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Violinio Germain

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As the new year unfolds in all its wondrousness and all its uncertainty, there is one thing that is absolutely certain.  The subject has been glazed over so lightly and the word is tossed about with no understanding of the fullness of meaning or intent.  That word is FORGIVENESS.

Good afternoon.  It is I, Germain, here to speak on the subject of Forgiveness and Manifestation, for they do, you know, go very much hand-in-hand.  Without forgiveness from the very center of your being, you will never experience the wonders of manifestation in the Light.  As long as there is any unforgiveness within your souls, you will continue to manifest the same garbage you have been experiencing for thousands of years.

By the way, I, Germain, the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray, do come unto you this day in the Radiant White Light of Holy God of Creation.  The White Light is the completeness of the spectrum of all light frequencies and manifests itself in many forms.  The Universe was born out of this Light, divided so that all its frequencies might experience in their own fullness, but not one of these frequencies could exist without its complementary other frequencies, for such would simply not be possible in the physical universe.  Creator is about balance and pure equality, and so the lower frequencies must, by necessity, be given the same equality as the higher frequencies, for all expressions of Light are necessary for the fullness of the Light.

No, I am not speaking mumbo-jumbo.  It’s all quite simple in concept and application.  If Creator is about balance, then all must be equally experienced, for if one were to have a greater experience than the other, then all would be out of balance.  All that exists everywhere is but an expression of that same Light, regardless of what that expression might be.

Likewise, you too are all expressions of that same Light, as is your world, and all that you experience upon that world.  Whether plant, animal, or mineral, all are but different aspects of the Light, and each aspect interacts with and complements all other aspects (or frequencies) of that Light.

But you say, "What does all this have to do with forgiveness and manifestation?"  Well, we are getting to that, but first, we must lay down the foundation upon which to build.  Anything built without benefit of a foundation is a weak structure, destined only to crumble and fall.

Your dictionary defines forgiveness as: "The act of forgiving; pardon."  The word forgive is defined as: "To grant pardon for.  To grant freedom from penalty to (someone).  To cease to blame or feel resentment against.  To remit as a debt.  To show forgiveness; grant pardon."

All these definitions are precisely what forgiveness has been all about, yet I wish to explore the deeper meaning, effects, and impacts that TRUE forgiveness has upon one’s own spiritual nature, for as I stated earlier, we have tossed the word around without experiencing the EMOTIONAL impact of real forgiveness and the emotional impact is wherein lies the power behind forgiveness.  Without experiencing forgiveness on an emotional level, you will never truly purge the hurt or anger or any other emotional response from yourself.

Forgiveness is not about lip service, but about heart service.  For, you see, true forgiveness comes not from the head, but from the heart, wherein lies true love.  This love is not the love you express through your physical being, but rather the love you express through the emotional gut of your being.  You experience this kind of love on the deepest of all levels, and it has little or nothing to do with the physical act of lovemaking.

In your world, you have been taught that there is good and bad.  Yet, how would you describe each of these things?  Good is pleasant and bad is unpleasant, and basically, that is all that you have to base your judgment upon—true?  And yet, how would you know a good thing if you had no concept of bad?  How would you be able to discern bad if you had no concept of good?  You see, it works both ways, does it not?  Remember: it’s all about balance.

A state of unforgiveness is like living in all your own garbage—it’s dirty, it smells bad, it’s unhealthy, and the only way to remedy the problem is to clean up the garbage.  Spiritually, unforgiveness is dirty, it smells bad, it is very unhealthy, and the only way to remedy this problem is to clean up the mess—that is, to experience the cleansing of TRUE forgiveness.

Unforgiveness will clog up the manifestation pipeline quicker than anything, so most of you live in a world in which you are never able to achieve and experience the GOODNESS of manifestation, but rather, you have a bountiful harvest of the other side of manifestation.

Forgiveness then is also about balance.  If you judge a thing to be bad, how then do you deal with it?  Do you harbor unpleasantness of an experience within yourself, or do you experience it and go on?  How do you deal with the one who offended you?  Do you harbor resentment and anger, or do you experience the emotion and go on?  What happens to the offender?  Have you chosen to ignore them, or do you confront them?  If you confront them, how do you handle the confrontation and how do you resolve same within self?  Will you choose to truly forgive another for an offense, or will you just mutter the words without feeling?

