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4/4/91  HATONN



America didn't realize several things about the IRS--that they are a private corporation simply funded by the government by contract TO ENFORCE TAX COLLECTIONS and they are allowed to let into legal operations actions which are Constitutionally unlawful.  I have written at great length on this subject in the Journal YOU CAN SLAY THE DRAGON, I believe--I must ask someone to please check this for it gets hard to keep track now that our output is so great.  (He is correct.)  It is important enough to repeat for you ones who are truly interested in cutting off some of the "blood" "food" to the unlawful thieves in this game.  The only way to change the "beast" is to stop feeding him that which he must have to survive--your support through mindless actions.  If you cut off the endless flow of Money to the Congress--I promise you that you will clean out Washington, D.C. in no more than three pay-periods.  If the tree stops feeding the parasitic leech vines then the leeches die.  If the flow of "sap" is not stopped then the parasitic growths multiply and multiply and kill the tree.  In this case, the parasites are killing the entire nation and populace.  It appears that welfare SAVES--no, it destroys both the recipient and certainly the one from which the funding is seized by the gun. "Charity" is an altogether different subject so we will not go into it herein.

Americans have been far, far too gentle with the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, whose authority/JURISDICTION by Law is restricted to tiny federal areas and those people who have volunteered, most often by trickery.  I wrote pages and pages on the subject of volunteering to file and pay funds to the federal government of, not the Republic, but the legislative dupers. Chances are indeed overwhelmingly large that you are such a volunteer, and your STATUS is that of a secondary legislative "statutory" or "U.S. citizen" under the fraudulently-ratified 14th 'amendment'.  With easy, but powerful, American Law in an honest court (and there are few left) you can do something about the situation.  You see, you ARE as FREE as when you were born in one of your fifty States--you have simply not continued to realize it through the morass of propaganda and disinformation causing you to function "as if" it were Constitutional that you do certain things--no, once you develop the proper background for action and get knowledgeable--you can throw off the parasites.

You-the-people shout to the world that you will not deal with criminals and yet you do--over and over every day.  A nation cannot survive with such parasites feasting upon your lifeblood.  You must learn how to counter the attacks and stop the asinine bloodsucking.  Which is absolutely necessary for the very survival of your Nation and your posterity.  You will learn to call the criminals, criminals without softening the wording.  In this case with income taxes, you can make the mistaught “IRS” bullies back off or themselves end up in deep yogurt.  Those predators will remain totally "out of control", as the Congress says until they are squarely challenged with American Law under the Constitution, and this is amazingly easy to do.  But will it be successful? It depends on whether or not YOU do it properly.

Can it work?  Of course, whenever it's done correctly, even in cases where Citizens have been conned into the criminals' so-called "U.S. Tax Court", which by Law is not America's and is not a Court. Modern law schools teach little if any of the true laws, or great American Law, as lawyers will readily admit.  So this is a DO IT YOURSELF project, without the attorney fees (which also makes it frowned upon by the attorney clubs).  Remember, too, that the American Bar Association is now an active, working member of the Khazar Elite New World Order.


The Constitution FOR AMERICA requires a very restricted National Government, but another portion allows "exclusive Legislation" powers without limit FOR THE FEDERAL AREAS.  So citizens must learn to see the reigning "WASHINGTON DC-CLUB" and its IRS-CEG (Criminal Element in Government) shrivel back to their LAWFUL SIZE.  How do you require that something shrink?  You cut off its water and fuel.  You-the-people can severely mummify the bloated federal government's over-funding, using and never abusing your American Law.  Then and only then, dear ones, will it learn to live within ITS OWN LIMITS.


The first thing you have to do is recognize and regain your Born-Free citizenship status, and then RETAIN it for the Common Good.  As a side benefit, you can then ELIMINATE Federal Income Tax and WIthholdings. Washington has more than adequate means to LAWFULLY fund the tasks assigned to it by You-the-people but not the incentive to simply do it through obeying American Law.  Why should it?  It can easily steal from you by fraud and trickery and force which you allow in ever-increasing severity.

