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2/15/98   SOLTEC

Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at PEACE.

There are those who wish to get messages through at this time.  Please allow for the interchange, for there are great inner emotional rewards to be gained in doing so.  Find the Inner Knowing and sense the inner-connectedness, and from that vantage point draw upon the certainty and knowingness of that which you hold in your heart as having value.  Resist not and allow the energies to flow naturally.

We shall not let you fall but, if you insist upon experiencing a fall, neither shall we prevent you from your free-will choice.  We shall add unto you our strength when your heart and head are in agreement with your Higher Knowing self.

Let go of the past, for it is gone.  Find yourself IN THE MOMENT and go forth anew.  Allow for the moment and make the most of it.

Thank you!  I shall aside as another wishes to speak.



Greetings, my friend.  It is I, Violinio St. Germain of the Violet Ray, come to commune with you that a much needed message get penned.

Yes, and thank you for asking: I DO come in the Light!  I come as the representative of the Violet Ray of Transmutation.  Your world is in the midst of birthing from one density of experiencing into the next, natural level of evolvement.  This type of planetary shift in consciousness presents many unique opportunities and challenges for EVERY being who participates.

There shall be the apparent suffering of many who have failed to realize this greater reason for experiencing.  But know that all is unfolding as it should in this "schoolroom" environment, for some of the most important lessons that can be offered anywhere in the entire Omniverse are available at this time of Earth-Shan.

With the ramping-up of the frequency (and thus energy) of the planetary environment, there is available a new, more expansive level (or cycle) of functioning.  Along with this new cycle of "life" experience comes new awareness and an overall sense of Inner Connectedness with Creator Source and with ALL life, everywhere.  You shall finally FEEL what your Native American brothers have been trying to explain to you since before you stole and decimated their lands.

The NON-PHYSICAL senses of physical man shall be brought more fully to the forefront of conscious awareness.  They shall become as matter-of-fact as are the presently utilized senses of hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell.

Many are already using these finer, "etheric" senses, and have been for quite some time.  For instance, it will become commonplace for ones to know you, not by your physical appearance, but moreso by the electromagnetic light emanations that you each emit, yet you tend to ignore for the most part.

You would be correct in surmising that hiding ANYTHING will be difficult under these conditions, so the habits of lying, cheating, etc., would become as visible as are currently your shoes or winter gloves.  What do you think this will do to the "cover" of the many leeches and parasites running around on your planet at this time?  For those few who may physically survive the continual planetary shift, it will be quite an uncomfortable environment in which to hold onto those old habits!

I, Germain, have been summoned (chosen) as a Guide to help those who are desiring assistance to make this transition as smoothly as can be deemed reasonable.  There is generally a great amount of confusion associated with this type of experience for those of you who have chosen to participate in the physical.  The confusion is greatly amplified by the apparent lack of general acknowledgement of what is truly unfolding in physical space.

I say "apparent" because each being participating at this time can, if they so choose, feel the "tension" in the ethers. There is a general nervousness that has been ever increasing, and the rate of noticeable incremental change is greatly accelerated.

It is such that, by the time you ones adjust to the current level of "tension", it has already shifted and you are finding yourselves in a near constant state of adjusting.  This will manifest in many ways.  For some it will be physiological pressures such as headaches, muscle spasms, and gastro-intestinal disorders.  For others it may be irritableness, nervousness, or feelings of apprehension.

Many are feeling somewhat "rushed" as if there is not enough time to get done those things that need to get done.  These are all signs and clues to you ones that, indeed, the Great Shift is near.  This is the "quickening", of sorts, that many are beginning to consciously FEEL as well as see the effects of.

It is of utmost importance to shed the ties of past habits, for holding onto those "old ways" will only serve to impede the natural flow of transition.

This is the same as what happens when a heavy anchor holds down a wooden boat while the waters around it are rising. Eventually the boat gets pulled under, whereas the boat's natural (built-in) tendency was to float with the rising water (that is, the increasing frequency, and thus energy, of the planet).

Or, another way of looking at it is that when you become anchored, you are acting much like an electrical grounding rod.  You will create a condition which will cause a "short circuit" of sorts, and thus "burn" you.  One can hold onto (and thus float along with) a high-voltage wire, such as feeds your household electricity grid, and as long as there is no path to ground, you will not be hurt. BUT, as soon as any practical ground path exists, electricity can flow through the body.  You now have a rapid heating of the waters of the body (97-98% of your body is essentially water) and thus, among other things, you burn.

