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I am Germain and I thank you for again joining me that we might sort out some of the mysteries of LIFE and UNIVERSE.  I am going to speak on a subject which has been well laid out by me and my colleagues quite thoroughly in the past.  I will write on the subject of Atomic Energy and how it, alone, can suicide your planet and all life forms thereon.  This was laid forth by myself and WALTER RUSSEL in your years 56/57.  No, most of you DID NOT take access so it has to be done again--and again, if necessary.  I will however, utilize Dr. Russel's outlay regarding this segment for we drew charts and referenced quite carefully at that time and there is little need to "reinvent the wheel"--perfect it somewhat--but not reinvention thereof.

It was a wise Man who said: "If we but knew what troubles our world we might, perhaps, fix it.  The quandary is that we do not know."  I find myself wondering how it is that the truthful information is now on your place and you have only allowed the worsening of your plight; therefore, we shall try again to get your attention.  You are still too near your primate days to know for you have, in addition, been shrouded by that which you "sense" in the physical and have lost connections with the Divine Creator which you ARE.

You are not sufficiently unfolded as spiritual beings to recognize the fact that the cause of your world-trouble lies in that one naked fact that you are still too near your beginning to know how to build and enduring foundation.  I speak, herein, of the masses who are experiencing on your planet--I do not need to speak to the ones who are now serving in specific mission of Truthbringers and/or Wayshowers.  It is sad, indeed, when those ones choose to set aside commission in favor of the physical/emotional boundaries of this experience--but God allows and respects need of more lessons and growth--ALWAYS GOD ALLOWS!  I would, however, suggest that if you know ones who fit this category of description--that you insure they get this information coming forth as Pleiades Connections because they might well wish to give reconsideration to their prior choices.  YOU will know to whom I address this particular message.

This is a transition point of Man, however, for tens of thousands of your people are far advanced in the unfolding of their spiritual natures--even if misled by the adversary lies--just waiting for Truth or, already in Truth but awaiting the next step in instructions and enlightenment into full KNOWING, therefore, it becomes our task to see to it that we slacken not in our own commission to bring that WORD forth.

These are the seeds of future cosmic ages.  It is to these that we address these words to tell them what actually is the matter with the world, Shan. They will comprehend, even if our words have no meaning to mass-Man.  These only, are the ones who will transform the world in this eleventh hour of its danger, if it can be transformed.  We hope it still can, but it has fallen farther in fifty years than it had gained in eight centuries.


I monitored on the yesterday, a most interesting presentation in the "just passing by" news.  It was said that the "Yankee nuclear power plant would be left in operation for another year although it is said by the scientists that it is not safe and the metal reactor could fail and result in a meltdown."  Does anyone have any idea what that would mean?  Better look again at Chernobyl and reconsider the area wherein that plant is located for it could devastate one of your most populous areas.  Now, this is if NOTHING else happens other than simple wear of the equipment.  This is reported to you-the-people without so much as taking a second breath by the reporter.


As Dr. Russel begins, "In answering this question let it be ever remembered that God is LOVE, and that this universe is founded upon LOVE.  Every action and its reaction in Nature must be in balance with each other in order to carry out the purposeful intent of the Creator."

Love is expressed by action, means balanced fulfillment of its own law of equal giving and regiving.  That is the principle upon which this purposeful universe is founded.  That which purposefully fulfills the law is GOOD.  It will endure and be eternally repeated with more of that which man calls GOOD.  Every action of Man, likewise, which is founded upon love is a fulfillment of the law, and is GOOD--and will be eternally repeated.

Now, do you actually believe that the nuclear power plants are built through Love of Man or greed?  Do you think the plants which are for the sole purpose of producing products for warheads are for Love of Man?  Ponder it most carefully as to WHY you sit on hundreds of thousands of years of total destruction and more piling up every day!

Our action in answering this momentous question is founded upon love for the good of Man.  If it is purposeful it will bring GOOD into the world for endless repetition, which is Nature's way of working.  If it is not balanced and orderly in Nature's way of normal growth of her Idea, then that moment of its departure from the GOOD will bring about its own dissolution.  That is also Nature's way of dissolving that which is unrhythmic and purposeless in the fulfilling of her One Law.

What is atomic energy?  What is this great power which is now used for the so-called betterment of "life"?  That is the question which the entire world should be asking.  It wants (the world) to know because there is great fear in the heart of Man that it should NOT be utilized, but he does not know WHY.  The only way he can know WHY radioactivity should NOT be used is to know WHAT radioactivity IS--and what it will DO.

Let us briefly state what it is and what it can do in one short paragraph. We will then expand this into larger discussion, for the purpose of giving you full comprehension of its meaning.  When you read that one paragraph, which now follows, bear in mind the fact that the supreme effort of humanity is to learn how to live long lives in full strength, and repeat them down through endless centuries.  The prior JOURNAL speaks to this same issue.