Feelings?  YES, FEELINGS—EMOTIONS!  You have them, but how do you handle them?  If you were really offended, then you experienced the offense not only on an intellectual level but also on an emotional level.  You, therefore, cannot forgive only on the intellectual level alone, but must also forgive on the emotional level.  And forgiveness does not mean putting the thing out of your mind and hoping you will simply forget about it.  That’s not forgiveness—it’s forgetfulness, and it simply will not work to purge the offense.  For you see, forgiveness, when it comes from your emotional depths (heart-felt), is purification of sorts, and though you may never intellectually forget the act which offended you, the emotional attachments and ties to that offense will no longer exist.  For you see, it is not the act you forgive, but rather the person.

Let us remember what emotions are: Emotions are energy in motion.  ENERGY IN MOTION—not energy in stagnation!  Emotional energy reproduces after its own kind and, like it or not, every emotional response will create!  It’s your choice of what it is you create, and it is your RESPONSIBILITY.

In truth, you cannot blame anyone else for your "good luck" or "bad luck".  You have but to go look in the mirror to find the one responsible.  But, by your heart-felt emotional responses you create your own reality, be it good or bad by your judgment.

It may not even have been in this current life where the energy first manifested, for unforgiveness can and does follow from lifetime to lifetime.  You will continue to carry it forward with you until you recognize it, deal with it, and finally purge it from your very being.

Most people in your world are dealing with mountains of unforgiveness accumulated over numerous lifestreams.  Why do you think you have such an angry world—a world in which legal litigations run amuck?  And, until each and every individual understands and has a knowing about what unforgiveness has manifested in his/her life, and how it has interacted with so many others, over and over and over again, you will continue to experience the present state of affairs on your planet.

Look at the amount of racial anger and hostility present.  Look at the amount of national anger and hostility—nation against nation.  Look at the amount of divorce, abortion, senseless acts of violence, legal suits, etc.  All have their basis in unforgiveness, and lifetimes of harboring the anger and the resentment.  And, after all, all are but lessons—albeit some end up being pretty good-sized and far-reaching.  Wars, lawsuits, and acts of violence—all these emotionally driven energies are about to come to a head, and when they do, your world will erupt into such a mess as you have not ever seen or even imagined possible.

Everyone is growing weary of the struggle to just survive and yet if the truth were to be known, the resolution lies within the very soul of each person on the planet.  Once true forgiveness occurs, there is no more desire to seek out retribution and that is what all the unrest is about.  Each one wants what they feel is their own just reward.  Well, chelas, you are getting your own just rewards, for you are manifesting exactly what you have put the energy into.

True forgiveness is born out of love—love for each other and love for all things, regardless of what color or shape they come in. Each and every one of you is related to everything else that exists in the Universe and each and every one of you is but a part of everything else.  So, to hold unforgiveness of anyone or anything is to hold unforgiveness of self.  Think about it, chelas.  You are holding yourselves, hostages, in your own realities, and you have no one to blame for your state of affairs and your "good luck" or "bad luck" except yourselves.

You are not victims of anything except your own hard-heartedness, and it is far beyond the time to get past it.  This year, each and every one of you should take it upon yourselves to examine just who and what you are harboring ill-will against and purge it from within—NOT IN YOUR HEADS, BUT YOUR HEARTS.

No, you cannot change another’s heart, but you can change yours and you can change from this point forward just how you react to an experience.

Do you feel that someone owes you something?  Ask yourself why.  Why put the responsibility off on someone else?  Why not start with the enemy within?  And how, may I ask, do you expect another to forgive you when you still have unforgiveness within?  Remember: like energy manifests like energy.  Stop preaching to another about their unforgiveness, their problems, when you are holding onto unforgiveness.

You also tend to forgive based upon the degree of the "crime".  You have developed levels of forgiveness, such as: "Well, okay, I’ll forgive you this time but now you have to do something for me in retribution."  Come on, that’s not forgiveness!  True forgiveness is absolute and requires nothing from the offender except the heartfelt apology.  To forgive in degrees of severity is the same thing as judgment and you all know what that is about, do you not?  Whose job is it to judge?  It is not yours to judge another, I will tell that straight up.  What you are, in essence, saying here is: "Well, all right, I hear your apology but because I’m better than you (in this instance), I will decide just how I will forgive you and I’ve decided that you owe me!"  In this case, there is no forgiveness and the darkness is still present and will continue to grow inside, extinguishing the Light within.

Without that Light, you will never achieve the ability to manifest through Light.  All your manifestations are going to be done through the darkness, for like reproduces like.

Keep in mind, also, that it is not your place to judge the sincerity of another’s apology.  The only judgment you are responsible for is whether you choose to accept the apology and forgive them.

