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Susan Leland

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Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 
October 14, 2019

"Greetings!  I am Saint Germain and I come with so much Gratitude, it is almost beyond my ability to express!  At the same time that I congratulate you for being willing to look at Truth and shine the Light of Love upon it.  I acknowledge to you, Beloved Ones, that it is not easy!  It is not easy when you contemplate the destructions that those of the dark hats are wanting to accomplish.

"And so the best news I can give you is that they’re not getting away with it!  They might seem to be, but remember that propaganda has worked for them in the past, indeed in the most recent past, but there are too many eyes wide open – too many Hearts who are welcoming Love and the Light that it brings, and they are shining that Light upon that which is Truth.  And in this way, they are literally transmuting the darkness of the propaganda!

"And as the Light shines brighter and brighter,there are more witnesses who have first-hand information, who are finding the Courage within their Hearts to come forth and to speak the Truth.  And it is spreading!  It is spreading faster than any virus that those who would control and rule all everywhere can possibly concoct.

"Think about this.  Where is the swine flu virus these days?Where is the bird flu virus these days?  Where is the ebola virus these days?You’re not hearing about the swine flu and the bird flu.  Now it’s all about ebola.  Well, there are many, many who are not necessarily conscious Lightworkers, but who nevertheless are saying, 'Wait a minute!This is an all too familiar tale!'

"Now it is true!  There is a virus which can kill and it was deliberately made by what you call the 'black ops' division of certain governments and intended to be the greatest pandemicever created!  It did not just spring up out of the air somewhere.And, yes, it will be deadly if people accept the vaccinations for it, not against it.  This is a vaccine to put the virus INTO the bodies.  But we tell you this – with your help, this virus will soon be off the front pages, just like the bird flu, the swine flu and all of the others!

"This is a form of germ warfare!  That is its classification.  It is a weapon!  Why? Well, you heard many reasons given.The bottom line is they are using it to instill F.E.A.R– False Evidence Appearing Real!  And they are lying about its origin - well, they’re not telling you, its true origins.  They are lying when they tell you it is going to kill all of the people that they have in mind to kill with it!

"It is about greed.  It is about taking over.  It will NOT HAPPEN on the scale that they are propagandizing.  It is to dispel the fear that defeats the virus!  It is to transmute fear, and all that fear is, and all that fear expresses, into High Dimensional energies of Love, of Light, of Truth, of Peace within one’s own Heart.  You will be singing and we will be singing with you a song of Peace at the conclusion of our Gathering.*  And it is an expansion for your own Hearts, because that is where Peace must begin!

"I, Saint Germain, inspired the founding of the United States of America and I have inspired revolutions and, what you call 'uprisings' many, many times throughout the history/herstory of Planet Earth, and most particularly, within the last thirteen thousand years.  Every so often, as the time went by on your calendars, there was a leader, someone who might have risen to the rank of leader from very humble beginnings, someone who might have been a slave.  Do you recall Spartacus?  What about the one called Braveheart?  What about all the ones who have stood in their villages, in their communities, in their countries and said, 'People must be free!'

"And even though they may have given their lives or been punished most cruelly, they still stood for Freedom, with their expressions, with their understanding that it was not in the highest interest of Humanity to be ruled over by someone else whose only goal was to enrich themselves at the expense of the majority of the people!!!

"That has not changed, but what has changed is the perspective! We who dwell in the Light, and you, too, who dwell in the Light -there is a part of you that knows this, this is the end of slavery!This is the end of rule and control by the dark hats!  This is the time for everyone to come together and come up and into the Light of Love where Love is the prevailing energy and the guideline!!!  What would Love do now?  Whenever you have a question that perplexes you, ask that question and you shall receive!

"Now my Brother, Sananda, stands with me and the Grand Company upon the Bridge here of The New Jerusalem. And I say again – go to His Course!**  It does not have any label or energy of religion.  It has only His Love and by extension, the Love of all of us because We Are All One with you!  Allow that to guide you in transforming your own perception of life, of Love and of yourselves, Beloved Ones, as Divine Beings.

"I offer you my violet ray to assist you in transforming your perceptions and your perspectives.  Come up into the Light, where you can see everything as you do in your Higher Self - as we do here on the Bridge of The New Jerusalem, as you are seeing it now, or perhaps feeling it in your Hearts.It is for you to perceive all with your Hearts, to be not in judgment, but rather Compassionate Understanding, and to share your Light with the entirety of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond, continually increasing its radiance and continually transforming your perspective so that you realize the Truth of all Life is Love!

"That is all that is real.  Everything that has the density of 3D is a holographic image, if you will, a creation borne out of the necessity of existing and finding your way through 3D, and up and out of it.  Accept Love as your True Reality and all else, all enlightenment, all knowing will surely follow!!!

"Here stands Archangel Michael offering you the sword Excalibur. Let the blue ray of Truth always be in your field of vision as you view from the perspective of the Light of Love!

"Together, Beloved Ones, we are accomplishing the entry of Planet Earth into its glorious and free Golden Age of Love. And so it is.  Namaste!"

* I'm Declaring Peace, composed and sung by William Florian.  This song is available for downloading, free of charge, at .

**A Course in Miracles, given by Sananda,published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.
Transcription by Marta

Given through Susan Leland, October 14, 2014.