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Is It Transmutation Or Tribulation For You?




Good evening.  Violinio St. Germain present as the Violet Ray--the Seventh Ray, the Ray of Transmission.  All is unfolding as it should, and though many days appear as if they are heading down the slippery slope, I assure you that all is occurring within its proper sequence of events.  These are the times which have long been spoken of, and these are the times which shall try the tenacity of all souls present upon the Earth.

This is the time of the Great Transmutation; others call it the time of the Great Tribulation.

However, it is all in the perception of things, is it not?  For those who are focusing upon the Light of God, the times shall be considered transmuting.  For those focusing instead upon the great darkness, their days shall be numbered as tribulation.

There is no doubt that these times are difficult, even for those in the Light.  Yet, how much greater would be the pain if ye were walking in total darkness?  In the hours of apparent darkness, you ones will need to focus upon the Light and stand in the Strength of your convictions.

Great are the temptations to strike out at, and to be seduced by, the darkness.  And these temptations will only grow stronger in the coming days, for you have but seen the mere beginnings of the transmutation process upon your planet.

As all things continue to exhibit signs of change--from your weather to your politics--know that change is what transmutation is all about.  You cannot achieve higher-frequency existence without this condition of change.  And because ALL are involved upon your planet, including the planet itself, all things, therefore, are changing--the planet and its inhabitants.  Even the four-legged creatures, the winged ones, and those that swim in the waters, seem to you to be confused.  You two-legged ones are certainly in a most confused state and this is all due to the massive and unprecedented changes that are occurring at the present time.

You have been forewarned, over and over again, that this time was approaching.  Well, my friends, the time HAS ARRIVED!

Prepare yourselves NOW for a most notable Winter, as the El Nino throttles up for an explosive display.  The ocean waters, particularly in the Pacific, are up to 30 degrees warmer than has ever been seen in recent times past!  You have tropical fish appearing in the waters off Northern California and British Columbia.  In San Francisco, the waters are at least 25 degrees above the "normal" range, and this is but a sampling of what is occurring up and down the seacoast of the Americas.  Even your weather forecasters are warning you ones to "batten down the hatches", so to speak, as the rainfall (and possibly snowfall) amounts are expected to be three times what would typically be expected for the upcoming Winter months.

If you could view your planet down at the very core, you would see that there are many fluctuations taking place there, causing the magnetic field of your planet to fluctuate as well.  Since the systems of all living creatures upon your planet are attuned to the natural magnetic pulses and frequencies of the planet itself, all living creatures are also experiencing the same "roller-coaster ride".

These fluctuations of biological frequencies are causing all sorts of odd behavior, discomforting aches and pains (especially in areas of the back, base of the skull, and shoulders, where there are denser complexes of nerve-muscle function), mental confusion and simple inability to focus mentally, plus a myriad of other odd maladies.  So, do not despair in thinking you are "falling apart".  Rather, these are "only" your physical body's reactions to Mother Earth's tremendous "growing pains" of sorts.

These magnetic fluctuations will eventually cause a reversal of the magnetic poles of planet Earth.  THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS A PHYSICAL POLE SHIFT (of the Earth's rotational axis, which is in its own condition of instability at present).  This simply means that the planet's magnetic forces will switch order of flow.  Yes, this will have an effect upon compasses and all other magnetic instruments.  But that, believe it or not, is the very least of your worries at present!

What you DO need to be focusing upon at present are the effects upon your third-dimensional existence resulting from the fluctuations in these subtle, basic life-force energies.  You are being affected, only some are more sensitive to the changes than others.  Those who are naturally sensitive are experiencing even more difficulty than they have in the past, and it is important for these ones to have understanding of what is occurring to them.

It is important that you not "fight" these changes, but learn to switch your own frequency to match that of your planet.  You ones are often quite resistant to change, and this, my dear friends, is a MOST MAJOR change you are going to have to deal with.  You have the option of refusing to accept and go with the changes, but you will only be hurting yourself, for the planet is not going to sit back and wait until you are ready.  Many are fighting the changes, and therein are actually choosing to depart the planet.  This pattern will continue and will but increase in the coming days.

