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July 14, 2012


Good afternoon, my scribe.  It is I, Violinio St. Germain.  I come as Cohan (Teacher) of the Violet Ray of Transmutation.  I am most busy in these times of transition from "out of the old" and "into the new".

Your world is on the brink of war and many there in the United States are oblivious to the clues that are all around them.  The masses sleep while the elitist game-players dictate the fate of your world.

What gives these dark ones the right to do so?


When good people of reasonable intelligence DO NOTHING, then they (you) have chosen—either directly or indirectly—to give over their (your) freedom.  YOU are responsible for that which impacts your experience!

You are led to believe that you are too small to even have an impact on the local scene, let alone the global scene.  This is a lie!

Look to some of your present social leaders, such as Louis Farrakhan.  Is he not ONE man with ONE voice? Is he greater than any other man?  He has, perhaps, greater desire than do most of you reading this.  He is willing to stand up and voice his awareness of that which is impacting his and your experience.

Why is it that most of you cower at the thought of someone ridiculing you over your opinions and viewpoints?  It is that old challenge called fear!  This fear is exactly what most of you are there to face and overcome.

When enough people will stand up and demand accountability of those who are in power, then and only then will change be realized.  This is not as difficult an effort as it may at first seem, but accountability most certainly will not "happen on its own"—especially under the current conditions of your darkened and controlled planet!

Many times there have been opportunities for EACH of you to speak up and voice that which you know to be Truth.  Some of you exploit these opportunities on every occasion, but most of you simply sit there, quietly, and say little or nothing, out of fear.

This is the adversary playing you for a weakling.  Was not Esu "Jesus" Immanuel ridiculed, beaten, and spat upon for voicing Truth?  Was he not just ONE man with ONE voice?

You each have INFINITE inner potential and you each are efforting to overcome the self-imposed limitations that keep you from realizing and drawing upon your vast inner Power.  This infinite Power derives from your being no less than a spark (Lighted fragment) of Creator Source!

The greatest obstacle comes from your own inner beliefs that it is somehow dangerous or painful to step forward and release yourselves from the chains that shackle you in the perceived comforts of mental and emotional slavery.  You are kept in this state by design and due to your own ignorance of Higher Truth and Reality.

The adversary to God is a master gamesman and knows what tricks will work to dissuade you.  However, as we have said so many times in past writings, it only takes ONE who truly awakens to the Light of their inner self-Power, while in the physical, to severely disrupt the adversary’s whole game-plan.

I petition to you ones: Don’t hold back the gifts offered here! If the thought crosses your mind for even a moment, then act upon the impulse and share. If ones laugh or ridicule you, then forgive them and move on.

You do not have to defend God or His Truth.  These ones who choose to ridicule are the ones who need the messages the very most.

Those of you who have awakened enough to recognize the importance of this information are, if you so choose to be, OUR hands, feet, and mouth.  YOU can make a difference!

You do this one day at a time, with one foot in front of the other.  It will take a strong self-motivation and inner desire to persist.  However, know that you will be given that which you need in order to face ANY challenge that comes across your path.  The rewards to you will indeed be great if you but persist through these challenges.

Many are petitioning to help at this time.  There have been many suggestions offered, particularly through this avenue of information sharing called CONTACT, that each of you can do from where you are located right now and with your present abilities.

Anywhere there are people, you can make a difference!  You do not have to go out and seek to change anyone.  We are not about shoving our reality down anyone’s throat!  Simply be attentive to each opportunity, when it arises.  Ones are guided to cross your path so that you each may have an opportunity to learn from each other.

Many of you, again, out of fear, simply hold back that which is so desperately needed by another to help with their awakening from the stupor of mass mind-control.  Those in the heavily populated areas are most severely under such influence since so many avenues of bombardment are present for manipulation purposes.

Especially in larger towns, due to the ever increasing fear of "strangers", you ones will rarely even make eye contact with one another, let alone strike-up a conversation.  At least in the smaller, rural country towns there still exists some measure of the community spirit that should be the norm everywhere.  However, the elite would-be controllers effort from the level of their global manipulations (for example, through excessive regulation and taxation on small businesses and farms) to even demoralize the camaraderie of the smallest of rural communities.

Random acts of violence have become THE "tool" of choice in order to perpetuate and maintain the state of fear.  These are more commonly referred to as "terrorist tactics" when they are done by organized militaristic organizations.

When "ordinary" young teenagers in a relatively small town in the heartland of your country can take on the characteristics of cold robots without any apparent justifiable reason, and open fire on their schoolmates, you have before you an effective mechanism for controlling the population’s viewpoint and emotional state.  This was no random act; it was a product of advanced mind-control and the children are merely susceptible pawns in a much larger game.

These are the tactics that will get you-the-people screaming for gun control and disarmament.  These tactics are planned and orchestrated in the same exact, calculating manner as was the assassination of President Kennedy back in 1963.  As a nation stood paralyzed in disbelief at that time, so too have many around your nation had a similar reaction to the recent shootings by two young boys, 11 and 13 years old, of their friends and teachers.

If your general population knew of the existence of sophisticated mind-control tactics (which include a wide array of electronic devices and techniques as have long been reported in the pages of CONTACT) for achieving such sinister goals, would the public have the same response or reaction to such purposely staged events?  Of course not!

The public’s very predictable emotional reaction is justified from the perspective of their current level of (lack of) understanding.  Our goal here is to bring ones out of the Dark Ages and into a more enlightened reality of what is being employed to manipulate and coerce them (you) into expected responses.