Radiation is the normal death principle.  Every thing in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat.  Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle.  Radioactivity is Man's discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries.

You MUST take this into careful consideration for the Adversary and his helpers have now produced places of safety from produced radioactivity--wherein THEY can survive nicely during a period of recleansing of the surface-or at least he perceives to have done so.  He has placed his intended safety places most carefully in the areas of old Lemuria which should "rise" instead of sink within the seas and he has planned sufficiently for sacrificing the entire Northern Hemisphere of Shan if appropriate--and he DOES at this time, deem it appropriate.  Reasonable?  This is not a discussion regarding "REASON", this is a discussion of WHAT IS!

So, within the above paragraph is your complete answer in a few words.  MULTIPLIED DEATH is the new boon which this age of Man believes he is giving to the furtherance of life.  Naturally you do not understand it, but instinct and intuition within you are strong enough to make you FEAR it.  The reason you do not understand it is because you are not yet aware of what makes things live and what makes them die, and you cannot comprehend that your own species would deliberately annihilate their own brothers and sisters.

The entire answer to this supreme question lies in knowing exactly WHAT MAKES BODIES LIVE and WHAT MAKES BODIES DIE.  This cannot be briefly told. In telling it we must tell you how God constructs and dissolves matter electrically.  Therefore, in this portion of this JOURNAL there will, of necessity, be repetition.  If we answered it briefly, however, you would not comprehend it so we must take it swiftly and yet surely, step by step, for your understanding.  The greatest minds among Man have tried to discover this life principle for centuries. When you do fully answer if for you and all mankind you will also fully comprehend your universe and all of its mysteries.  The telling must be a step by step process, however, and must keep in mind the purpose of this book, which is to dynamically explain in convincing language, and undebatable postulates, that the price Man will pay for the use of atomic energy is his own inevitable extinction.  We have been speaking in prior material about The True Nature of this Mind and Motion Universe for it touches the human directly and now you must know why and how it does so.

Nature has a tremendously balanced rhythmic normalcy in her orderly processes of creation.  It is all of it good for Man and animal alike when they observe that normalcy.  When they defy it, or violate it through ignorance of it, Nature does not punish them for that violation.  Ignorance punishes them.  The discovery of atomic energy as a means of obtaining greater heat than an orderly and normal way suitable to environment, is as much a breech of Nature's orderly processes as it would be if Man violated the law of gravity by discovering that he could get to the bottom of a canyon in a much quicker way than the normal way.  No man would do that because he knows better.  Atomic energy for industry is as great a violation of Nature's way as a defiance of gravity would be (realizing that even gravity is not that which is accepted).  And it is as sure a death for the violator of one as the other.

We know that Man is not intentionally defying God's law.  There is but one other reason why he is doing it, which is that he does not know what he is doing.  Do not, however, for one minute believe that, as time has elapsed, the Elite have not seen the possibilities and now utilize same for their own greed purposes.  Man admittedly does not know what he is doing.  The law works just as irrevocably, and inevitably, however, against him who defies it as it does for the one who does not know.  For long ages he has sought for the life principle in germ of ultimate unit of matter.  He has never found it there and never will.  Likewise, he has sought for the principle of death.  Thus he has now found, but does not know it.

Do you know WHY you live and HOW you keep alive?  Do you know WHY you die and HOW you die?  Do you know "Where you go when you die, or what happens to your identity after death?"  No, you do not yet know these things. It is grossly obvious THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE THINGS. Mankind has not yet unfolded far enough, spiritually, to know of his eternal Identity, or to know that he cannot die.  Further, he relies on others who pronounce themselves ordained authorities on how it MIGHT BE--AND THEY ARE WRONG, WRONG AND WRONG!

The complete argument of this story is based upon the fact that mankind does not know what either life or death IS, nor that the plan that he is now making is assisting Nature in her death process by helping you to die instead of to live.  That plan is contrary to Nature's law of love.  We shall tell you all you have wondered about regarding life, death and immortality, so that you will comprehend the magnitude of the crime of Man against Man, which Man has now decided to perpetuate.

Man does not yet have his universe, nor how it became, nor how it disappears into space and reappears.  There is a universal process in Creation and a motivating force for the energy which creates it.  That same process applies as equally to the creation of "life", and its disappearance in "death", in your body as it does to the whole universe.  Do you know what that process is?  Do you know what your universe is, and God's relation to IT--and to YOU?  Well, if you have read the prior JOURNAL, you have a very good IDEA OF IT.  Do you not think you could live more powerful and wisely if you did know these things?  We feel certain that when statesmen and leaders in industry and government REALLY know these things, they will know they cannot use the death principle to aid life and some changes may well come along.

Every forthcoming page will deal with the principle of life and death of the body of Man, and of God's body--the universe of motion.  It will, likewise, deal with the immortality of Man and his Mind-control over his orderly and normal life and death process.  It will also clearly explain that long asked question: "Where do I go when I die?"

