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Good day, and thank you for sitting to write for me.  It is I, Germain, come in and with the White Light of the One God.

There is much that we could speak on today, as the pace of your world races at an ever-increasing speed.  As you ones  experience in that third-dimensional play which is so heavily focused upon the material, many things are causing great concern.  However, it is the condition of your souls with which I am concerned at this time!

With each passing day, you are seeing your world's condition becoming more troublesome.  Some have reached the point of saying they hope they do not live through the days ahead, and many are choosing to leave through the process of physical death at this time because the "stress" in their lives completely overwhelms them.  Others are numbing themselves with alcohol and drugs, and still others have chosen to bury their heads in the sand, so to speak.  These are the ones whose very foundations are being shaken.


Those who succumb to the temptation to opt-out of experiencing these times, will only live to repeat the lessons at another time, in another body.  It is none of my business who chooses not to continue, but it IS my business to tell you why it is happening and to expose the author of the lie.

The lie is that through death you are free from that which troubled you in life.  That is only true until you reincarnate into your next life, and then you will find yourself right back where you left off.

And, if you went out with fear, that fear will follow you.  If you are going to choose to opt-out of the physical experience, then first get past those fears and focus on GOD.  The funny thing is, once you get focused on GOD and The Truth, you will see that life is a great gift, and death is not the solution that honors The One who created you.

However, the lie has worked very well, and for the weak-of-heart, the lie feels very comforting.  Life may not be the easiest path to take, but you'll get a lot farther and learn a lot more than through dying and trying to escape.

Many thought Esu "Jesus" Sananda very cold when he told the young man, who wanted to follow him but first wanted to attend the burial of his father: "Let the dead bury the dead."  Esu's teachings were for the living, as are these messages!  There are plenty in the world focused on death and dying.  They are the weak-of-heart who have not purged the fear of living from their being.

Now, understand that fear is a natural part of your third-dimensional existence.  Everyone is going to suffer from, and need to confront fears from time to time.

The ones who I am addressing here are those who are so gripped by fear that they won't allow themselves to live and experience!

And that brings us to THE biggest preoccupation of you ones--MONEY.  How many of you are so concerned about saving money for your old age that you don't live now?  Those who are squirreling away all that financial "security" are in for one tough time when the realization of what's really important hits you!

Many of you lay awake at night worrying about your money.  If you have so much that it is a worry, then get rid of it!  You'd be better off giving it away to the widows and orphans.  Is it not better to store up your treasures in the kingdom of heaven?  That doesn't mean only after you die, you know!

For those of you who fear the loss of financial "security", I am sorry to break the news, but YOU ARE IN FOR A VERY RUDE AWAKENING!  Though your stock market has regained some of its losses the past few days of your counting, KNOW that the gain is going to be very short-lived.

There has been intervention by those who have the most to lose in the game, and that is the only reason all the markets world-wide have not collapsed into a heap of dust!  Had the situation been left alone, you would be seeing massive sellouts and a catastrophic drop!


The artificial propping-up of the markets can not go on forever, however, and those who are doing the propping-up are about to run out of options.  YOU HAVE SEEN THE SITUATION IN RUSSIA--WELL, IT IS BUT THE PRECURSOR OF DAYS COMING WORLD-WIDE.  So, if you are among the numbers of people whose "security" is based upon financial standing, you will have to change the tune to which you are dancing, for the band is about to stop playing FOR GOOD! 

When all the counting is done, it won't matter one iota whether you had a million dollars in the bank or three pennies in your pocket.  IT WILL MATTER, HOWEVER, WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!

I cannot tell you how to spend your money.  That is something you will have to determine for yourselves.

It will also matter how you went about getting what you have.  How many have you hurt as you pushed you way up the ladder to financial success?  How many lies have you told to get there and stay there?  How many have you trampled upon?

And, above all, what was and is YOUR INTENT?  How many have you encouraged, or taken under your tutelage?  How have you treated those in the lower ranks, or those who have been of service to you?  How have you treated the waitress when you had your business lunches?  And then the biggie; how much of your life is really honest?  These are the things you will get to review, you know.

So, rather than sit and pass judgement on one another, you will do far greater good in the long run to sit in critical analysis of yourself.  If you have even one thing in your life for which you are ashamed, then you have no right and no business pointing a finger at anyone else.  Very, very few of you qualify.  Remember that point the next time you point a finger at another or gossip behind someone's back.

Remember you each have an awful lot of forgiveness to ask for.  And, if you are holding ANY unforgiveness toward anyone, including yourself, you are but choking off your own blessings--especially your ability to allow God to work through you!

The sand in the hourglass is rapidly running out.  Time to get your houses in order is running out as well.  And there is no time like the present to get your spiritual life in order, because on that day of judgment, it will be too late.

If each of you spent half as much time judging your own lives as you have spent judging President Clinton's life, you would have accomplished a VERY GREAT DEAL, indeed.  Though what the man has done may be considered perverted and immoral, be careful that you do not judge.  For when you judge another, you are opening yourself up to another judging you.

