiny of mankind is in their hands. I don't believe you will find very much humility around Kennebunkport or the White House--or anywhere around the state capitals or Washington, D.C.--surely not around the Royal Palace in London.



This you will not find around any of the halls of justice or politics either. The character trait of honesty is not only essential to your personal peace and happiness but it is VITAL for world peace and security. You have NONE!


Honesty is the balance wheel for any business transaction because unless there is honesty there is ultimately bound to be failure.

We are, today, witnessing so much dishonesty between nations that the people of the world feel very insecure. This insecurity is the root cause of poor business. An insecure man does not spend, for he is filled with fear for the future instead of faith.

Trust between all peoples must be restored. TO IIAVE TRUST, YOU MUST HAVE HONESTY.

Thank you for your long hours this day. With this extra time of writing I believe we can finish this JOURNAL by tomorrow evening. I realize we have you work triple time on every holiday which comes but the interruptions are less and so much more gets done. Will it not be better to "rest" in "peace" than in "slavery"? Allow us not to leave our task unfinished for that unfinished sequence may have been the one to turn the "war". So be it.