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CREATOR SOURCE:  Greeting to all Earth people.  I am Creator Source of the One Light of Creation.  This is the first time I have ever requested a message from me. I awoke Anne early this morning to write what I have to say to all of you ones upon Earth at this time.

Let there be no mistake WHO I AM.  I am your CREATOR, and I have created this Universe at the direction CREATION, which is over all.  I am your SOURCE.  As Hatonn has under my direction, created the Nebadon Universe, so I am over all Creation at this time and attending to the entire Cosmos.  Do not forget however that it is CREATION that is above ALL there is.

Mother Earth was created with a soul such as you, and would start her soul growth by housing  a 3D civilization where both good and evil exist.  This is a dimension where evil  people have a free will to choose evil or good.  When great souled growth was achieved she would graduate.  

I have been involved and watching over your tiny Mother Earth since she was created.  I have watched and cared for every civilization that has lived upon her surface, hoping as CREATION, that these one of each civilization would help Mother Earth graduate to  higher 5D dimension where no evil would exist.  

It took several billion years for her to be formed to have animal and bird life upon her surface.   Each civilization lasts about 10,000 years.  Mother Earth would then turn over on her axis to provide for another civilization. 

Then the most impossible happened in the Lighted Realms.  It was the great angel, Lucifer.  He wanted to be God, himself.  Because of this his frequencies became so low he was in great pain. He left the Lighted Realms with his band of fallen angels to roam the Cosmos.  In the process, he and his band of fallen angels destroyed planet after planet.  Finally, he was told to pick a planet for one last time which would be his jail planet.  He chose Earth the most beautiful supply planet in the Cosmos.

Since Mother Earth has a freewill such as you ones, she was asked  by me if she would be willing to house the ones of Lucifer.  She was told that if she did agree, she would be the jail planet for this band of fallen angels. She agreed to house Lucifer and his band of fallen angels hoping that that Lucifer and his minions would come back to the Light. 

As each civilization came upon her surface the evil got worse.  Lucifer's name was changed to Satan, as war after war occurred between the different tribes of people on her surface.

That, my dear ones has continued to this very day with wars getting worse as more technology was discovered by these civilizations.  It has not been until these last few years has there been a great progress of enlightened ones to hold the LIGHT for her great graduation. 

Although this is a very small flock of believers, they have helped her greatly.  She has asked for her to be granted graduation into a higher dimension.  She was  told that she had served well for the burden of providing for all the evil ones upoh her surface.  She has endured great suffering because each civilization became more evil, with the culmination of this last 3D.

I speak of this last civilization concerning the unbelievable extent to which Satan and his minions control everything and almost everyone who lives upon her surface.  Their extent of evil permeates every possible situation upon her surface.  These evil ones have had war after war with more advanced technology discovered and employed to create such havoc that the entire universe has been affected by the evil energies flying off her surface.  Almost all of the  great souled ones who returned this last civilization to help Mother Earth graduate have been caught in the great evil net of Satan.

Did I say ALL?  No!  I said ALMOST!  There is a very, very small group of Sananda's flock that have held the Light.   Mother Earth shall graduate.

What is happening at this time is a return to goodness.  I have sent my last Trump Card to start this process and great things are happening.

The Dark Ones of Satan, whom I call the Dark Brotherhood (DB's) have been rounded up quietly and arrested.  The result is either life imprisonment or execution.  Their acts of treason are known and presented to them before a Military Tribunal.  Many were executed, but some agreed to confess and give information.  The result was not to be executed, but life imprisonment.  These ones that have been arrested and their physical life terminated have been replaced with clones, so as to not cause any civil war or riots.

Mother Earth at this time is very close to graduating to 5th Dimension.  She has agreed to hold a bit longer, as she sees goodness being implemented. The Dark Ones are being rounded up and the sleepy people are beginning to awaken.  I said people with a soul not the billions of clones that the DB's have created.  Those shall be uncreated when Mother Earth turns on her axis.

You have seen the list of ones sent to Guantanamo.  That was in 2020.  Many, many more await trial either with house arrest or awaiting such at "Gitmo". You ones recognize the names of theses ones of Satan.  Pray for their soul.

Today and tomorrow great things are to happen.  That is what is scheduled, but I am  not revealing such except to say that it has been a long time a coming!

Let me say one last thing.  Your beautiful planet, which has been almost destroyed to the point of death has been moved from the Apsu Solar System to a birth in the Pleiades System.  She has a new moon and a new sun.  When she graduates she shall shine like brilliant  sun with no evil upon her surface.  Let me show you a couple of videos that picture what I am telling you. 

I CREATOR SOURCE hold this loving Earth in my hands of goodness, for that is what she deserves for her eons of providing housing and nourishment to all, even the evil ones.




/resources/uploads/files/Hands of God.mp4

My blessings to all Lightworkers and my utmost prayer is that more souled ones shall come to the Truth and Light.  Mother Earth is still holding, but how long, only she knows.  Time is of essance.