You, as a "good" citizen and always ready to honor "authority", probably volunteered for a Social Security number when asked, and filed your IRS forms regularly.  But there was a hidden reason why no one said that these moves automatically switched your "natural born-free Citizen" status downward to "statutory".  To fool you into thinking you were getting "breaks" instead of mesmerization, the federal and State agents, for instance, in 1967 brought double-audits by federal and State agents--who authorized double-refunds.  1979's Congress promoted its "Invest in America" TAX SHELTERS, so you pooled savings and put a whopping number of federal reserve notes into alternative energy, adding more quite modestly in mining and oil by 1982 and, with long-term ideas of financial independence, you bit on the bait as if it were mandatory that you pay the income tax in the first place.


The Constitution provides methods of balancing budgets (which rules are TOTALLY IGNORED BY CONGRESS), giving back State sovereignty.  This is why everything is hidden from you--so that you blindly follow the bureaucratic rules enforced by a mafia-type hit squad which you also pay for.  This is why there is a push for a Constitutional Convention--in order to COMPLETELY REWRITE YOUR CONSTITUTION TO COVER ALL THE LAWS, THEY HAVE SECRETLY WRITTEN INTO EXISTENCE--AGAINST YOU-THE-PEOPLE!  They even lie to you about what your income taxes go for--THEY GO ONLY TO PAY "CREDIT" AGAINST THE DEBT.  YOU HAVE NO SYSTEM OF CURRENCY--YOU HAVE A FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE SYSTEM OF "CREDIT"--ALSO A "PRIVATE" ENTERPRISE WHICH YOU-THE-PEOPLE FUND WHILE THEY STEAL FROM YOU, THEREBY "GETTING-YOU" FROM EVERY DIRECTION AND MANNER KNOWN TO MAN.

I must give warning that time to set this to right is upon you.  If things continue as they are--you are doomed.  Even the war must be continued ad nauseam with heinous actions by your nation and administration--to INSURE ABILITY TO CONTINUE "EMERGENCY" REGULATIONS AND FORCE UPON YOU.

Dear ones, it is NOW time for all you LOYAL CITIZENS to move into UNITY--on the offensive, with magnificent American Law for Freedom and Truth.  When accomplished, no more will criminals imprison your People who stand firmly with God-given "UNALIENABLE RIGHTS" previously "SWITCHED FRAUDULENTLY" for "civil" nonsense. If you take action and refuse to longer allow this fraud, then You-the-people may well have another chance to live with LAWFUL GOVERNMENT IN A FREE AMERICA.  

If not--you are headed directly into the prison of slavery which is already your mode of operation.

What should you do?  Get informed. I cannot urge you strongly enough to get protection--get the Journals, PRIVACY IN THE FISHBOWL and YOU CAN SLAY THE DRAGON.  I also urge you to get material which can be copied word-for-word as we showed you in the recent Express--but you need more--please get and, if necessary, share--N.A. Scott's book, FREE AT LAST - FROM THE IRS.  (Ordering info. already made available.)  We can only give you information--we CANNOT force you to utilize any of it.  I would note, however, that if you do not take a stand soon--kiss your freedom and your "One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice of ALL"--Goodbye forever.  The noose is securely tied about your necks and the lever to the trap door under your feet is in movement--brothers, you are right at the "end of your rope"!  (Pun with serious intent fully intended.)


Benjamin Franklin said to You-the-people, "You have a REPUBLIC if you can keep it."  You did not keep it so, today, through fraud and theft, today's lawyers say that you are "A DEMOCRACY", meaning none other than mob-rule.  INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT AND THEIR ADVISERS.

