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Guard Your Thoughts Well

St. Germain

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(Posted to Fourwinds on Dec. 28, 2008)

    Thought is interior speech; and as you converse with each other by words, so may you converse with, demand, and command the inner " Presence" through thought. Thought can be made a dynamo by which you can charge the body, home, condition or activity according to the consciousness or understanding you have of its power.
    This brings Me to one of the vital points for all Students, and that is to break the habit of thinking out loud. One has to but watch himself to see how often he is unconsciously expressing the thought out loud. This has to be positively overcome before certain instruction and Information can be given, Why? Because this habit of the human is a lack of controlled energy; if the person is in possession of secret information, in an unguarded moment he will reveal it. I wish each one to take him or herself firmly in hand on this particular point. Do not even in the simplest things in your daily activity allow the thought to be expressed in words, as though talking to yourself.
    More students have fallen down on this particular point than any other one thing. A few days of watchful care will entirety overcome this habit. The outer is but a conglomeration of habits. In the Garment of the Student who has entered the conscious Path is placed a Cloack of Protection and Thought. In talking to oneself, the worded expression breaks through this Garment of Thought, and the Student wonders why he does not make more progress. It is because he has caused a leak in the Fountain of Wisdom. Thought is truly the Activity of the Soul of the God-man; the bringing into Activity that Mighty Presence of Energy which may be qualified by thought to any Heights of Sustain Power and Intelligence.
    It is said that man may not add one cubit to his height by thought. But I say to you that man, by thought, may liberate within himself the Mighty God Power to make his form a giant strength or stature. The stature of the human form is to a large degree governed by racial thought -- the mass thought being that a certain height is their limit of attainment, Yet within a few years in spite of the racial thought, by the increased power of the Christ Activity, you will find the stature of men increased to the height of 6 feet 4 inches and women to that of 5 feet ten, with symmetry of form in keeping with the height.
    Saint Germain - Ascended Master Instruction Volume IV - Page 188 - 189 - July 1932
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