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Learn Who the Zionists Are


2/1/92 #1   HATONN


You who continue to be honestly irate regarding Zionism, I suggest you study carefully ALL the information on the subject along with outside confirmation. Then, remember--Zionists are usually NOT JEWS!  In fact, the Elite controllers--ESPECIALLY THE ZIONISTS--were "birthed as a concept" from the Committee of 300 headed by the Crown of England--(hardly Jewish). If you cannot be open enough to deal with these possibilities and investigate, then I have nothing to offer you.  I will not, however, cease nor desist in bringing the WORD for it is my mission and your privilege to deny it.



Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, February 11, 1992, Volume 18, Number 4, Page 1.







3/21/92 #2    HATONN


If you think you are weary of hearing about Khazars and other species, please forgive me but I, too, am weary of the distraction.  It helps to know your enemy, however, especially when it is THE ENEMY who intends to destroy your world.

I am not going into long words about the issue even though it remains at the top of the denial list of information given.  Mainly that argument revolves around the connection with the Committee of 300 and the Jewish connection and, and, and.

I would share with you a reference of fact sent to my attention for YOUR confirmation about what we bring to your table of information.  This came with xeroxed copies of reference material right out of a London Library.  The information came from one M.D.W. of Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois.

To: Commander Hatonn, Dharma, Anyone,

Date: 3-17-92

From: M.D.W.

Subject: Khazars - Genealogy of British Royal Family

One of my hobbies is royal genealogy.  While going through this book on ancestral lines of Prince William of Wales, I came across an interesting bloodline. (See Chart 22, etc.)  Through the medieval kings of Hungary, the current Prince of Wales is related to Marot, Khagan (Khan) of the Khazars.

My interest in royal genealogy began after reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent.  I believe their thesis is that Jesus survived the crucifixion, married Mary Magdalene, and had children by her.  Also that the bloodline survived and continued through the Merovingian Kings of France down to our present day.  Can you verify the truth of this hypothesis?

Yes, I can--but not at this writing, for it is far too lengthy and will be misunderstood if not laid forth in proper sequence of events.  I will suggest that all of you refer back to AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL and you will find that he most certainly did not "die" on the cross and, taking some ones with him, went eventually into Tibet after traveling through India.

We of the record keepers find it difficult to equate your inquiries to that which is represented to us as "countries", for boundaries and labels change, and to identify "France" without qualification would be a most foolish error on my part.  Also, it is not appropriate that I simply won't answer yes or no regarding relationships with Mary Magdalene, for there is NO way that in this brief reference I can adequately follow that sequence.  I will most surely eagerly look forward to unfolding this story for your witness as we move out (if we ever can) of the trap of disagreeable current events and necessary information to get you "that far".



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, March 31, 1992, Volume 18, Number 11, Pages 2-3.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.