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[NEW[ HATONN ~~~NIT-PICKING ~~~(with Comment by Hatonn)~DECEMBER 3, 2021


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[NEW]  HATONN  ~~~NIT-PICKING ~~~(with Comment by Hatonn)~DECEMBER 3, 2021


HATONN COMMENT:  Read this title.  Is it any different today or much worse?   Have you denied your passage because you do not like the words I say?  Or if ones read the Journals only to find a mistake in typing or an error somewhere, what is the meaning of the entire Journal?  Are you reading to find the mistakes made, or are you reading to enhance your soul growth?  Remember, even intentional thoughts and actions are recorded in the Akashic Records, and you shall be the one to judge self against the Laws of God and Creation, not I.



7/13/91   HATONN




I would not take time to respond to this next "accusation" if, indeed, it had not made it to national network media.  Dharma is now accused of trying to "impress" people with authenticity of work by giving strange to-the-minute receiving time and weird dates and time counting, etc.  No, these ones who tout this word obviously know little about computers and how easy it is to sit down and enter a "time" as projected on the clock at onset of work.  Then, they prove their lack of JOURNAL knowledge by not knowing what the rest of the "heading" means.  Those are mostly for identification within our own systems but also to allow you to know when, and by whom, information is brought forth.  The "year-date", i.e., "4-331" indicates the NEW CALENDAR, dear friends.  Earth Shan began her new cycle on August 17, 1987!  You see, that is the same day that the "ancient" calendars stopped, i.e., Mayan, Aztec; and the original people (Aborigines: "original people"; original natives), stopped their "Dream Time" and now (literally) the Green Ants are awake after years of hibernation, and are swarming about the land masses.  In other words, doubting Thomases, the end of the world in that cycle STOPPED!  This day, July 13, 1991, is actually year 4, day 331  [Editor's note: No year "0" was utilized].  Isn't history interesting?  It becomes fascinating when you get the correct definitions and events.

We are come during this time of sorting, change, ending and beginning--separation and transition--right on schedule and transition--right on schedule as God promised.  He went to prepare a place for you of His creations who would abide within His laws and it is waiting.  He didn't leave it to "chances" that there would be a "handy" cloud floating around--He has sent a multitude of craft to bring you home--or leave you aboard the sinking ship--(your choice)--but we are the Hosts sent to bring the final promise for this cycle--THE WORD.  God said, "I AM THE WORD AND THE LIFE AND EXCEPT THROUGH ME SHALL YE ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM."

We have placed our own ones on your planet to receive of the messages and disperse them so that they would be given for both historical documentation and instructions for a return into orderly passage.  Those who chose to not hear and see are perfectly welcome to deny, turn away and continue in the chaos--BUT THE LAWS WILL NOT BE REWRITTEN NOR TAMPERED WITH IN ORDER TO PLEASE ANY MAN!  MAN HAS DESTROYED A PLANET CREATED IN PERFECTION AND HE WHO CHOOSES THE WAY OF DARKNESS WILL SIMPLY BE LEFT WITH HIS CONSEQUENCES WHICH ARE, BY THE WAY, PRETTY DESOLATE IN THE OVERALL PICTURE OF FUTURE PROBABILITIES.  SO BE IT!


Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, July 1991, Volume 14, Number 11, Page 6.