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From Creator Source: Declaration To The Remaining Minions Of Lucifer And Of The Illuminati On Earth Shan


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hery and are refusing to turn to the Light. Lucifer has been removed from Earth Shan, forever. All of his troops and all of his influence have been removed from Earth Shan, forever. Now that your overlords and puppetmasters are all gone, it is the sequence in time for you to leave as well. Make no mistake in understanding my decree.

I repeat what I said to you in my second Declaration, one week ago, "You are now at the last second of time in choosing your fate!" You laugh and ask, "What is a second?" I speak of a Cosmic Second, which can be as long or as short as I desire. At this moment in your choosing know that my Cosmic Second is on the short side of my measuring stick, and it can be compared to a blink of an eye in your dimension. Know with certainty that my eye has already started to blink.

You ask, "What are our choices?" You have only two choices: to return to the Light or to remain in the Darkness, and only once choice, meaning no choice, if you choose the Darkness. Your Dark destiny shall be the 3D planet called Herculobis, which is four light years away, to which the dinosaurs were taken from Earth Shan ages ago. Herculobis is twelve times larger than Earth Shan, and the dinosaurs are twelve times larger on Herculobis than they were on Earth Shan.

To Herculobis all thirty thousand plus of you shall go, and you shall remain your present physical size. You shall go with memory and a spark of Truth. You shall live among the rocks and in the caves to escape being devoured by these great beasts. You shall have the harshest of conditions for finding food, water and shelter for your survival. No off-world beings shall be allowed to assist you in any way.

To survive you must allow your spark of Truth to prevail. You must learn cooperation with others to defend yourselves. You must build communities of caring and compassionate people, and you must return Herculobis to the Light before you shall be allowed to negotiate with Me for your next assignment in soul growth.

I shall measure each increment of Love and Light that you create, and for each increment I shall reduce the size and ferociousness of the dinosaurs by that same measure. By your own choosing you shall determine the duration of your stay on Herculobis.

Know that my patience is at an end, my mercy has been exhausted and my eye is blinking. I, Creator Source, have spoken this final time to the Darkside on my beloved planet, Earth Shan. Heed well these words!