I have been over this subject with you ones many times before, and I will repeat myself here, because either you did not get it, or you are ignoring it.  Either way, it bears repeating: YOU MAY DISCERN THE ACTIONS OF ANOTHER, BUT SEE TO IT THAT YOU DO NOT JUDGE THE PERSON!  JUDGEMENT IS TO BE LEFT BETWEEN THAT PERSON AND CREATOR.  SINCE YOU ARE NOT CREATOR, YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN NO RIGHTS TO SIT IN JUDGEMENT OF ANOTHER MAN OR WOMAN!  ONLY THAT WHICH IS PERFECT MAY JUDGE WHAT IS IMPERFECT.

For those of you who have not gotten yourselves right with GOD, I am here today to tell you that you are out of time.  Do it now, or do not do it.

Events are shaping up such that there is no more time to be sitting on the fence waiting to see what happens tomorrow.  Tomorrow has arrived!

As the old saying goes, "There is no time like the present."  If you do not have YOUR OWN spiritual house in order, you may not have the strength of spirit to make it through the coming days.  It is going to be difficult enough for those who have been "training" for these days.  The adversarial attacks have increased, and many have already lost the battle.  Meanwhile, the adversary promises to make everyone's lives as miserable as possible.

These are the days of testing your resolve and testing your spiritual determination.  I cannot stress enough the importance of self-examination.  If there is anything within your heart that you have not come to terms with, you better be coming to terms with it NOW.

Whatever your weakness is, that's the place where the adversary will attack.  Your only defense is strengthening every fiber of your being--body, mind, and spirit.  And, if there is a weakness found, recognize it, deal with it openly, and go on.  Do not take the time for wallowing in your fears or guilts, for these are weaknesses, and a perfect target for attack.

If you have been carefully watching, you are fully aware that your world is changing very rapidly, and events are accelerating at an unprecedented speed.  Many of you complain that there seems to be less time in each day, though mostly you put it off to your ever-increasingly busy lives.  And, to some degree, that is what is occurring.

However, time is speeding up, as you and your world are making a dimensional transition.  Your perception of time is changing, and though your clocks still register 24 hours in a day and the Sun still appears to come up at the proper time, you are losing several hours of that perception.

Once the transition has been complete, and each one who is going to transition has transitioned, it will all balance itself out.  You are in the time of the change now, and it is a time of turmoil all about.  What once was a task of thirty minutes, now may take forty-five minutes to an hour, by the clock, to complete.

Remember, time is the invention of third-dimensional man.  As you are transitioning into higher-dimensional beings, you are still living in a third-dimensional perception.  You are becoming lighter (less dense), and time does not have the same meaning to you as it once did.  Your bodies are in preparation for that which is coming shortly.  Unless your physical beings change, you will not survive.

So, as you are complaining daily about not enough time to take care of things, remember it is happening for a very good reason.  You still will not have any more time in a day, but you at least will know it is for a good reason.  And this condition DOES cause one to better utilize (focus) what time one does have!

It is most important that you ones not become overwhelmed by daily events and news.  The darkness that seems to have your world in its grips preys on those who become too involved in the daily concerns of the world.

Watch that which goes on about you; don't bury your heads in the sand, but keep things and events in proper perspective.  Remember your years of training and remember that becoming weighed down by worldly affairs and events only lowers your frequency and may prevent you from maintaining your focus on the goal, which is serving GOD.

When the attacks of the adversary come, know that you are right on course, and the attacks are attempts to take you off course.  Look upon these attacks as mere pesky distractions, and keep your eyes on the goal.  Because, dear friends, when all is said and done, you will be most glad you were not dissuaded.

As the Earth shakes, and wars flare up, and winds and rains blow, and governments lie and cheat, and the adversary runs to and fro throughout your world--know that these are but the signals that the clock is running down.  As the very elements themselves, of which your body and all physical matter is composed seem to be heaving, understand that there IS a Grand Master Plan.

Hold this knowledge within your very beings, as your Source of Strength in these times of trial and tribulation.  There is a great change that is rapidly manifesting upon you all, and all will experience it in one form or another.

How you fare through these times, however, is of your own making.  Whether you persist and hold onto the TRUTH and LIGHT, or whether you opt-out of the physical experience because of FEAR and DARKNESS, is totally up to each and every one of you, individually.

No one can make your decisions for you, but each of you who are going to experience that which is upon you will need to lean upon one another.  Those who give unselfishly of yourselves are the ones who will make the greatest strides and the greatest difference.

The world IS going to be rebuilt, not by the bigwigs and not by the giant corporations, but by each of you "little people" out there, who are in actuality spiritual giants!

Thank you for your time this day.  I am Violinio St. Germain, and I leave you with the Light of Holy God about you and yours.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, September 8, 1998, Volume 22, Number 3, Pages 11-12.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.