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April 20, 2016

8/21/91   GERMAIN

Germain present to begin this writing.  Dharma, I come with the Lighted Presence of that which is the Mighty Source.  We have conferred here and will not speak of the current news at this early writing but will, instead, ask for a meeting this afternoon.  You are in total overload from the barrage of inquiries and personal inquisitions of ones who wait until the holocaust is present to take action. Yours is to WRITE, chela--not locate, furnish and apply for all ones the means.  I shall not, Hatonn shall not and GOD SHALL NOT!  ONES WHO BELIEVE THAT SUCH A THING WILL HAPPEN WITHOUT ACTIONS ON THEIR OWN PART ARE SADLY MISLED.

You ones are moving steadily and more and more quickly into the trap.  You are witnessing the incredible planned imprisonment of a major nation along with all the small nations of the Soviet Union.  It is such a bad show that I am appalled at you ones in your attitudes.  You are given EXACTLY that which is planned for you to have--the Soviet people are given a choice of dying by lethal injection or hanging--"Freedom" is not among the choices--only who and how they will become prisoners "under".  The facade is so poorly orchestrated that it is embarrassing and yet the world swallows it and Bush and cronies laugh and congratulate themselves all the way back to the Bank via the golf course.  Well, you are NEXT.

The "sensor" satellites they are trying to launch from French Guiana and your east coast are the very sensors they need to monitor a first strike detonation in every secret attempt to have a first strike.  It is serious-time and you are feeling the load of all wanting to in the last minute come into comfort with God and let you do it for them--no, chela, not so--NOT SO.

I am not even going to allow you to write the Humanist Manifesto first this day.  I am going to make my own choices about sequence of writings and I choose to speak of knowledge and how it gives you the ability to be master instead of servant of matter.  THEN we will write of the Human approach and you will be able to better see how things have come to be.

Our work and participation is being blasted from New Zealand to Canada and it tells more than any thesis on the TRUTH OF THAT WHICH WE BRING and this, dear ones, is NOT your load to bear.



Repeat: "The fact that your physical bodies are but moving extensions of your spiritual Selves has but begun to enter human Consciousness.

"All bodies are wave recordings of Mind-thoughts.  All matter is, therefore, pure thought for each particle of it conveys a meaning of its identity and purpose.  Matter symbolizes one idea divided into trillions of ideas, all of which convey a meaning to observers proportioned by their varying intelligence.


The above paragraphs are repeated here because it is difficult to fully comprehend the oft-repeated statement that "God is all" while an infinitely extended universe of suns, stars and nebulae illumines the heavens by the countless millions and all about you countless millions and all about you countless millions of bodies of substantial matter which you can weigh and feel and "see with your own eyes" confront you with their own indisputable evidence of their reality.

All of your lives, for countless generations, you have been confronted with moving bodies and moving forces.  Heat burns you.  Winds blow forcibly against your resisting bodies.  We have pains, aches, hungers and fear of illnesses of your bodies and of the bodies of your families and friends.

Tempests come--with floods, and famines, and droughts.  We have always known a world of motion--of actions and events--of pleasure and catastrophe--with eras of peace suddenly broken by devastating war.

In the very face of all you see and feel, how can you say, "God is all" or "God is Love" or "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my Soul", when you feel yourselves to be the helpless victims of a matter-and-motion environment which so relentlessly swirls you about in its whirlpools?


Is it any wonder that people who are the servants of matter, motion and environment feel that the universe of matter and motion is REALITY--and that things of the spirit are something to be hoped for but are not dependable--not REAL?

Wherefore I say to you that you are the self-bound servant of matter so long as you are self-bound--and, furthermore, I say to you that you are freed from its bondage only when you free yourself from your own senses.

Just as long as your senses dominate your actions, the world of matter and motion is your master--and you are its unwilling, unhappy slave.  Why is this so?  It is because your senses are the same wave vibrations that your bodies are.  Again, I repeat that your body and your senses are but motion.  How can motion be YOU?

If your body is dominating your actions, it is demanding that you work for it--that you give it what it wants--and the only things it wants are more sensations--more vibrations--more motion--more possessions of material things for your body--more emotions for your body.