During this explanation of the two ways of life and death, which will be clearly set forth herein, you cannot fail to see that Man's illegitimate use of DEATH to benefit life will but multiply death upon your planet until not one grass blade will be left upon it.  These statements present a dread picture. They seem unbelievable and impossible.  It is our responsibility to prove to you that they are not only possible but, as you are going, inevitable.  The only way you can possibly do that is to now make those things known about life, death and immortality, which have not made it into your understanding to this date.


The real fallacy of nuclear fission for industry is that these so-called deadly poisonous gases from the radioactive elements in reactors, and in the waste products, which are encased in concrete are buried in the sea or elsewhere to protect human life from their admitted danger, are not poisons in their own environment underground, where they are serving a necessary purpose of helping to make it possible for organic life to live upon your planet.  Man makes them poisonous by removing them from their purposeful environment to place them in an abnormal environment unsuited to their normal environment.

Animal and vegetable life are dependent upon the upper few feet of the earth's crust to live.  The soil must have humus, nitrogen, carbonic gas, oxygen and water.  These so-called deadly radioactive poisons are preparing the soil for oxygen dependent life to live by causing countless billions of microscopic explosions in the rock formations underground to release water and other necessities for human life and vegetation.  That is all GOOD. In their proper place in Nature they are fulfilling their necessary useful purposes.  They are vitally necessary where they are.  They are of benefit to man when underground or distributed in rocks.  It is only when you dig them out from under the ground and condense tons of harmless rock to ounces of deadly free metal, such as uranium piles, that you make the earth uninhabitable for Man.

Think also of the hundreds of millions of years Nature has to work to decay solid rock and metal planets sufficiently to create enough decayed surface, and an atmosphere, for organic life to become possible.  Mercury has no atmosphere nor even a grass blade.  Its rock surface is so hot that lead would melt there.  Venus is also hot rock but a soil has begun there, and water is now forming in the reclamation process, but only as steam vapor, for the temperature on Venus is higher than boiling point.  Your earth has had a soil and atmosphere sufficient for simple forms of life, ever since it reached its seventy or eighty million mile mark from the sun.  The radioactive metals made that possible.  They belong underground just as dead animal bodies belong underground.  Radioactive metals are dead and dying bodies.  That is what is not yet known of them.  There are twenty-two of them which are killer metals if you take them away from their rock environment underground in Nature and make them a part of Man's environment above ground.


Oh, now you want to change the subject?  How is it that the brotherhood speaks of bases and stations on these various uninhabitable planets? Because any species with capability of travel, i.e., to Shan, has also ability to station very large bases off atmosphere of these planets--but are referred to for identification as located at those specific vortexes.  The atmosphere, etc., of these planets and stars are "mined" for useful minerals.  If mystics and psychics tells you that there are great cities, etc., on such as Venus--they either refer to the off-planet locations thereof--or the stories are fabrications!  You ones want MAGIC and there is NONE!  Please do not ask me to evaluate various speakers--you now have sufficient guidelines to discern for self TRUTH vs. fabrication, personal greed of the speakers and total deception of the adversary.  If a being tells you he comes with his twin-flame from Venus--YOU BE THE JUDGE OF HIS STORY OR CHECK HIS FEET FOR BLISTERS.  Is it possible to have life on Venus?  It will likely be reclaimed for later habitation--perhaps for many of YOU.  Earth Shan had to be reclaimed in order to again house life human after prior destruction by the adversary and his cohorts in vandalism.

There are many metals which will not hurt you, such as iron, copper, gold, silver and many others.  This we will clarify in the following test and consider that which we will label Fig. 5.  You can live among thousands of living Men without being poisoned, but you cannot live upon the breath of living Men without dying from their poison.  You cannot, in fact, live upon your own out-breathings.  You would soon die from your own poison. Digging dead and dying metals from underground where their outbreathing is giving fertile soil for organic life, is like digging dead animals from where they are being transformed into living vegetable and animal life.  Every farmer must put death under his ground in order to reap life above.

Dharma, allow us a break at this point for I am asked to request that you depart this placement as soon as you can, for we need to work with the energy fields established against your location and it needs doing now.  We must do something of different nature soon, for your body is losing the battle of self-protection from the radiation of the pulses.  The bombardment will lessen as we move through and away from these subject matters but for now it is tedious indeed.  We must now consider shielding of your person through other means than from the body itself.  In the interim we have to keep at countering the beam projections and that is best served when you are away from the location since the interference is focused on your person and not at others in the locale. 

We shall take up at next writing with the procurement of radium by the Curies.  Thank you for your service.  I now stand aside.



(See page 37 of this Journal)



Source:  Phoenix Journal #33, MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE - PLEIADES CONNECTION NO. IV, Chapter 1. pp. 31-37

THANK YOU, Rocky Montana!