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A Message From Creator Source

Anonymous by request of Creator.

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en your hearts to know the truth in this message. I will not tolerate any more interference from the dark energies, on or off your planet, and you should not do so either! Do you, who speak of all leaving the planet while catastrophic occurrences take place on the planet in order to shift it into the higher energies, not understand this is exactly what the dark want you to think? Would this not be a prime opportunity for them to return here and take over the planet, unchallenged by any but myself? My friends, my friends, wake up to your own thought process and see the drama, the excitement in what you hear and read, and how you interpret these messages, whether they come to you or from others.

Ask yourself, have you been called upon to go through all of the clearings and the struggle that all have faced in one way or another to prepare yourselves to go forth into the fifth dimension and higher, only to be removed from the planet once this begins to happen for all? Where do you think you would go in the interim? How long do you think it might take for the planet to become 'pristine' once again? What do you think you would be doing and learning in the meantime? Do you think the underground civilizations on this planet could absorb all of you?

My dear ones, think through what you read and go into your HEARTS for your discerning thoughts about such information. If it seemed to be the best plan to clear the planet until such time that she had ascended and the land was once again in perfect condition, and those of you, who had advanced off planet enough to return, would then do so and have to start over, then that would be how things went long ago.

YOU all chose at some depth of yourselves in the past 20 years to stay and do your work here, to save this planet so all could reside here in peace, harmony and oneness. YOU chose this, not I, but I am delighted, as we are all one. There is no separation between a single one of you and me, Creator Source.

So, my friends, this time is happening because you have created it, just as you have created NESARA, and it is all happening NOW, not several years down the road. IT IS THE DARK, that influences these thoughts and ideas in many of you, who are very much of the light but not discerning enough to recognize what is being sent through you or to you. Please wake up NOW to this fact and use your discernment, rather than debate truth on your web and bring fear to many. This is what the dark wants for you, to all go back into fear, hence this message. Much damage is done to innocent seekers when these messages are put out for all to read. Some of these seekers are just waking up and do not yet have the experience to discern truth from the light, and the agenda of fear from the dark.

Listen to me this day and stop this nonsense, NOW. You all are responsible for creating this time on your planet, so decide for yourselves what it is you want to create. Go into your hearts and seek your true desires for yourselves and the planet, and DO NOT let any outside influences distract you from these desires. Enough is enough! I do not wish to speak of any of this again.

Please know that I am speaking through a channel of the highest quality and integrity on this planet. We have a sacred agreement that there will be no public acknowledgment of this person. The work done by this one does not require public teaching, so this is a most unusual occurrence, and comes from my strong request to give this message to the world.

I ask all of you to trust the truth behind this message, and have no curiosity regarding the channel. I shall, if I must, send an additional message through Patrick Bellringer, but I am asking you to believe in the integrity of this one. That is all. Think deeply on this message this day and each time you seek out new information on your internet. The time has come for great integrity from all of you, and for only the deepest truth to be sent out for all to partake. My blessings to all of you. Seek ye the kingdom of heaven within, not without.