Freedom from slavery to matter and the conditions of matter begins with knowledge that the motion and matter of your body is not YOU.  That is why we have so often told you that the supreme discovery of man is his Self.

Complete freedom comes only when you have actually come to KNOW LOVE.  When you actually know what love is, you will not only know that God is love but that YOU are love. When that day comes, you can then say, as Christos said--and with as much authority--"I and my Father are ONE."  When that glorious day does come, you will have found the kingdom of heaven, for that is what Immanuel meant when He said "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven."

No man can have prosperity, riches, power or happiness as long as he is but clay of earth, sensed clay of earth, bound by his body to forever work for his bodily needs.

We have frequently said that material bodies simulate idea but the forms of material bodies are not the idea they simulate.  All the gold and treasures of the material world are not what they make believe they are.  He who possesses much gold and thinks, therefore, that he has the happiness which the possession of gold simulates, has but the gold--for happiness is not in the gold.  Likewise, he who possesses self-purposeful power over other men has not yet attained happiness even though he has the power of kings.


When you think of matter as reality, ask yourself what matter can do without the desire of Mind back of it.  Even your little finger cannot move of itself until you WILL to move it.  Desire is in the Soulseed of all things.  Desire of the Creator divided the universe into pairs of opposite conditions which pump bodies into the appearance of existence motivated by DESIRE.

Will of Mind created all things to dramatize idea of Mind for just a little while--THEN WILL OF MIND TAKES ALL CREATED THINGS BACK INTO THE SOUL-SEED OF ITS IDEA.  They disappear--but WILL OF MIND STILL IS.

Will of Mind creates all things by dividing idea and setting it in motion.  Silence is divided to produce sound vibrations for just a little while and when those vibrations cease, silence still IS.

Will of YOUR Mind created YOUR body.  Desire in YOU--in your conscious Soul--to have a body divides that light of Mind-thinking which extended your visible, vibrating wave-body from its silence--from its stillness--when its vibrations cease--YOU STILL ARE.

That is what is meant by saying "God alone IS" or "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my Soul."

The energy which created your vibrating body extended from the eternal YOU to create your body and not from your transient body to create the immortal YOU.


Science reverses the above-stated principle by postulating that the energy which creates matter comes from matter.  As previously stated, energy is presumed to be heated matter in motion.

Let me give you some ideas upon this subject to take into deep and prolonged meditation over and over again until the realization of it gives you the feeling of such unlimited power that you could-- "...tear trees from the forest, tree by tree or forest by forest, for your strength transcends that of the tree.  It is mightier than that of the forest."  This is what it MUST COME TO, little ones--not just ONE of you but all of you.  It will do one of you no good if Dharma is the only one who can accomplish this task--it simply means that she has arranged HER destiny.  Just "being" and just "believing" will not cut the mustard, the butter or the mercury steel.  Knowledge, however, can allow you to simply dissolve the steel.  Now, if Dharma can dissolve the steel door so that you may all pass--fine, so now you are on the other side of the door and then what?  You will no longer even have a door to close behind you for protection and when SHE GOES into etheric form, she CANNOT TAKE A THING OF PHYSICAL WITH HER!  Are you ones beginning to get the picture?

The feeling of unlimited power should become your normal state of Mind, together with inner joyousness.  You should always come out of your meditations with that sense of tremendous power, the glory of Self-expression and a sense of supremacy over all material things.  When communication with God gives you those God qualities, such a thing as failure, or defeat, or fear of facing any task upon earth should be entirely eliminated from your thinking.  That is the kind of Being you should be.

Consider the following idea.  A laborer can lift thirty to fifty tons of coal in one day, a shovelful at a time.  That feat takes an enormous amount of energy.  Where did the energy come from which performed that amount of work?  Most certainly it did not come by conversion of the food consumed by the laborer into heat.  The amount of food he consumed would not generate enough heat, by any known process, to lift fifty pounds, much less fifty tons.

The food consumed does not supply the energy for the work.  It is used to repair the body and replace its ever-dying cells.  Any residue is eliminated after normal replacements are completed.

