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3/11/91   HATONN

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We will begin with No. 4 of Accomplishment Plans of the Rothschilds and Illuminati.

No. 4

At the time of Weishaupt, one of the most critical issues was to take control of the press, since this was the only means of communication at this time.  Now we have the added burden of books, magazines, the radio and of course, TV.  You don't have to be extremely brilliant to see how these elements can be used in brainwashing a people.  It is through the elements of the media that people are convinced that only through one-world government can you expect to escape the horrors of a nuclear war and the problems associated with food, poverty and disease.

I'm sure that many of you who will read this information know who controls the press in America.  For those of you who do not, here are some facts for you to recognize.  Almost a thousand (1,000) major newspapers, with a daily readership of over 47-million, are Jewish owned and/or controlled completely; over 48 top weekly magazines with a weekly readership of over 79-million are Jewish owned and/or controlled; magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Readers Digest, U.S. Newsweek, Time and TV News.

For a while T. Turner had kept CNN pretty clean and separate and then, he too, succumbed and in return became THE channel which would be allowed to cover the world of the Middle East and feed disinformation to you and to Saddam during this conflict. How do you know "when" he became such a top banana?  Remember the Gorbachev's and Bush's at a White House dinner and were dining "mates"?  Ah so--yes indeed, your old dissident friend who had been all but banned, Jane Fonda and her lover, Ted Turner!  Watch constantly or you miss the fun clues.  Turner broadcasting has made millions and millions off this little "war deal". First, you are sucked in to get any kind of "news" and then when the world is tuned into CNN, you get the BS by the bucket load. This is brainwashing and training at its easiest.

All the major TV networks are Jewish Zionist controlled as are all the major movie studios with the possible exception of maybe one or two who are not allowed to deviate much from the programming prescribed lest they go-under.

With such a control, you can see why government leaders believe they have the right to lie to "you-the-people", and why you are among the worst brainwashed peoples in the world, the Soviet Union not withstanding.

It has finally reached the point where your CFR controlled government can lie with impunity to the American people and they will be believed by the majority, even when it has been proven over and over again that they are liars!  They even tell you that they are lying to you, for a purpose, and you believe that which they tell you is the lie.  They told you on CNN, for instance, that this was a war of emotional misinformation " throw off Hussein", and what do you do?--thrive on the 24 hours-a-day disinformation as if they hadn't even told you that was exactly that which they were doing.  They made those announcements at station breaks, etc., so that in the Middle East no one would know.  It was an exceptional way to keep your troops totally misinformed also.  IT WORKED!

Now, look at the wondrous parties and overdone frenzy for your returning troops from Saudi.  No one even notes the return of bunches of troops from Liberia and yet the world goes mad as ones come back from Saudi Arabia.  It is almost pathetic for as some of the soldiers put it: "...we waited around for months and only got to 'work' less than one day and it was kind'a disappointing."  You have no idea how many of your precious loved ones perished, some at their own hands of suicide, during those months of waiting and then in action of which you were denied information.  The general assumption is that if you are scattered about the country and an announcement is made that a hundred men are killed, your loved one would be assumed to be one of the hundred.  The only time you got a fairly accurate count was when many came from the same base and had to be acknowledged for their loss would be noted.  Also, please note that some were given as dead, with obituaries, and were alive; that would tell you that the military was PREPARED with the proper disinformation status.

And what of those ones in pain from their return from Vietnam?  In your efforts to not repeat the homecoming fiasco, you have distorted this homecoming and the big boys have had you again; there are hardly any who would not now go right back to "defend' and "patrol" for they are now heroes for killing off hundreds of thousands of innocent people.  You move like the swarms of birds or schools of fish at the orchestration of your dictators.

Do I discount the value of each returning life?  By Grace, no; I cherish each one who makes it through the veil of darkness in any measure of "intact" but am appalled at what will happen to those returning ones within the month when they effort to relocate and adjust and now face the problems of making up for lost income, lost associations, etc.  Believe me, the government has tremendous war plans in front of you and you ARE the Coalition.

