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St. Germain

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July 20, 1932

Every experience that comes to the individual serves a double purpose: first, to turn the attention to the only Creative Source, God; second, to make the individual aware that resting in that Supreme Consciousness is the solution, instantly at hand, of whatever needs to be known. We do not receive it by throwing up our hands and screaming for help, but my taking the opposite stand and becoming so still and quite in the outer that there is not a ripple of disturbance upon our consciousness. Then we will quickly find a solution to whatsoever is required.
    In understanding the mighty power of creative thought -- and thought is always creating one thing or the another -- one cannot help but at once feel a great freedom, for no one can prevent us thinking what we will. In the sincere recognition of the Great Intelligent God Self, we remove the possibility or power of the outer self of anyone to say or do anything that would be disturbing to us; for so long as we are resting in this Supreme "Presence," Its Mighty Radiance or Energy is constantly carrying with it the Consuming Power of all outer disturbance.
    It is only when we allow the attention to begin to be held on an expression of the outer, that we give it power to disturb us. To instantly take the stand that there is no personality -- there is only God in Action -- would prevent the "stinger" of ignorance from finding a landing place. Ignorance,  like a hornet, always wants to use its stinger, but does not know where to find a landing spot unless you disturb its nest. And no one will knowingly do that if he knows the nature of a hornet. Divine Love is the original nature within every human being. Inharmonious feeling or activity is but misapplied energy trying to gain something by force, which it can only have permanently through kindly, harmonious action. 
Ascended Master Instruction Volume IV Discourse XX Page 202-203