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2/27/91   HATONN





... JEWS HAVE MASTERFULLY exploited the economic and political values of religious unity in all ages, but nowhere has this been more evident than in twentieth-century America where they have taken extraordinary advantage of certain freedoms and rights which they sometimes deny others.

These exploitations have gained them virtual monopolies in the motion picture industry, television news and programming, merchandise chain-retailing, institutional investment banking and stock brokerage, certain domestic and foreign commodity markets linked to their control of gold and uranium mining in South Africa and, of course, the diamond industry which Jews control worldwide from production to retail distribution.  It would be difficult for even a casual observer to escape the conclusion that this hegemonic, oligarchic control by a single ethnocentric group could have occurred except by conscious, deliberate, and conspiratorial efforts nourished from generation to generation by a religious ideology that teaches not so much the equality and brotherhood of mankind as preoccupation with its own greatness.  Jews thus exemplify themselves as a self-worshipping people * (a fact which would be related to much of the persecution they have experienced).  The practice of stick-togetherness, when carried out by non-Jews, is known as bigotry; when practiced by Jews it is politely called exclusivism.

* In his Occidental Mythology (p. 138) Joseph Campbell astutely observed that "the hero in the biblical myth of descent and return is the Jewish people.  This is in stark contrast to other ancient myths of this order wherein the hero or god is an individual!"  The psychological implications for the Jew who believes in the myth of the Chosen People have been investigated by many, including Sigmund Freud.  Some of the suggested implications fall within the bounds of human experience delineated by schizophrenia.  This schizophrenic attitude is examined by both Jew and Arab in the excellent articles, "We and the Gentiles" by Rubinstein and "They and the Gentiles" by Mehdi in the July/August 1971 issue of Atlas Magazine.  The literature on this theme is practically inexhaustible and its central point seems best expressed by the Jewish-French writer Rabi: "Judaism is essentially a self-assumed tragedy" and "Anti-Semitism is a part of ourselves, of our being and our life."  But as Mazri has pointed out, "Israel's ethnic exclusivity, tied directly to the political logic of establishing a Jewish state, is the moral problem which many Western intellectuals have been psychologically unable to acknowledge."

[Hatonn: Please keep uppermost in your minds that the term "JEW" did not appear in literature nor in any language until the 18th century.  Even at that, it is a "corrupted" English word, from the 4th century Latin, "Iudaeus".  Further, keep in mind that the so-called or self-styled [Khazar] "Jews" in eastern Europe were NEVER Semites, are NOT Semites now, nor can they ever be regarded as "Semites" at any future time by any stretch of the imagination.  Therefore, to claim Anti-Semitism by this group of people is absurd, for it has no meaning in relation to them whatsoever.  The assumption is likewise absurd and impossible, that these "Jews" could be the "Chosen People", for they come from the Khazar lineage.  Now, the wondrous question is HOW and WHY the origin and history of the Khazars and the Khazar Kingdom were so well concealed from the world for so many centuries?  It surely exists and existed and is historically documented.  Could it be by the same deceptions which capture the world now in erroneous information such as "Jews", "anti-Semite" and "Zionists"?  By evidence of the (All Vows Vow) Kol Nidre, the self-labeled "JEWS" vow to keep no vows and swear on the Talmud to lie to all Goys--which is about everyone other than the self-styled or so-called, self-appointed "JEWS".  Anything you doubt herein--go look for yourselves, for it is all written and documented!]

Imagine, if one can, an entire industry under the control of a single Gentile or Protestant group, say the Baptists.  How long would it take the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to file a legal suit against such a monopoly, charging violations of various governmental laws which prohibit racial and religious discrimination?

While lashing out at the Arab oil cartel, Jewish groups seem little concerned about the Jewish diamond cartel or the oligarchic, Jewish control of the national television networks--ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN--whose newscasts and other programs are used daily to propagandize and brainwash the American people on almost any topic from abortion to Zionism.