Any machine that man may make which would lift fifty tons would need at least a thousand pounds of fuel.  A man's body is a machine made for performing work just as a man-made machine is.  Why is it that one machine needs a thousand pounds of fuel converted to heat to lift fifty tons while the human machine lifts fifty tons without needing any fuel at all?

The answer is that the human machine, or that of the elephant or bull, is centered by Mind-desire which is the Source of all power.  Man expresses power through desire to express power, even though he is not aware of the Source of his power.  A mechanical machine has no mental motivating source of power so power is extended to it from a generator which consumes a tremendous amount of fuel for every ton lifted.

The machine made by man NEEDS the power given by matter while the will of man IS that power.  His heartbeat is connected with the universal heartbeat.

The same thing holds true of an elephant or any other animal which is motivated by Soul-will.  The elephant can move two hundred tons of logs in a day.  The bales of hay consumed by it are, likewise, needed for replacements to its body and not for the work.

Consider, also, the fact that you can lift your own body ten thousands feet above the earth to the top of a mountain and back again in one day because YOU are the universal power current and YOUR power is limitless when you know it is limitless.  If your power is limited, it is because you, yourself, have set limitations to it by not exerting your WILL power to work physically or to create mentally.

Again, I say, man is Omnipotent when he knows his Omnipotence.

As a last example for your meditation, we would like you to consider the tremendous energy expressed in the vegetable kingdom by the desire of the forest to lift its thousands of tons up above the earth.  In the Soul-seed of the forest is the mighty desire of its Creator's Mind to manifest its power.  Every seed of the forest is centered by that Soul-desire or Soul-will to unfold the pattern of its idea.  Desire in the seed is will-power current in the seed expressing its desire by dividing light to form its body.

Those mighty tons of the forest are not alone lifted up by the alternating impulses of heat, cold and sunlight interacting with earth.  Desire in the seed is the greatest factor.  These are the two conditions which desire in the seed makes use of to divide the stillness of the seed into vibrating bodies.  Desire makes its own power current, for desire of Soul is the thought-power which creates YOUR body and ALL BODIES and fuel-made current is its servant.  The energy and motivating force which builds the universe is not in matter, nor in motion.  Energy is solely a Mind-force.  It is merely simulated in matter.

Therefore, we say again to you that God is omnipotent, and naught else in the universe is omnipotent save God.  Also we say to you that YOU are omnipotent in the measure that you know your Oneness with God.

Also we say to you that YOU are the Source of all energy with which you create the universal body.  Furthermore, we say to you that YOU center and control every cell of your body.  If you are balanced in the Light, every cell of your body is likewise balanced.  If your thinking is unbalanced, every cell of your body takes on that unbalance immediately and naught but balanced thinking can correct it.

These lessons are leading up to comprehension of the fact that the Light of God's Mind actually IS all--and naught else exists.  And YOU are that Light and YOU eternally exist.

There is no material universe.  Matter and motion do not exist nor does the visible light of suns exist. They appear to exist, but that appearance of existence is the great cosmic illusion.  Even the senses which tell you that matter exists do not exist, for they are motion and motion is merely the wave record of thought-imaginings.

If the Creator suddenly stopped thinking and imagining, this entire universe of matter would suddenly disappear, for all motion and form are Mind-imagined and all bodies are but thought-pictures of Mind-imaginings.  The effect would be like the ending of a motion picture play where all physical effects cease when the creator of the plays stops thinking them into form and motion.

This universe is entirely spiritual.  God alone IS.

This universe is a Mind-universe from which thought-imagined bodies extend to simulate the idea of Mind.

This is a universe of REST from which motion seemingly springs.

God's knowing is undivided and unchanging.  God's thinking seemingly divides the ONE IDEA for God's knowing into many moving forms which seemingly change as God's thinking seemingly changes.


All bodies in all the universe are but waves of motion which in themselves are only seeming.  There is no such thing as motion or substance.  There is but illusion which you sense as motion and substance.