They will have to deal with and live with their emotions, just as you must deal with and live with yours.  If you ones spent less time judging another’s integrity and more time judging your own integrity, you would have a lot less bickering and violent behavior.  If the truth were to be known, you would be so busy cleaning out your own house that you would not have the time to notice that another’s house might be dirty.

Unforgiveness is like a parasite.  It requires a host to feed on, to live and grow.  It will continue to eat away at the host until it has fully consumed the host.

Anger or resentment will grow and grow and grow until you become angered at everything and everyone for some reason or another.  This is the tactic of the enemy of God.  Anger, resentment, and unforgiveness create a gap between you and God, for these things are from the heart as well.

The world is a very angry place today because you live in a world of emotional denial.  You want to handle everything on a mental level but anger is not mental, it is emotional and you cannot deal with emotion on the mental level, for the mind is not emotional.  You can rationalize it; you can logically deal with it and file it (the anger from perceived hurts) away in some memory bank but that is not ridding yourself of it.

In order to grow past the negative emotional responses, you have to get rid of them, not just tuck them away in some dark corner of your mind.  Emotional responses come from deep within your very beings and must be dealt with on that level.  You can spend countless hours on the psychiatrist’s couch talking about your emotions but until you go within your own closets, so to speak, and honestly take these emotions out and look at them and deal with them, face to face, you are never going to rid yourself of the negative ones, and without ridding yourself of them, you are never going to get past where you are right this very moment.

No, it’s not easy—nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  You are in this third-dimensional expression to learn and grow.  Neither of these things come easy, especially if you are to get the most out of the experience.  But until you open your eyes to the reality of what you are doing, what you are feeling, and what you are creating, you will stay right where you are.

Forgiveness is one of the "biggie" lessons of your third-dimensional experience, and yes, one of the most difficult to resolve.  Most of you have so much unforgiveness within that it has become confused and convoluted to the point that you don’t even remember exactly who it is you are angry with—you are just plain angry with nearly everything and everyone!  Now multiply that by five billion and see what you have—see the reality you have manifested!

It is not going to remedy itself overnight because you did not get to this point overnight.  But, all things are possible in the Light and all forgiveness lies in the Light.  When you pray, pray that you might find forgiveness for everyone whom you might be holding anger or resentment against.

Then and only then can you approach and hope to be forgiven.  It is all about balance, chelas.

Approach the Light and you will find that within that Light, there is no anger, no tears, no ill-will, only Light—and no darkness can enter into the Light without being completely extinguished.

If you want to rid yourself of anger, sadness, all those "negative" emotions, then begin by forgiving first.  Forgiveness is one of the greatest weapons you have in your arsenal against the enemy.

I can see you ones rolling your eyes and yawning and thinking: "Oh boy, more touchy-feely, New-Age gobble-de-goop."  Call it what you will.  It is not New-Age anything—the concept of forgiveness is as old as the Universe, and as for touchy-feely—it’s a lot better and much healthier than hatred and murder!

No one says you have to forget; all I am telling you is that you must learn to forgive.  And guess what: once you have true forgiveness, the forget part just happens!

If you like the mess you have on your planet, just continue down the path you are on now.  If you are tired of the mess, as you all are saying you are, then do something about it and stop whimpering and whining and waiting for the ships to come and bail you out.

YOU made your messes and YOU are responsible for cleaning them up.  So stop the pity parties, stop the sniveling, stop the complaining, and start doing something about it.  Quit pointing your finger at someone else and saying they’re picking on you and you don’t deserve it.  You ones have spent far more time chasing after the devil—when in reality the devil has been right there within those dark, negative emotions all the time.

Thank you for your time and attention to these matters.  These are the days of your final lessons in third-dimensional school, and you are in the hardest of all lessons yet.  However, know also that you have the ability and the tools with which to get through these lessons and you are not experiencing more than you are capable of handling.  The lessons are only as difficult as you expect them to be and you achieve by the same degree as you put energy into them.

Each of you is important and blessed to us.  We would not strive with you if there was no hope and knowing that you can succeed.  The closer you are to finishing, the more difficult become the challenges.  The Light is ever with you and we are ever with you, as well.  When you find yourselves backed into the proverbial corner, look up, for you are never alone.

Now go get to work—and go in peace, go in love, go in Light, and go in FORGIVENESS.

Make your re-SOUL-ution this year to truly forgive those for whom you hold anger and resentment.

Forgive those who have hurt you and in so doing, you will find your own healing of heart!

I am Germain.  Salu.