A lot of newspaper men know this is true and some of them have great twinges of conscience because of it.  There were some, beginning back in World War I, who when asked for a toast before the New York Press Club on occasions of public gatherings have said, in the words of one specific spokesman: "There is no such thing at this date as an independent press.  You know it and I know it!  There is not one of you who dares to write his honest opinions, and if you did, you know before-hand that it would never appear in print.  I am paid a good salary for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you would be foolish to write honest opinions, since you would be out on the street, looking for another job...if I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.  The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outrightly; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and sell his country and his race for his daily bread.  You know it and I know it! ...We are the tools of the rich men behind the scenes.  We are jumping jacks... they pull the strings and we dance.  Our talents and our lives are all the property of other men...we are intellectual prostitutes."  This, the sad comments of an honest journalist on retirement before the New York Press Club, Jon Swinton, and one of the most recognized press men during that period of time.


Let us take another look back to the first days of the Illuminati.  Because Britain and France were the greatest nations in the world at this time, in the latter years of the 18th Century, Weishaupt was ordered to foment colonial wars, including your own Revolutionary War.  Their purpose was to weaken France and England.  The French Revolution was scheduled to start in 1789, but in 1784 an act of God upset the timetable of the conspirators.  This act proved to the Bavarian Government that there was indeed a conspiracy and that the Illuminati were at the head of it.  The evidence they received could have spared France and saved that nation from its bloody revolution, but the French leaders refused to believe the evidence, much as most of the American people refuse to believe it today.

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In 1774, when Weishaupt issued his orders, which were in manuscript form, a copy was sent to Bospierre, who was to head the French Revolution.  The courier who was carrying this manuscript was stuck by lightning as he rode through a heavy thunderstorm somewhere between Frankfort, Germany and Paris (or so the story went).  The Bavarian police found the manuscript, which was immediately turned over to the Bavarian officials.  These promptly ordered raids on the newly organized Lodges of the Masonic Grand Orient and the homes of Weishaupt and his most influential associates.  Enough additional evidence was found in these raids that the authorities were convinced of the authenticity of the manuscript.

In 1785, the Bavarian Government outlawed the Illuminati and they were forced to go underground: all lodges of the grand Orient in Bavaria were closed.  Then in 1786, the Bavarian Government published details of the plot.  If this had happened in 1988, they would have probably sealed this information for at least fifty years, much as they did evidence on the assassinations of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Copies of this conspiratorial document were sent to the heads of all European countries, but such was the power of the Illuminati in these governments--and of course this refers to the power of the Jewish Rothschild's--that it was universally ignored and the French Revolution took place as scheduled in 1789.

At this time, 1786, Weishaupt ordered his agents to infiltrate the lodges and form secret societies inside secret societies.  Only Masons who were Internationalists, or those who were especially approved by the Illuminati were allowed to join these new organizations.  One of the qualifications was that they must renounce God and accept the leadership of Lucifer (pain and agony indeed).  While they carried out their subversive activities, they carefully camouflaged them under humanitarian and philanthropic acts, which concealed their revolutionary and subversive intents.

In order to infiltrate the Masonic Lodges (Dharma, autosave is gone again--please write the document.  We will check out the computer at break.) of Britain, Weishaupt invited a man named John Robinson to Europe.  Robinson was a very high ranking Mason in the Scottish rites.  He was a professor of Natural History at the University of Edinborough.  Robinson did not fall for the trickery of the illuminati, to form what they called a "benevolent dictatorship".  But he kept his reactions to himself so well that he was entrusted with a copy of Weishaupt's Constitution.

Because the heads of both church and State ignored the warnings given them by Robinson, the French Revolution was soon in full swing, drenching that country in the blood of innocent Frenchmen.

In order to alert other governments which might be affected, Robinson published a book in 1798 titled PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY TO DESTROY ALL GOVERNMENTS AND RELIGIONS.  Once again, his warning fell on deaf ears, exactly as you see happening this very day in America.

While many Americans are most touchy about believing this, there is ample proof that you own Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were avid students of Weishaupt.  Jefferson became one of Weishaupt's staunchest defenders in the New World and it was Jefferson who introduced the Illuminati to the newly organized Masonic Lodges of the Scottish rites in America, over the protest of Gen. George Washington.

It was men like Thomas Paine and St. Germain who tried to bring these things to your attention and you rebuffed them. They summed it up as being such as to "SPIT AGAINST THE WIND".