If this statement amazes you, it is because you do not yet comprehend God's lenses and mirrors of light by means of which He creates that illusion.  We will make these clear to you in the last lessons in the series.  In the meantime, you will recall that we have already told you that your senses see very much motion in a cinema picture, yet you know that there is no motion there--only one STILL frame following another.  We have given you all of this prior material so all of this should hit you as a total REPEAT--but how much have you changed?  How much do you comprehend?  Does it even matter to you?  How does it matter to you?  Where would you go and what would you do if we announced that you are going to receive a near hit by atomic bomb within the next half hour? Where would you go?  What would you do?  NO--I didn't ask you what Hatonn is going to do--nor Oberli--nor Desiree'.  WHAT WILL YOU DO?

Well, ones such as Patricia might say--well, I depended on God to supply me with a place to be in safety and I pack books, etc., etc.,--and so, by properly stacking the books if there is not a direct hit--you will nicely survive the blast--but what will you eat?  WHERE WILL YOU GO?

There is a gross misunderstanding regarding that which you ones have come to call "the underground", etc.  When that hole was made public and distress was caused by ones thinking themselves to be somehow "had" at the expense of another--IT WAS PULLED TO A HALT--HATONN TOLD YOU ONES AS MUCH IN A MEETING FOR IT HAD LOST ITS VALUE--EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY HAD COME TO STARE AND TROUBLE BECAME ITS MIDDLE NAME!  That place is only good for it is Gene's and Connie's HOME--NO MORE AND NO LESS.  That was told openly to you.  Then you ask, "...well what does Charles do over there all the time?"  Two things--he works with the builders to get the foundation now approved so Gene can begin his house since the lower level is no longer "sacred".  Further, all things are being TESTED so that the products can be approved for the projects which will be in the building of housing from various mixtures and formulas as well as seeing what can be passed through the Kern County Building and Planning Commission.  So, for goodness sakes, chelas, what in the world are you all talking about--there IS no "underground" for general use--you might as well go jump in any old hole in the ground.  It is no longer even good for "storage" except as a shifting mechanism for interim transient to another place of safety--for guess where EVERYONE would go for food and shelter?

Dharma and Oberli cannot even use it except to move enough stuff out of their own house to make moving possible on very short notice for the "big boys" can cause them to have to "move" even if not permanently--for goodness sakes, the RTC trial has been moved to Washington, D.C. and who can stand the expense of such a long-distance trial?

Where do you ones think the funding comes from?  Dear ones, there is no magic-money coming into the Institute is used to purchase GOLD for the investor! All money carries usury "notes".  This is why Hatonn has been so severe regarding the fact that there is no "group" here and has stated time after time that coming here is fine but you must be self-sufficient.  Ones who committed funds have pulled them back because they do not like Hatonn to speak Truth unto them.  So be it--do you think He will stop speaking Truth in order to glean their funds?  Come now!


So, you all understand that the illusion of motion in the cinema picture is caused by sequences of "stills" superimposed upon each other, each succeeding one being of a different pattern.  If the patterns were all alike, there would be no illusion of motion.

God's cinema changes pattern constantly because God's thinking changes constantly, but as changing only seems, likewise, motion only seems.  When you stop thinking, the patterns of your imagining also cease.  Can you not readily comprehend that Creation is but a record of continuous thinking?  Can you not also see that everything which seemingly happens "unhappens" simultaneously, to coin an expressive word for better understanding?

You and every moving thing in Nature are walking constantly into a mirror of yourself.  As you appear, you simultaneously disappear but the sequences of it deceive your human senses by giving a feeling of continuity which is not justified.

We have written this phenomenon into what we call "The Law of Illusion" or "the voidance principle" which reads:

Every action is voided as it occurs, is repeated as it is voided, and is recorded as it is repeated.

All effects of time, dimension, sound, and sequences of night and day from which the illusion of time springs are, likewise, the result of seemingly motion.

All this can be summed up in the simple reminder of previous lessons that this seeming universe of many things, which seem to have countless changing moving forms, is a ZERO universe of REST which never exceeds zero in any of its effects but only seems to do so.

All of this seems incredible, we know, but as you gradually replace old conceptions of what constitutes REALITY, you will more and more comprehend that the Light of Mind is the only reality.

You can readily understand that when all motion in your body ceases, it disappears, just as the whole universe would disappear if all motion ceased in the Universal Body.


