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Hello, St. Germain

From: MK

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March 5, 2016

Hello St. Germain;


Sorry to bother you, but a long time ago, there was an opening to obtain monies that would assist an individual in their life.  I had asked for monies to buy a home and convert it to a disability home with room for wheel chairs and/or scooter movement in and around the house sections assisting myself in getting around and living a simi-normal life without walking.

So far there has been no news or a responses by you regarding funds. I am wondering if this is just fake or whether funds are actually avilable to such a person as myself.  I don\'t mean to be greedy or selfish. I have had post-polio most of my life and lately it has become a burden.  I am also fighting cancer for the second time. I just wanted to have a million to fix things up really well and have some extra for a car and scooter lift plus some amenities in the house to assist in moving around.  Thank you and hope you are surviving the changes that are upon us.


If you need some help let me know. I can do what I can.  There are a lot of people that need help in this country and a government that has let them down.


They need lots of help too.  I have figured out how to help them if you are interested in a solution to their problems with impunity.


Retired ex judge and attorney.  with love to you and all your friends,