Just yesterday I received a letter from a precious friend who stated that "...they would like to do more for your project but we are even having to borrow money to pay our taxes"!  STOP IT AND STOP IT--NOW!  It has nothing to do with helping or not helping our projects--but I promise you better and more reward from serving God than serving George Bush and Henry Kissinger and contributing to the enslavement of the nations of your world.  If you must borrow money for something--borrow it to get the information outlaid for you here, keep the funds you would use for taxes, and demand that you move back into freedom.  Get the manual and DIGEST it.  Follow the step by step "how-to" and DO IT.  Then if terror grips too hard--get a loan of less than a thousand dollars and get a Nevada Corporation and get everything except social security payments, etc., OUT OF YOUR NAME AND INTO YOUR CORPORATION--WHO IS A SEPARATE INDIVIDUAL ONLY "CONTROLLED" BY YOU--AND MOREOVER--THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOESN'T KNOW YOU OWN IT.  STOP BEING INTIMIDATED BY THE THUGS WHO GIVE YOU FALSE INFORMATION AND START USING THE GUIDES SET UP TO SAVE YOUR ASS-ETS.  UNLESS YOU GO OFF-SHORE, WHICH IS FOR BIGGER "HIGH-ROLLERS" FOR THE MOST PART, NEVADA IS THE ONLY REMAINING STATE IN THE NATION WHICH ALLOWS PRIVACY AND ONE-OPERATOR CORPORATIONS.  WE CAN EVEN HELP YOU SET YOURS UP WITHOUT HAVING TO SHOW ON THE RECORDS AS OFFICER-DIRECTORS AND STILL MANAGE THE ENTIRE OPERATION AS ONE PERSON TOTAL CONTROL.  DON'T BE FOOLISH--UTILIZE THE LAWS AND BREAKS THE HOODLUMS MAKE LEGAL FOR THEMSELVES.  USE INTEGRITY AND INTELLIGENCE AND YOU, TOO, CAN WIN-WIN.  The important issue, however, is to regain control of your Government--thus, your nation and your freedom.

Just as following the Laws of God and The Creation are the uppermost issue with spiritual aspect of self--so is gaining and holding your freedom and "Republic" laws your physical priority.  YOU CANNOT COME INTO HARMONY AND BALANCE WITHIN THE PHYSICAL DIMENSION WITHOUT FREEDOM AND YOUR FREEDOM AS A WORLD IS ALL BUT GONE!


I, further, see no reason to incorporate a church at all--unless, of course, you want to do so as a Nevada Corporation for privacy purposes.  But I want to present something to you.  Natural Born FREE Citizens' Churches do not NEED incorporation if you adhere to the Constitutional laws of the Republic.  This, despite what mistaught lawyers have counseled--after all, they want to make MONEY!  They will also poo-poo Hatonn's information and scare you all to inaction if possible--as will the accountants.  Will some good and daring lawyers and accountants please step forward and identify yourselves and we will give you more business than you ever dreamed of earning--and save your taxes in addition.  Very, very gradually (so you wouldn't notice) the Washington D.C. Club has given disinformation and propagandized the phony grandeur of this entrapment when a simple inexpensive AMERICAN COMMON LAW TRUST, among other avenues of action, could have kept both the members and their respective churches "Free" without government dictates and there are cited cases to prove the point.  Or you can establish the "church" as a corporation in Nevada with little "visiting" groups in other places (states).  In fact, if you are State Incorporated anywhere other than Nevada and/or the Panamanian outer-limits, you might well want to consider dis-incorporation.  You will find all this information on how-to in Dr. Scott's material. ...


Allow us a rest please, Dharma.


* * *

Source: PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, April 1991, Volume 11, Number 2, Pages 2-4.






Money is not only a medium of exchange but is a standard of value.  Nothing can be such standard which has not intrinsic value, or which is subject to frequent changes in value."    --Justice Fields (1883)


ARTICLE 1 SECT. 10: "No State shall .,, coin Money; emit Bills of Credit (paper money); make any THING but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts."

ARTICLE 1 SECT. 10: The Congress shall have the power . . . To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof."  Our Forefathers intended Money to be gold and silver Coin INSTEAD OF PAPER because paper is inherently disastrous, easily printed, and issued fraudulently.

The final battle for FREEDOM AND CHRISTIANITY will be over the MONEY PROBLEM, and until that is solved there can be no true application of Christianity."  --Dan Pilla, Sr. (1990)



* * *

Source: PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, April 1991, Volume 11, Number 5, Page 16.


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