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Relay Relay Relay St. Germain 7/4/18

Spirit Eagle

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Today, the people of the United States celebrate their Independence from TYRANNY. And yet they are more enslaved than they were 242 years ago. You are enslaved by fear now. 242 years ago, your foremothers and fathers wanted freedom from Briton and it's tyranny towards the American people. And now, you are enslaved by a Cabal of Darkness working through your government.
    The people of the United States, and of the world, are facing a more deadly enemy. This enemy has brought your country to it's knees through lies, decadence, and self-indulgence.
    You have been played with through electronic means, poisoning of your food crops, cruelty toward the animals you eat; you have been lead to believe that those that were supposed to serve you were actually Serving you. Yet, they have cooperated in the demise of this "former" country that was seen as the hope of the world, at one time. Pull yourselves away from your electronic technologies, for you are loosing, and especially the youth, are loosing the ability to communicate human to human, rather than machine to machine. These Dark Ones would make you Robots.
    The Human Soul is far greater than a machine, or any electronics created to deceive you.
    There is a stirring deep within many souls, and it is surfacing gradually within the hearts of the young who have been weaned on electronics. The problems facing this country and this world are not so different than they were 200 years ago. The difference, then from now, is the people were independent of governing bodies that could suppress and enslave them to the degree that is available now, in this day. Look around you and see the Truth! Are people speaking quickly, as though to a machine? Are they not in a constant hurry? Are their minds racing to get onto the next task? It is time, no, past time, to Question All. What kind of life are you collectively creating in this country? Is it one that honors all life? Is it one that would sacrifice a little comfort in order to help a sister or brother in need? Have you questioned the "powers that be" for the last 70 years? Or have you gone along willingly looking the other way when great injustices have been done in and by this countries' power elite?
    By all means, Celebrate this Fourth of July, 2018. But Celebrate with a committed intention to bring this county back to the Ideals in which it was created. The Earth is on the threshold of a new birth into the higher dimensions. LABOR Has Begun! As the women of Earth know, Labor is no picnic! This is why you are all being asked to plumb the depths of your souls and your personalities and bring fourth the Christed Light within you! All of the people of the Earth, in order to Ascend with the Earth Mother, must become 5th dimensional beings. When you plumb the depths of your psyches and your souls and own everything that you have done in your lifetime, either for good or ill, when you have felt the pain that you have inflicted upon others, when you have owned your own pain, when you have developed compassion, deeply open-heartedly, then you will rise in joy to your Next Adventure! By all means, Celebrate, in thankfulness, and be honest with yourselves and be Soldiers of the Light.
There is a Grand Adventure about to enfold in your country and in the World. If you are looking forward to a New Earth, a New Humanity, then, be honest and look within at what You must change within yourselves in order be ready for this Grand Adventure that your are embarking upon Now!
    Be impeccable with yourselves, in your Journeys within. Find the courage, with your souls to face yourselves, to change yourselves if need be, and to open yourselves up to the New Light of the New Dawn upon the Earth Mother. Great things are expected of you. Remember, you are Not little children to be led by a governmental mommy or daddy. You are the Light Workers, the Light Warriors, who will play a big part in transitioning from the old ways to the New on your Mother the Earth.
    All of the Archangels, the Angles, the Cherubim, the Ascended Masters, and your Sisters and Brothers from all over this Galaxy are working With you! We are close. Ask, and we are there assisting you All in every manner that you can imagine.
    Be Peace, Be Love, Be Kindness, Be Patience (with yourselves, as well as others) and we will fly to the stars together. Good Night My Dears. Rest In the Great Mother's Arms!
I am St. Germain, who was present at the signing of the Deceleration Of Independence.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle, 12:48 AM.
4th of July, 2018.