Your body appeared from YOU.  It appeared because YOU desired to manifest YOU.  It appeared because you imagined it.  God's body--Nature--appears and disappears likewise.  When you can knowingly say "I and My Father are ONE", you will then know that your Mind-imaginings are creating your own body in your own image.

You will then know that your body is but a moving manifestation of desire, in you and, whatever it is, it is what you caused it to be.  To the extent that you know God in you, your body is a manifestation of God's balanced rhythms which are absolutely under your Mind control.  So, likewise, are all of your creations under your Mind control.

To the extent that you know God's oneness with you, you can extend your balance to other Minds and give them control over their bodies and the bodies they create.


The purpose of revealing these unknown facts of Nature to you is to free you from the bindings of matter so that you will know it for what it is and not what it seems to be, and control it--instead of it controlling you.

In previous lessons, we have stated that one single thought or emotion could upset the chemistry and polarity of your body so completely that from being well you could become very ill.  You need no further proof than that to convince you that your body is the wave record of your thinking.

If you work all day at something you very much dislike, you become very tired.  The vitality of your body weakens in its power to polarize your body cells.  Even a little depolarization of all cells degenerates your bodily vitality, whereas you could work all day with intense joyousness and feel even more vitalized at the end of the day.

The reason for this is because ecstasy is the continued, normal, unchanging state of God's Mind, and the more you can reflect that ecstasy the more you can keep the vitality of your body at its maximum generative power.

Likewise, the divisions of desire for action, followed by an equal desire for rest, if properly balanced in your thinking and emulated in your body will multiply your vitality tremendously.  Multiplied vitality through the manifestation of love brings with it the fullness of physical expression.  Every deviation from balanced expression of the love principle destroys bodies in the measure of that deviation.

Violent anger, for example, can sow its deadly seed of cancer in a perfectly healthy body.  A complete expression of the love principle, one which has in it the ecstasy of the Light of Mind, can destroy that seed and make the body whole.  Likewise, it can destroy the seed of any infectious disease if that ecstasy can be imparted to another, as Immanuel did when He made others to heal themselves through "believing on Him" even though they did not comprehend.

Healing is based upon increasing God-awareness, and that awareness responds immediately to mental desire and the balanced rhythms which are an essential precedent to the joyousness which leads to ecstasy.  Such joyous emotions increase the alkaline preponderance which builds the body and lowers its acid content.

Conversely, any cynical or unkind attitude which does not express the love nature of God lowers the power of every cell in the body and increases its acid content to a destructive percentage.


God said, "Behold, I am in all things, centering them, and I am without all things, controlling them."

The nearer you can come to feeling your Self to be that center of stillness from which all things extend UNDER YOUR CONTROL, the more you can control your own body to its perfection of health, strength and beauty.

No matter what you must do in life, do it joyously.  Whatever work it is, put love into it.  If you do put love into it, you will find love regiven to you by it.

Love given out from YOU vitalizes YOU as well as it vitalizes the one you give it to.

If you do not like your work, it does not like you.  It gives back to you what you give to it. You become fatigued and devitalized.  Whatever situation in which you find yourself, master it by giving love out of yourself to it, for that is the only way to master it.  If you give aught but love, it will regive aught but love.

There is no task which manifests God which is not beautiful if you make it so, for beauty is not in any task--it is in YOU.

If you have to sweep the floor, do it gloriously.  The floor must be swept.  If it falls to you to sweep it, do it perfectly, with love, and it will bless you.

A joyous attitude of Mind from love given out will prolong your date of maturing, lengthen your life and make your thinking more brilliant and keen to the day of your passing.  Joyousness is the great insulator from the toxins which arise from unbalanced thinking.


Some day the chemist will realize that the same unbalanced conditions which cause violent explosions in his elemental compounds cause violent explosions in the human body under similarly-unbalanced conditions.

The chemist and metallurgist know that when they find pure cube crystals in any elements, they find the stability of absolute balance in such crystals, and when they find distorted cube crystals, they know full well that unbalance in interchange between opposite pairs is the answer to that distortion.