Understanding the truth of the matter would surely set the minds of many ones in a different direction (hopefully of constructive action instead of knee-jerk REaction) if they were to know that they are being "played" for fools.  However, in this case ignorance will keep many of you ones in a state of anxiety and fear, especially those who have any direct responsibility toward children, as do parents, grandparents, and teachers.

It is expected that this event should generate (cause the REaction of) a strong desire for safety for families and loved ones.  This desire will cause these otherwise quiet and unassuming people to speak out and demand that "something" be done to prevent this sort of thing from happening ever again—such as through gun control.This is the desired result from those who have set these events into motion.  But you can be sure that the offered solution(s) will only be in a direction to further enslave and control you and take away your freedoms.

When your desire as an individual, group, or nation is strong enough so that you stand up and speak out about this sort of calculated atrocity, then you too can demand and bring about change.  The key is to educate the people so that they can truly make informed decisions, not REact out of fear and ignorance—and in so doing avoid falling into the traps set for your enslavement.  [Emphasis added]

You, the American public, are the greatest deterrent to the New World Order.  The United Nations is having quite a difficult time convincing you ones that you should be following THEIR leadership.Their only choice seems to be to go in and use military force.  Thus you have the systematic disarmament of the country.  The military bases are all but gone compared to just 10 years ago (while many locations have been quietly turned into concentration camps to handle any of you uppity citizens who foolishly attempt to "resist" the New World Order agenda).  A large portion of the troops that you do have are (again) being shipped overseas to fight foreign battles. Your country is nearly prime for takeover.

The one last obstacle that stands in the way of the takeover plan is the fact that there are a great number of you "average citizens" who hold onto your "right to bear arms".  This is the reason behind engineering such shocking events as children killing children—to chip away at that conviction toward holding onto your weapons.  Am I condoning the use of such weapons?  NO!  I am merely pointing out the facts.

These ones in control of your planet would much rather destroy you through unsuspected covert ways than through simply going in and wiping you out. The latter carries too much risk of waking some of you up from your delusion of freedom.

The planned method is to create a militarily weakened condition so as to allow a country such as China to attack the U.S.  Then, in the spirit of "rescue", the would-be kings send in the United Nations forces to finish off the job, and at the same time establish their "world peace-keeping" presence on U.S. soil with little objection from the remaining survivors.

This way, so the reasoning goes, the U.N. can take care of the Chinese "problem" at the same time they take care of the American "problem".  Of course, neither of the "problems" are actually problems—except where the planning of the dark, one-world elite is concerned.

There are several ways for this general scenario to unfold.  First, these dark elite controllers must get a country (China) to "bite" on the bait laid in the trap.  This is why there has been such an extensive effort to disarm the U.S.

When the Chinese feel that they can actually take over and hold the U.S., they will then be open to the idea of doing so.  However, do not underestimate the Chinese!  The rulers of China are quite aware of the U.N.’s agenda and they are also very aware of the Khazarian (so-called "Jewish") element’s role in dominating that agenda.  China’s ploy will be to attack both the United States AND Israel, simultaneously, in order to get the U.N. to divide its troops.

The various main factions of these dark elite controllers are quite fixated on their own personal agendas and there is NO honor among them.  They will turn upon one another in a moment if it will help to get better position on the game field.  These ones do not trust one another, and for very good reason—they all got to where they are by being back-stabbers, cheats, and liars.  Most of them are quite proud of themselves for doing so!

Please also keep in mind that there are TWO other major players in this game of power.  These are the Antarctic Germans and the true Russians (as opposed to the Khazarian "Jewish" Bolshevik Soviets) which include most of the Russian military machine, especially advanced operations such as their Cosmosphere brigade.

Understand that both of these formidable powers have, each in their own way, kicked the parasitic Khazarians out of their country and have little-to-no tolerance for their "games".  These two factions are not your enemy, but if you side (out of ignorance) with the mind-bending U.N., then they will not hesitate to eliminate you as a threat.

Both the Russians and the Antarctic Germans have UFO-type craft.  Meanwhile, the Khazarian antichrist-adversarial U.N. group would love to make you-the-people believe that your world is being invaded by "bad" "aliens" so that, should you observe craft from the Russian or German groups (or from we of the Hosts of God), you would be filled with fear and REact in such a way as to band together under the "protection" of the United Nations. In point of fact, your world has been invaded for thousands of years by the parasitic, dark, antichrist beings who have been playing these same games all the while since they were imprisoned here.

Creator will always find a place for His creations, and each has a place and reason to be there.  These dark ones provide YOU with a challenging environment in which to experience and grow.  They serve a purpose in the overall perfection of God’s planning and are here for reason.

Please do not judge the person, but rather the actions.  Your challenge is to experience and OVERCOME these seemingly negative, adversarial things.  In doing so, you will stand as example to these dark ones that there is a Greater Power within than they have ever imagined—so that these ones might eventually grow as well.

This kind of a "stand for Truth" has far greater implications of learning than you might readily perceive, because even Satan-Lucifer (the leader of the dark ones) will then eventually have to realize that he is not greater than Creator and cannot dominate Creator’s Lighted Fragments (you!).

Do your best to be an example (reflection) of that which is good and of Godly intent, and you will not have need to worry or fear anyone.  Make every effort to act in reason, without REacting to what you are being told. Think through each situation as it crosses your path and always seek, within the Light, guidance and clarification.

I am Violinio St. Germain.  I come in and of the Light of Creator Source.  May you see that there is a great need to transform, through truthful education, the thinking of those who are your brothers and sisters in the unfolding drama of schoolroom Earth.  This is accomplished by EACH of you doing your part.  Salu!



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 31, 1998, Volume 20, Number 6.

Thank you, Rocky Montana, for transcribing this file into html format