Holding on to past habits that have deep emotional ties in the physical will only serve to cause great discomfort within as the etheric counterpart to the physical body is (choose your analogy) either "pulled under" as the waters keep rising, or is "grounded out" and thus begins to "burn".

Many of you are not aware of the extent to which you hold onto past worries, doubts, fears, and perceived pains.

You ALL do this to varying degrees.  Some of you hold onto these charged events more than others, and due to the strong emotional sensitivity of the female apparatus, the women will in general have a tougher time with letting go of this excess "baggage" than will the men, yet women will also generally be the first ones who begin to recognize and utilize more fully the non-physical senses.

These transitionary times need not be difficult for any.  But, as it stands this day, there shall be many who will simply refuse to let go of the baggage and will suffer greatly as they resist the ever increasing energy flow of this change.

The values of the past will be greatly shifted.  This is to say that what many of you hold, in your heart, as desirable this day, will not hold any value whatsoever in the times just ahead.  The more physically oriented are ones values, the more traumatic this change shall be.

Ones will not lust over the status of a job title.  Ones will be greatly honored to serve freely their brethren, for they will see the oneness and unity of Creator Source in everyone, everywhere.  Ones will not try to hoard physical "things" for there will be a greater understanding and realization that it is only out of fear-of-lack that you do so now.

These are truly magnificent times in which to be experiencing!  There are many who will fight and struggle with this change, and in doing so, they will either tap the Inner Knowing within and "grow with the flow", or they will simply succumb to the emotional exhaustion of fighting change or to the anxiety of trying to understand.

This is where you, as Ground Crew, will have your greatest opportunities to assist your brothers and sisters in need.  This is NOT the time to tell them: "I told you so!"  Remember that you came here at this time as much to function as teachers of the New Ways as to experience your own lessons of growth.  As a teacher, do you laugh in the face of your students' questions and lack of knowledge, or do you recognize and respect their often hesitant steps toward awakening?


It will be the time to humbly offer them these insights so that they may come to their own level of understanding of what it is that they are experiencing.  Much confusion shall exist--it already does, but mostly bubbling at a sub-conscious (not consciously acknowledged) level at this time.

Be not harsh nor forceful.  If ones "spit in your face" for trying to help, then be not offended.  Simply go on your way and be attentive to offering assistance to others who request same.  You will find that, for the most part, people will come to you out of curiosity and ask you why it is that you are so at peace and self assured while all seems to be in chaos around them.

This is the basic reason for having this information come out BEFORE the fact of this Great Shift in consciousness.  Another reason is so that ones will know that there truly does exist we Guides of the unseen realms, and by inference, that God has never once left them unattended.  Moreover, ones shall then realize that it was THEIR choice to ignore the clues that were there the entire time for them to take note of.

Growth, and the resultant expansion of awareness, is the primary reason for having gone through any experience.  There is very little of true lasting value to be gained in the physical outside of this one, basic, non-physical parameter.

The number of dollars that you have in a bank account, or on a sheet that lists your worth (assets), is of ZERO value when compared to the value of some experience that you might go through that causes you to look within and tap an Inner Strength you never realized you had within.  This is true growth; this is what you take with you.  This is what is real; this is what has lasting value.

Nothing that you have in the physical will leave with you when you release from the physical experience.  What will go with you is the acquired knowledge and insights that the challenges of the physical experience caused you to search for and find.

Find peace in knowing that, if you are reading this, it is likely because you have an inner desire to understand.  This "active seeking" is the path that will garner you the true value that your inner heart connection longs for with interminable desire.

We, of the Hosts of God, are here to prepare, to the best of our ability, those who desire to expand that which is their present level of growth, for these ones sense what is coming quickly into their reality and wish to maximize their potential to succeed in fulfilling their growth desire.

In doing so, we ALL gain in untold ways, as the invigorating surge of newness springs forth out of the decay of the old.  Remember that as one grows, we all grow.

Our challenge is a formidable one and our reward is beyond the limitations of words, for it spans a multitude of dimensional realities and is not limited to the physical domain.  To say the least, both the challenges and the rewards are beyond your purest ideas of passion, bliss, or satisfaction.  We are quite thankful to play our part in manifesting this experience of growth.

I am Violinio St. Germain.  I am keeper of the Violet Flame at this time.  I am honored to serve with those of you who have come with the intent to serve your brethren at this time of planetary awakening and transition.

Let go of the perceived indiscretions of the past.  Forgive those whom you perceive as having "done you wrong"!  Those who have "spit in your face" are the ones whom you have come to help!  You would be wise NOT to let this fact leave your thoughts.


In Light and Blessings to you all.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 17, 1998, Volume 19, Number 13, Pages 56-57.