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June 23, 2015

Editor's note:  The following message is by the Ascended Master known as Violinio St. Germain, Master of the Seventh Ray (or Aspect) of Creator's spectrum, the Violet Ray of Transmutation, among the seven great "Rainbow Masters" communicating at this time to help us get through Earth-Shan's planetary transition and rebalancing.

In Journal #7, called THE RAINBOW MASTERS, Germain says: "I head up the program for the thrust of the Seventh Ray, for it is the transmuting ray.  I am passionate about it, unbending regarding its use for purity, Truth AND FREEDOM--FREEDOM OF THY GOD SELF, IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHRISTOS, WHICH IS GOD--PURE AND SIMPLE: GOD FREEDOM EXPRESSED IN MANIFEST FORM IN THEE AND IN ME....

"If ye wish to sum the measure of my existence in all prior times, please let it be said, 'He lived to make men free'....

"In all my times upon thy place, I have sought to stand squarely on a platform of basic human rights for a responsible, reasoning public education in the principles of liberty and equal opportunity for all.  I have efforted to teach thee ones to espouse your inalienable DIVINE RIGHT to live life according to your highest conception of GOD.  No right, however, simple or basic, can long be secure without the underpinning of the Spiritual Graces and the Divine Law that instills a compassionate righteousness in the exercise thereof.  Always I have efforted to make thy country a fortress against ignorance and superstition, where Christ achievement could blossom, and devotion to THE ONE could prosper in the quest for the Holy Truth (Grail)....

"I have always efforted at being an immortal spokesman for your scientific, religious and political liberties.  I believe that humanity shall accept as an axiom for its conduct the principle for which I have laid down my life: the right to investigate.  It is the credo of free men--this opportunity to try, this privilege to err, this courage to experiment anew.

"We scientists of the human spirit shall experiment, experiment, experiment, ever experiment. Through centuries of trial and error, through agonies of research, let us experiment with laws and customs, with money systems and governments, until we chart the one true course." ...


12/22/96   GERMAIN

Good afternoon, my scribe.  It is I, Germain, come in the Light of Aton, the One Light.  Find balance, for the frequency shift can, at first, be a bit annoying to you in the physical.

Let us take up the subject of Light this day.  You ones have the need for this knowledge at this time.  Knowledge and Truth are not just for the few, to be secreted away so that they can control you by keeping you in ignorance of that which is your heritage.

Your body, your soul, and your mind are ALL comprised of Light in various stages of compression. Your body, along with all physical matter, is a functioning electromagnetic holographic projection of Creator's thinking.  The basic technology for this form of manifestation exists on your planet at this time and shall be used against those who choose to remain in ignorance of that which is taking place down there.  These are the holographic projection devices, that your would-be controllers have, that use light beams focused together in both etheric space and physical space in order to give the illusion of physical substance.

These are merely toys that can be quite convincing--as you ones were so easily fooled by the last "comet".  Creator uses His Mind to manifest two aspects of Light that are complementary polar opposites of one another.  These are the Father and the Mother, sexed pairs comprised of the Golden White Light and the Silver White Light.  Creator combines these pairs in a dimensional manner that spans some 26 dimensions of Creation in order to manifest the known universe in a balanced, self-regenerating, and evolving manifestation.  Your play toys use merely four dimensions to manifest their seemingly real images of light.

Creator has created the universe so that we, as individual fragments, can explore and come into knowing of the workings and thinking of the One who encompasses all.  God is a static non-moving entity who exists everywhere.  All that you can perceive exists within the One who created that which you see all around you.  Thus you can see that you, too, have the potential of existing everywhere, and that "time" and "space" can actually place no limits on your exploration of the universe (God's Mind).

Creator sends out these two Rays of His Creation and combines them in a manner that will cause them to produce such tremendous pressures that will actually condense the Light into matter.

At first, prior to the known universe, there was a null void that had no vibration or potential--it was nothing.  Creator then split Himself into two, thus manifesting a difference in potential.  This rapidly filled the "nullness" and set in motion the electric-wave universe that we have come to experience.

This electric-wave universe was programmed from inception to expand, propagate, and regenerate itself in such a manner that this very Creation would evolve as an entity all its own.  Thus you have a LIVING Universe that could be viewed as God manifest.  This Living Universe was given a consciousness.  This consciousness is what many refer to as God.  Creator/Creation is that which split into the two polar pairs and set the entirety of that which we refer to as God into motion.

As this Universe grew and expanded Its awareness of that which It is, It too came into the awareness of the Laws of Creation, and split of Itself and gave forth individual assignments to these self-maintaining energy-thought projections.  Thus came into being the Conscious Souls that you and I are.