A recent and blatant example of pro-Zionist propaganda was telecast by CBS on August 26, 1976, under the title "The Tenth Level".  This program depicted Jews and blacks as the few persecuted ones while WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) were depicted as the ever-present persecutors.  The PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was referred to as a "dedicated terrorist group", while no mention was made of the half-million Arabs who fled their homes in Palestine because of Jewish terrorist organizations such as the Hagana (the former military arm of the Jewish Agency), the Stern Gang and the Irgun Group which, on the night of April 9, 1948, ambushed the Arab village of Deir Yassin and massacred two-hundred and fifty-four of its inhabitants, many of whom were women, children, and old men.

Some of these Jewish terrorists were later rewarded with election to Israel's parliament, the Keneset.  A former head of the Irgun terrorist gang, Menachem Begin, remains in the Keneset where he has convinced Israel it should never deal with the PLO because it is a terrorist group! **

**  On May 17, 1977, Menachem Begin's extremist, right-wing party, the Likud, was victorious in Israel's national elections.  The victory will elevate Begin to the position of prime minister of Israel  [H: I believe that is borne out.] When Prime Minister Begin comes calling on Washington for aid, as his predecessors have done before him, President Carter's White House welcome to "the Butcher of Deir Yassin" promises to explode the president's human rights issue.  Millions of human beings, along with their leaders, will see the president's human rights campaign as nothing more than a political sham.  [H: Alas, by that time everyone had gone to sleep--mesmerized by other distractions.]  Scores of movies have been produced about Nazi atrocities in World War II but the Jewish-controlled film industry has yet to produce a single movie about Zionist terrorism during the violent period of 1943-1948 which led to the re-establishment of the "Holy Land".  The filmmakers decided long ago that, to the American audience at least, one "Victory at Entebbe" is worth more than one "Massacre at Deir Yassin".

Jews are good scriptwriters, good image-makers, and good actors.  And because a credulous Western world has accepted their created imagery, so falsely led, is now faced with the enigma of reality.  So confronted, Judaism has caused its adherents--particularly those in Israel--to be victimized by its own inventions.  Truth and Reason are not moldable as putty nor will these fit into a house of fantasy.

Unprecedented social and economic crises exist in Israel today.  The Jewish Frontier (Oct. 1976, p. 8) contains an advertisement placed by the Development Corporation for Israel.  The following quotes are excerpts from that ad: "As we begin the new year, the people of Israel face tremendous economic burdens which will require a far greater measure of support from the Israel Bond Organization than ever before... The Israelis are making sacrifices.  Taxes are the highest in the world, amounting to about 70%.  The government has been forced to cut back on health, education, and other social services... Israel is in urgent need of increased income..."  The ad ends with a plea to the American Jew to strengthen his "Bond with Israel with an Israel Bond."


THE FORTUNES OF ISRAEL AND America have been allowed to become so entangled by monetary, political, and emotional ties as to be inextricably bound together in an unholy alliance (some would say Holy Alliance).  This strange alliance with Israel, developed over the past twenty-nine years, has brought this country [America]--and the world--to the very brink of disaster.  During the 1973 Yom Kippur War, all United States armed forces were placed on worldwide alert, to come to Israel's rescue if necessary.  The existence of this situation is itself prima facie evidence of the extent of Jewish power.  There needs be no further documentation of this fact.

Mr. Fagan Dickson, an Austin Texas attorney, has made two trips to the Supreme Court to test the question of whether Israel is an establishment of religion within the meaning of the First Amendment.  In the first case, the court side-stepped the issue on procedural grounds.  In the second case, it passed the "buck" to the Congress and the Executive Departments and, without saying so, relied on the Nixon Doctrine of "Reasons of State".