In 1789, Robinson warned all Masonic leaders in America that the Illuminati had infiltrated their lodges and on July 19, 1789, the President of Harvard University, himself a high ranking Mason, issued the same warning to the graduating class, lecturing them on the influences the Illuminati had on American religion and politics.  To top this all off, John Quincy Adams, who had helped organize the New England Masonic Lodges, issued a similar warning.  He wrote three letters to top American Masonic leaders in which he outlined how Jefferson was using his influence in the Lodges for the benefit of the Illuminati.  Those three letters are now in the Whittenberg Library in Philadelphia.  In short, whether or not you wish to accept it, Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Democratic Party, was a member of the Illuminati.  This, of course, had influence in establishing a "liberal" image.

Realizing that they could not seduce the Russian Czar, the Rothschilds began a new attack against the money systems of the European nations and the United States.  They used a very tricky method to gain control of the English Banking System.  During the Battle of Waterloo, in 1815, the Rothschilds were able to falsify a report of the battle, so that the English people believed that Napoleon had won.  (Shades of Iraq?  Who did really win the Kuwait/Iraq conflict, chelas?  How do you know??)  The British Stock Market plummeted and shares fell to rock bottom.  Who was there to buy them up at a few cents on the dollar?  You guessed it, Mr. Rothschild's agents.  And who do you think is there to establish millions from the oil debacle this day?  You guessed it!  When the true news came that Napoleon had been defeated, the stocks went sky high and the Rothschilds cleared millions of pounds in profits and ended by controlling the economy of both England and the Continent.  (Care to give a full dissertation on the facts of this Middle East conflict?  Funny thing--Saddam Hussein also "claimed victory".  Would "lips" Bush ever lie to you??  Are you just a bit uncomfortable?  I certainly do hope so!!  Where did all those nice Republican Guards go?  Where are all those really lethal and dastardly weapons of Saddam's?  What exactly, are you-the-people given to back up anything they tell you?  I suggest you be very selective in that which you believe to be shown "before your very eyes"!)

Rothschild forced Britain to set up a new bank of England, which he totally controlled.  This was similar to the later criminal activity, when a group of International gangsters led by Jacob Schiff had the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913.  (Schiff?  Oh, yes, the same-- pharmaceutical magnate!  Try reading MURDER BY INJECTION and RAPE OF JUSTICE, both by Eustace Mullins.  I prefer to not require Dharma do all that extra work of re-giving you facts when it is so beautifully available and researched superbly.  Contact America West for I have asked that they carry these books for your confirmation.  [America West Publishers/Distributors, referred to above, is no longer in business; Eustace Mullins' books are available for purchase on-line.]  I greatly honor Eustace Mullins, among others who have braved the enemy and continued to serve their fellow-men.)

At this point, I think it might be good for us to look at the activity of the Illuminati in the United States.


In 1826, one Capt. William Morgan, a high ranking Mason, decided it was his duty to inform all American Masons how their lodges had been infiltrated by the Illuminati.  The Illuminati, through the Masonic Lodge, tried Morgan in "absentia", and sentenced him to death.  Morgan was warned and fled to Canada.  But the executioner, an English Mason named Richard Howard, caught up with him near Niagara Falls and killed him.  This was verified in court through sworn statements and by a thorough police investigation--at a time when such could still be considered somewhat valid.  The testimony of the trial is on record in the New York City archives if you wish to pursue them and can get someone to allow you to examine them.

Very few members of the Masonic Lodge or the general public know any of this, nor that the public disapproval of this act was so general that it closed down over half of the Masonic Lodges in the Northern Jurisdiction of North America.

In the early 1850s, the Illuminati held a secret meeting in New York which was addressed by a British Illuminist named Wright. Those in attendance were told that the Illuminists were organizing Nihilists, atheists and other subversive groups into an International organization which was to become known as "Communism".  It was intended to be the supreme weapon of terror which would eventually control the world.


Communism was to be used to foment wars and revolutions.  Quentin Roosevelt, and ancestor of F.D.R., Horace Greeley, a well-known newspaper publisher, and Charles Daner were appointed to head a commission to raise funds for this new venture.  Of course, most of these funds came from the Rothschild's.  It was this fund that financed Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, when they wrote "DAS KAPITAL" and THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO".

Commu (Dharma, STOP!  The computer is going to shu


Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1991, Volume 9, Number 13, Pages 4-8.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.