From this explanation you have a basic understanding of the history of your universe, as well as of your consciousness, coming into being.  From that vast nothingness came all that is.  This awesome "nothingness" is what we refer to as The Creation, in your language, for there are no other words to describe that which is indescribable.  To truly understand this you will need to FEEL the basic Pulse of the Universe that is, in itself, the very Pulse of Creator/Creation.  This Pulse exists outside of the restrictions of time and space and permeates the entirety of every dimension. This is, in effect, the inter-connectedness of ALL.You each have within you the potential to experience this form of creating, but only after you have proven that you can be RESPONSIBLE for that which you create.  This is why you are where you are, on this day, experiencing one of the various densities of that which Creator has created for you--so that you can come into understanding of how your thoughts and actions affect the entirety of Creation.

Down there you have a condition, usually referred to as karma, and also known as the "laws of cause and effect".  This is a condition that you each agreed to, prior to participating in the growth experience that you now find yourself working within.  This condition states that you shall have to balance out that which you have caused to be unbalanced.  This goes for thoughts as well as actions.  When you can learn to balance these conditions of unrest, you will have graduated from that school and you will move on and heip others learn this same lesson.

You have ones down there who simply refuse to accept that any of their thoughts and actions affect anything else, other than that which is there in the physical, in front of them.  These ones are, through their ignorance and dense state of mental compression, the two percent who control the planet upon which you live.

You may ask, "How could this be?"

The laws of Creator/Creation work for ALL without prejudice.  These "dark" ones have little or no conscience.  They, in turn, will take actions that normal Souled Beings would not allow themselves to take, for the "Lighted" ones realize that it is wrong to infringe upon the rights of another.  These two percent of your population are manifesting tremendous debt which must eventually be balanced out--and they realize it not.

These ones shall not be allowed to continue forever in their ignorance.  Creator shall, at some point, recall that which He has created, and balance out, in a responsible manner, that which He, Himself has allowed to persist.  Prior to this recalling unto Himself, these ones shall be given every opportunity to come into the recognition of that which they are doing.  Some shall wake up to the Higher Reality of that which they are doing, but many will refuse to learn and thus shall remain in ignorance.

In the meantime, these ones serve a purpose for you Lighted ones who need to see BOTH sides of the coin so that you can learn the wisdom of following God's Laws.  According to the "laws of cause and effect" you cannot graduate from the wheel of reincarnation until you have balanced out ALL that you have unbalanced.  This does not mean that you cannot work on the other aspects of your growth, but it most certainly means that you cannot put the third-dimensional experience behind you unless and until you balance that which you have created in unbalance in the third-dimensional realms.

You have, at this time on your planet, ones who are severely misusing the various light-based technologies that were originally introduced to you by very special Lighted Souls so that your societies could have the gifts of Free Energy without the decimation of the planet with pollution. These technologies work on the Father-Mother Light principle of creation.  These are the "scalar" technologies that produce energy from the seeming nothingness of "empty" space.  There is no such thing in the known physical universe as "empty" space.  All space has a frequency and vibration associated with it.  The ignorance about these basic facts, by the controlling two percent, is what allows for the possibility of great unbalance to be unleashed that then has a tremendous impact on the overall balance of the ENTIRE universe in which you live.

This sort of misuse (or lack) of knowledge is unacceptable to the communities that live conscientiously in the rest of the universe (a universe, by the way, that you so arrogantly think you are the center of, or are at some sort of pinnacle in evolution within) and will not be tolerated.  This type of misuse has caused great concern for the many who are part of the karmic connection to your planet, and as well causes concern about those innocent ones who are, for the most part, unaware of the existence of such devices or the enormous impact associated with them, especially in terms of tampering with the material of Soul Essence (Light).

Ones need to come into realization of their connection to ALL, of every thing everywhere.  To truly understand this, you ones need a basic picture of where you come from and how you came into existence.  This is the reason that you need these insights--so that you can make the proper connections and proceed forward in a BALANCED manner that will free you from the karmic trap.

Be grateful for this and every opportunity that you have to grow and experience, for it is That First Law of Creation that states: "Go forth and experience!"  These are the opportunities to grow and fulfill this basic principle of existing.  Seek understanding within the Light, for as you come closer and closer to the realization of who you are and the true potential of your being, you can be sure that the adversarial dark forces shall increase their attacks upon you and those around you.  Be persistent and know that when God stands on your side, you have the ENTIRE universe behind you!

I am Violinio St. Germain come as Cohan (teacher) of the Seventh Ray of Creator's basic spectrum. I represent the Violet Ray of Transmutation (change and evolution).  Blessings to you all!




Source:  CONTACT:  THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 24, 1996, Volume 15, Number 7, Pages 14-15.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.