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From Creator Source: Declaration To Those Who Are Blocking Truth On Earth Shan


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from being received by any person anywhere on this planet are hereby ordered to cease and desist immediately both completely and permanently:

these include but are not limited to all Internet service providers, servers, search engines, international and national data base controllers, software makers and sites, e-mail interceptors, e-mail blockers, spam creators, spam senders, website restricted list databases, ICANN, electronic virus creators, electronic virus senders, and all government created and/or controlled websites that present disinformation and lies;

all government agents and agencies on Earth Shan including but not limited to U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, IRS, BATF, DOD, DEA, SS, FEMA, FCC, U.S. Postal Service, International and national data bases under government control, private corporations and companies in compliance with U.S. Department of Homeland Security, British MI-6, Israeli Mossad, Interpol;

IMF, World Bank, FRB and all its banks, bankers, and subsideraries; US Supreme Court and all U.S. Federal, State and municipal courts, judges, attorneys and workers; prisons, warden and guards, county sheriffs, deputies, state police, city police and all law enforcement people of every type; U.S. Pentagon, all U.S. Military and their agencies anywhere on Earth Shan; U.S. Congress, Cabinet, all government departments, agencies and their workers in all levels of federal state, county, township and municipal inclusive;

and last but not least, those religious leaders of Earth Shan, including ministers, priests, pastors, rabbi, bishops, cardinals, popes, apostles, prophets, abbots, monks, lama, vicors, chaplains, deacons, elders, deans, arch bishops, patriarchs, imams, holy men and women, gurus, rectors, curates, archdeacons, nuns, scribes and clerics of all kinds, including their organizations and people, who have withheld Truth and told lies to my people.

Be it known that the last main remaining access to Truth that the people on Earth Shan have, the World Wide Web, the Internet, is now declared to be off-limits to any further Darkside control of any kind, whatsover. I am Creator Source, and I so order this now! You who have controlled the Internet for your power and greed have not heeded the warnings of my "Declaration To The Illulminati" made to you on December 4, 2005.

You have continued your control of the many facets of the U.S. Government to do your bidding. You have coerced private companies to do your dirty work. You have hired highly intelligent young people and trained them and used them for evil intent. In spite of their high salaries, when they realize the evil they are doing, they quit their jobs. When they try to escape your evil doing, their lives are snuffed out.

You have deliberately sabotaged the Internet by blocking e-mail, e-bombing websites with viruses, and sending volumes of evil spam messages to stop all effective communication. You have blocked websites that carry Truth from access by schools and libraries across Earth Shan, because of your "black lists" of Truth-carrying websites masked as "terrorist" or "unpatriotic" designation.

I, Creator Source, now declare that anyone involved in this deceit and treachery of blocking Truth on the Internet, or by any other means of presentation of Truth on Earth Shan, such as the use of mind-control through religion, through technology, including the "chipping" of Lightworkers to present disinformation, the use of the media world-wide to present lies, the use of organizations such as the Masonic Order for evil intent, and all types of civilian, government and military people and agencies used for the purpose of distortion and blockage of Truth are now stopped completely and permanently. All technology and control you are using is neutralized. All pathways of Truth are now free of your evilness.

You, who have participated in stopping Truth from reaching my people, are now at the last second of time in choosing your fate. You have no idea of what shall be your consequences. My Mercy is nearly gone. If you continue to stand against the Light of Truth, in the blink of an eye you shall be evaporated into nothingness.

When the magnetic polar shift soon occurs, all you, who are of low frequency and evil intent, shall be as dust. Your buildings, your technologies and your very physical bodies shall disintegrate into nothingness.

Evil is now done on Earth Shan! All those of evil intent must leave! I, Creator Source, so order it!