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Aug. 22, 2016



6/17/96   GERMAIN

Germain here in the Radiant Light of Aton, the One Light.  It has been some time since last we have written.  Thank you for receiving me this day and at this time.  Be at peace, for God knows your heart.

The Great Transformation is underway!  It is time for testing of MANY levels.  I, Germain, have a most important task in this Transformation.  As keeper of the Violet Flame of Transmutation, my energy will be called upon in order that the upcoming changes go successfully.

You ask, "What are these changes?"

Well, no less than the rebirthing of humanity into Radiance and Knowingness, from out of the present ignorance and darkness.

We have prepared long and hard in order for the proper conditions to be in place for this Grand Awakening and birth.  The final pieces of the puzzle are being set into place even as we write, and these conditions are nearly complete.  Thus rapid, seemingly catastrophic change is at hand.

Be prepared for a period of great change.  This shall be a horror to some.  They shall come to see that their horror comes from their ignorance and fears borne from that ignorance.  The warning siren is screaming, alarms are going off, yet many see not that the mass conscious reality is on the verge of a great shift.  This shift shall literally SHOCK THE WORLD.

Those who call you ones "crackpots" or "paranoids" shall be flocking to your Light and stability for guidance.  Be prepared, for this is a large part of the ground crew's job in general.  Serve your brothers in their confusion.  Direct them in a constructive community effort to bring stability to your own local areas.

Do not try to solve the whole country's problems.  Take on a localized, realistic objective such as the stability of, perhaps, your own neighborhood.  Band together in a unified purpose (that of survival)!  United in truth, ones can accomplish the miracles that shall bring a remnant through and into a radiant new cycle of experiencing.

The Light of Creator shall once again shine brightly on that dark planet.  It is His promise!  Seek balance.  All that is necessary is for each to do his/her part.

Hangers-on shall be quite unacceptable.  Those who are used to having others "do it for them" shall soon find themselves quite helpless and desperate.  These are the ones lost in their own ego-centered world who can't seem to accept that one day they won't have the luxury items they now pretend to enjoy.  Oh, what they could have done with their facades of wealth!

Always ones wake up too late, only to realize how truly foolish they have been.  This is the way of those who choose to remain in ignorance of what actually has true lasting value.

Seek first God and His Lighted Spiritual Truth, and then all things shall be added unto you in the fullness of balance.  It shall never be the way you perceive that it should be.  There are great "riches" far beyond anything money can buy.  These are the true riches (of the spirit) that I'm referring to.

Always look for the clues and follow your guidance.  Guidance may come in the form of a nagging friend or relative, so be patient with those around you.  They may be working directly with your guides in order to assist you to find the answers you seek.

Know that God works in ways that only seem mysterious.  The mystery only comes from your lack of understanding.  As your awareness level increases, you shall begin to understand that Creator God (that which created YOU!) is ALWAYS there for you.  It is not mystery; it is fact.

It is you who turns a deaf ear to God.  You can either honor Him or dishonor Him.  This is determined by your actions and intent. You cannot hide for one second from the One who created you!

Responsibility for yourself and for those entrusted to your care is the only acceptable way to truly grow past your current level of understanding and awareness.  There is an infinite ability to expand self, for you expand within the limitless entity referred to as Creation.

Expansion and growth in Light and Truth bring upon self the greatest joys ones could ever imagine--and actually surpass, in infinite proportions, what is typically imagined.  You can never "push the envelope" to far or too hard.  There shall always be newness and growth.

This existence is but a small part of Infinity.  Yet each entity makes up part of the Whole of Existence.  Thus, as each is brought up to speed, and into awareness of his or her larger purpose within the One, then all, everywhere, expand.

Thus none is more or less important than another, just different.  In as much as one part grows, all grow.  This is the reason for the great compassion of we of the Hosts--who come that the whole can forever expand, so that we might expand.

We find great joy in our work, and when a Lighted brother comes into recognition of his/her true potential within Creator God, and sees his/her purpose within the whole, and begins to fulfill that purpose--only then can WE begin to glimpse the next step of OUR evolution into Infinity.  Remember: each is created for reason and with a purpose, and that reason serves the whole of Creator/Creation.

Seek diligently the Lighted Truth and you shall find it.  Seek spiritual growth and you shall find it.  No special meditations or chants are necessary.  No special place to go to or crystal to hang onto are necessary.  You have all that you need, from the day you were born, in order to make contact and commune with the God-force within.  You can go directly to Source.


They do this out of ignorance and fear (generated from ignorance).  When you come into true spiritual knowledge, you shall see that it is simply natural to commune with Creator.  You simply would not exist without this connection!

Do not fear God, for it is as ridiculous as fearing self.  Awaken and see truth!

I am Germain, keeper of the Violet Flame and Master of Transmutation.  Give up your fear and transform yourself into that which your heart desires.

In the Radiant Light of Creator God, I thank you for considering my words.  May you see your Potential and act accordingly!  What have you to lose?  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 25, 1996, Volume 13, Number 7, Page 48.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.