Learned men of science, especially in medicine, will have to come to understand that distortions due to unbalance in elemental bodies have the same basic causes that distortions in human bodies have.  Human bodies are composed of these same elements and both are light-wave recordings of Mind-thinking.  Therefore, both MUST obey the same inviolate laws of balance.  The medical world is being transformed because of these new beliefs.

This principle of unbalanced interchange is being manifested upon a world-scale by the greeds, hates and fears of neighbor by neighbor, and nation by nation, which have been released into this thought-wave universe during the last decades.

Just as one individual destroys his body by depriving it of the balanced polarity which love gives to bodies, so can nations, or the world, destroy their civilization by the various kinds of cancerous disintegrators which hatred breeds.  With such hatreds come miscegenation, licentiousness, sadism and infinite cruelties.  The consequent loss of the best blood of all nations degenerates entire nations.

During this last fifty years, even the morale of nations has decreased as their national unbalance has increased.  The whole human race is facing its utter destruction as a whole, just as countless thousands of individuals are, likewise, destroying themselves by preferentially practicing the principles of greed for their own selfish ends.

The world is not supporting great men in the arts, great statesmen in governments, of great leaders in any of the fields of human endeavors.  The geniuses are often suppressed and starve for need of recognition and patronage.  A Caruso or Beethoven finds it difficult to compete with the rowdy talent which receives high salaries and honors today.  Morality, integrity and culture are at a low ebb and honor is selling out to materialistic power-seekers in every great nation of the world.

This sick and unhappy age of man is what man made it.  Whatever it is, man's thinking has made it so.  Today's civilization is the record of man's thinking.  It is the record of sensed desires, not spiritual ones.  It is the record of fears and hatreds in mankind, not of love.

Much of the world may be self-destroyed but not all of it.  The first Cosmic Age of man is about to dawn into the light of its new day.  Millions of bodies have been sacrificed and many millions more will follow them into the grave, but love will come into the hearts of men and the world will be transformed by love into another stage of its unfolding.

That is why God sent His Message into the world for man's new day.  And that is why God times the delivery of the messages to this period of man's great self-chastening.

This is why even SOME of you are ready to receive the Truth--and further the planting of the seeds in the hearts of legions of men so that they, in turn, will bring into being this Cosmic Age of Love and understanding of the Truth of God and Creation.


This precious lesson is devoted to the greatest mystery which man has to face--the mystery of life and death.  The greater of these two is death.  It is necessary that man fully comprehends what death means, for it has been stated in past ages that the last thing for man to conquer is death.

That is very confusing for it is often interpreted that man shall somehow conquer death AND LEARN TO LIVE IN THE BODY AS PRESENTED--FOREVER.  Its meaning is that death is conquered by knowledge and comprehension of the fact that there is no such thing as death.

The lessons are written in as simple language as we can conjure for every layman.  It is necessary, however, that you fully comprehend them from the light-wave principle, for your body consists solely of light-waves.  We, therefore, follow this lesson with a more scientific approach in order that you may fully conquer death by your full knowledge of its dynamic meaning.

We are aware that you will not completely absorb the full meaning of all at one reading.  You will absorb enough of it, however, to grow like seed in your thinking processes.  You will soon be amazed at your increasing mastery of the principles used by the Creator, and you, yourself, will "unconsciously" begin to think that way.

All new knowledge comes slowly.  Be patient--and be masterful.  But study the information for it will not seep all over you by the closed book--EVER.  Your own destiny is of too great import for you not to know that which you should know to control it.  Read the following lessons many times because it will be a real foundation upon which to build and then open up.  You will find the information not only emotionally philosophical but also equally satisfying from a very practical viewpoint as well, for it will give you the wisdom of a Sage--as well as an intellectual--and that alone is well worthwhile.

Let us close this portion for it is time to meet, Dharma.  I give you the peace of the violet flame, chela, for the way is strewn with all ones' garbage.  You ones must release the garbage so that you do not miss the treasure.  Saalome.

Au Dai Pa Dai Cum: (One that walks with the Spirit as within the Spirit.  I AM one who walks with My Hand in the Hand which is God's).




Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, August 1991, Volume 15, Number 11, Pages 6-11.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.