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Violinio St. Germain

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Jan. 26, 2013


Good evening, my scribe.  It is I, Violinio St. Germain.  I come in and of the One Light that IS Creator God.

It has been a while, in your perception, since we have last communed in this manner.  Be at peace and find comfort in knowing that you are "hearing" correctly.

We of the Hosts of Creator God (His Messengers) are quite busy in terms of preparation for that which is fast approaching the manifested physical reality of your world.  We have been urgently trying to get you ones, there in the physical, to begin to recognize and engage in direct communication with us and your personal Guides for a long time now.

Many have responded, and are appropriately finding that there is nothing "special" about the ones who sit and pen these messages--except perhaps for their beliefs and perceptions about the "receiving" process.  This is to say that they not only believe in their connection to Source, they KNOW they have a direct connection to Source, and it is there to be USED and is not something that is just talked about.

Creator gave you these tools so that you can ALWAYS find your way "home" (back to Source).  Please note that finding your way back home does NOT necessarily require going anywhere and definitely does not require "ascending" in some mystical manner as many "New Age" gurus would lead you to believe. 

You are all efforting toward growth and a greater understanding of who you are and where you are going.  THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL TOOL FOR YOU TO FIND, UNDERSTAND, AND USE, IS YOUR INTERNAL CONNECTION WITHIN!

If you are reading these sorts of messages (channeled, received, etc.) and you believe that there is "something" to them beyond the messenger who writes them down, then you are ready to take YOUR own pen in hand (or tape recorder) and begin writing (or speaking) for YOURSELF!

Many of you sit "out there" and petition for Guidance and ask: "What can I do to help?"

You have all heard the saying:  "God helps those who help themselves."  Well, a good place to start helping the overall mission is to learn to recognize and UTILIZE your own inner connection!

The one who is penning this message right now began with a simple notebook and a pen.  For over a year this one figured that the process was too easy, and therefore it must be just the ego wanting attention (though the writings were never shared with anyone).

All of this one's earlier writings were of a personal nature to help with the problems and considerations that were impacting the current life experience.  This receiver gave up, and threw down the notebook and pen many times, in disbelief that anything "real" was going on other than "self-talk".

Well, my friends, you are ALL manifested thought-forms of Creator Source, and so--guess what--connection within to Source IS SELF-TALK!  Though there was quite a bit of early reluctance (and feelings of great responsibility) on the part of this receiver upon realizing some writings were intended for a public forum, this one eventually has become more comfortable providing the many short "spiritual" messages which you ones have come to look forward to in the pages of this newspaper.  Yet, on many occasions, this person still asks the same question within: "What can I do to help?"

Receiving public messages for sharing herein is just one small part of what this one does to help the mission, but the same cultivated ability is used in all aspects of this one's life challenges.  This is to say that the Guidance is continually a part of the day-to-day experience and not just a once-a-week message-receiving "thing".  This is how it should be for all of you.

We do not need a hundred public receivers!  But we do need as many hands, feet, and most importantly, MINDS of those who will allow the messages to come through.

Note I said ALLOW!  This is the key!  Have you ever allowed someone to give you a gift?  Is it not more difficult to disallow someone to give you a gift than to simply accept it?

Many of you, through your personal perceptions and beliefs, have gone to great lengths to ignore and disallow the natural flow of Guiding information.  Again: learn to allow the energy, feeling, sensations, thoughts and such, to flow.

The use of the pendulum is a fine place to start--if you have the patience to truly work in such a tedious manner.  If you choose (or have chosen) to use such a device, then I will propose to you that you try the following experiment: ask a direct "yes" or "no" question, and BEFORE the pendulum responds, shut your eyes and listen for the correct answer.  Almost all of you will sense the correct answer--without having to go through the mechanical process of displaying that answer through the motion of the pendulum.

The point here is that you need no such devices!  But if they help, then by all means use them.

Each attempt at connecting within will raise your frequency and thus strengthen your ability to perceive your connection.  In time you will graduate from the need for quiet meditations, chants, pendulums and such, to a more fluent and continuous connection. This is to say that stepping stones along the path need not be rested upon as some kind of "pinnacle" of achievement.  Always look to improve and search for the least restrictive methods of connecting.

Many can walk into a grocery store and listen within to what their body is lacking, or they will feel a strong attraction to a certain fruit of vegetable.  Has not this been a common experience for many of you?  How many of you ever witness ones sitting down in the grocery store to "meditate" in order to connect with this same Higher Guidance?  Not too many!

This is the same Guidance that will send you messages of cravings or messages of feeling or messages of ideas, thoughts, or even words.  It is all the same basic mechanism!  You all have had experiences of such messages--especially if you have ever had to go through a pregnancy where there are all sorts of "unusual" cravings and such.

The point here has been made to you ones over and over again:  Your world is about to "crumble" and we of the Hosts of God have a great desire to maximize the value for you of the coming experiences so that you each will have the greatest possible opportunity for growth.  Connecting within is central to achieving the full value of this time upon your planet--not just for yourself but also for those around you.  You each can help one another by that which you uniquely contribute FROM WITHIN.

Many have erroneously flocked to places wherein are located some of the ones who receive public messages for this newspaper, in an attempt to hide from (or avoid accepting) personal responsibility which goes along with seeking their own Guidance within.

Is it not possible there would be important growth and sharing experiences where you were located before such an impulsive and maybe irresponsible move?  Perhaps your personal Guidance would suggest to you a better location for the sharing of your talents.  Have you been ignoring the "gut" feeling that you need to relocate elsewhere?

Perhaps you need to allow the inner connection so that you will be around to help others at a later time?  We have many Groundcrew members at this time who are in locations where they simply will not physically survive what is coming.  Each of you know who you are.  You're the ones with that nagging anxious feeling that will not go away!

What holds you in these areas that have been told to you will simply not make it?  Is it a job that holds you?  Friends?  Family? Fear of the unknown?  Why do you continually discount the many messages and Messengers that we have sent your way?

You will create your own miracle of survival, else you will surely re-experience this same challenge, again and again, until you learn that YOUR ARE CREATOR.

Always keep the Light of God around you and ask for clarification of any and ALL entities who may come into your energy space. This is most important, else you are likely to be tricked and fooled by entities who play upon your weaknesses and are suppressive and manipulative in nature.

These "dark" ones (low-frequency beings) realize that their reality of existence and ability to influence is directly related to YOU being in a vibrational frequency range that they can function within.  As more and more of you begin to function in the higher range, outside of their ability to function, they begin to see that their games are indeed meaningless, and then they, too, are confronted with an experience which makes them re-evaluate their "reality" and what is truly of value.

As one grows, all grow!  There is quite a dimensional schoolroom that you ones participate within.  Never underestimate the significance that YOU represent to the overall growth of many unseen entities!  Learn to accept that you each can and will become a wayshower for MANY!  This is an earned level of responsibility and is not a role that one "stumbles" into.

I am Violinio St. Germain and I give special thanks to Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton for his assistance with both this writing and the communication link between us and our receiver.  We come in Light and in service to Creator God--The One Light.




Source:  CONTACT: The Phoenix Educator, August 18, 1998, Volume 21, Number 13, Pages 13-14.

Transcribed into HTML format by Rocky Montana.