However, there are also many who are going to choose to leave of their own accord--not because they have effected the changes they came here to accomplish and their work is finished.  These ones are so "tuned-in" to the progression of the planetary transmutation that they KNOW exactly what is occurring and are choosing to cross over to be of greater assistance from the non-physical realm.  They will simply pick up "new-bodies" on the other side to continue their service.

How will you know who these ones are?  Most likely you will not.  And if the truth is to be known, it is really none of your business! YOUR business is to concern yourself with YOUR own challenges of living--and that will keep all of you more than busy. Believe me!

The distractions are many these days for all of you, and besides having to deal with the planetary changes, you are being bombarded by the news of one Earth-shaking event after another.  It is well that you attempt to be informed, but be careful as to just how much of the drama and emotion you get suckered into.  That is how the adversary will keep you from focusing your energies in the proper direction.  And, oh yes, the adversary is working powerfully, and is in "overdrive" right now, for the time of darkness is very shortened, and there is a great push underway by the forces of darkness as they work to keep both the Light and the Lightworkers at bay.  They know their demise is imminent, and are wishing to prolong their reign of terror as long as possible.

Be very careful these days with whom you associate, for the dark powers have set their sights upon the workers of Light.  They will come to you presenting as "angels of the light".  But it is your responsibility to test each and every one, for they can be very seductive and very desirable to your lower energies.  Take great caution, and do not be taken-in by every one who comes your way, seemingly as a "friend", in the coming days.

Many of you are finding yourselves in trying and changing personal situations, and you are the ones being severely tested by the dark forces.  Shield yourselves well, and do not allow yourselves to be overwhelmed in self-doubt and fear as you move forward on the new paths your lives are taking.

You created the changes because you were following the guidance of the Lighted Ones.  Thus, many of you removed yourselves from dangerous situations and places.  Many more of you are, at present, making these changes.  Stand firm in the strength of your convictions in the days ahead.  Be certain you are making your OWN decisions, based upon careful evaluation of your inner knowledge, and not on doubt of fear.  Be certain that you are NOT basing your decisions upon the expectations of, or assumed obligations to, another.  You and ONLY you can know that truth that lies within self.

You may find that previous friends, family, and acquaintances will be no more.  Fret not, for each one is changing, and that which was may be no more a necessity.  Each one of you must look within and make decisions based upon your own chosen path, and that path may be separating from ones you have had associations with in the past.  This is all part of the changes taking place.

Appreciate when any separation is for the benefit of all involved, and is but part of the larger transitionary period you are experiencing.  Paths may, at some point in the future, cross again, but you may not know that at present.

Walk forward upon YOUR Lighted path, placing one foot surely and firmly in front of the other, and take one step at a time.  You may sometimes find yourself running, but you'll still be placing one foot in front of the other.  Only the pace will have quickened!

Be diligent in the coming hours and days, but do not allow yourselves to be overwhelmed with all the changes taking place.  As I stated earlier, all is occurring in its proper sequence of events, and all things really are in their proper season, even though, from your perspective, everything seems out of control and out of balance.  Well, chelas, the balance has been missing for such a great long time that you ones are confusing the process of re-balancing with chaos.

Take it as it comes for there is order in this time of change.  Lift your frequency to that of your planet and you will find yourselves less at the mercy of the changes.  We have, in past lessons, given you many practical suggestions for achieving this raising of frequency.  For now, let us simply suggest that you monitor that which gives you a feeling of positive upliftment--such as comes with the cultivation of humor and joy and purpose--and make such a part of your daily spiritual "diet", in conjunction with calling upon we of God's Hosts for guidance and protection.

We are with you--know that always.  You are not alone and you are being watched over and guided continually--only most of you are not aware of the Guides who stand ready to take your hand and assist you.

I am Violinio St. Germain, of the Seventh, the Violet Ray of Transmutation.  I stand with all the other Masters of transition and Hosts of God of Light, at the ready station to serve in these days of your Great Transition.  I say to you: shall it be a time of transmutation and growth into Radiance for you, or will it be a time of tribulation, pain, and chaos?  Mother Earth knows her destiny, and so shall you be master of yours--one way or the other!



Source:   CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, September 16, 1997, Volume 18, Number 4, Pages 18-19.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.