A Pennsylvania businessman, Michael J. Bennett, filed a lawsuit to halt United States aid to Israel until Israel separates religion from state matters.  According to Church and State (Sept. 1975), "Bennett lived and studied in Jerusalem, where he met his wife, who is Jewish and a native of Israel.  They had to be married in the United States, Bennett told the reporters, because Israel law does not allow religiously mixed marriages.

In keeping with an apparent policy to protect Israel from public embarrassment, the nationally televised news programs never informed the American public of Mr. Dickson's Supreme Court challenges to the fundamental issue of American support of Israel in the Middle East religious conflict, nor through such media was the public told of the Bennett case as far as this writer can determine.

Our founding forefathers wisely forbade governmental establishment of religion or the union of church and state in any form or endeavor, whether it be called Zionism or just ismThomas Jefferson wrote, "... to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of religious opinions which he disbelieves, is sinful and tyrannical."  In Washington, D.C., these immortal words are engraved in stone at the Jefferson Memorial: "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."  No free intellect can do less and remain free.  It is indeed ironic that the success and fate of the theocratic State of Israel--where religion and politics are wedded--depend upon the military power of the United States whose Constitution requires the separation of church and state.

It now seems more than chance that determined that the ascendancy of America's post-World War II power should coincide with the establishment of the State of Israel.  That Israel was established at a time when America had no military peer bespeaks volumes about Zionist influence and manipulation of American foreign policy.


A GREAT SAGA, CONCEIVED in mythic fantasy, is being acted out in the real world and as each scene is played, it becomes part of the historical setting for what is to follow.  The script for the story was finished by the Temple Jews about 400 B.C. with the Book of Ezra.  For other Jews and converted Gentiles (Christians), the script was not completed until about 96 A.D.

Both scripts have been studied and the lines, although not always agreed upon, have been well learned.  The rehearsals are over.  The curtains are open.  We are late as the play unfolds before us.  The paramount question is, "When will the play-acting end?"  That, of course, will depend upon which script is followed, and for how long, which scene Reason will interrupt.


The 1973 Yom Kippur War, with its attendant Arab oil embargo against those nations helping Israel, marks the end of a period of global, strategic hegemony of the Western nations, led by the United States.  The worm has turned or is turning.  The beginning of the decline of Western, cultic imperialism has begun.  Before this generation ends, the blacks, who mine the gold and diamond riches in South Africa, will tear down the fences which the cults of bigotry and exclusivism have erected.

A comparison of apartheid and Zionism shows enough similarities that an overt, conscious effort is required to avoid the conclusion that both derive from a form of racism.  For comparison purposes and examination of some of the issues involved, one should read the following articles in Foreign Affairs: "Black Africa and the Arabs" (July 1975), "Inside the Laager: White Power in South Africa" (Oct. 1976).  Other comparative examinations of Zionism and racism can be found in The Link (Vol. 8, No. 5, Winter 1975-6) and the "Report on the Relations Between Israel and South Africa" released by the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid.  It may well be that the decline of the West, aided by an intransigent Israel, will bring the social salvation of mankind.  A spark of hope lies with the youth and anti-clericalists of the Jewish community.  Often more sensitive and alert to social injustices than their elders, many young "Jews" openly condemn racist capitalism which contains some of the seeds that perpetuate the historic "Jewish" problem.

Compare the writings of young Jewish authors such as those who wrote The Class Nature of I$rael with those of the old traditionalists such as Rabbi Stanley A. Ringer.  Rabbi Ringer, writing in the Jewish Frontier (March 1972), stated: "First of all we need a strategic base.  That is to say, Jews must establish their own 'conditions' of production to be able to build a group structure based on mutual cooperation, ethnic self-interest, and cultural and ethical integrity."  If this statement by Rabbi Ringer does not advocate economic racism then the English language has no meaning.

The rabbi's advocacy of the Jewish economic system is racism of the rankest kind--racism dependent upon religious bigotry.  It is the kind of racism that has plagued the Jewish people throughout their history.  What the world Jewish community needs is more Noam Chomskys, Moshe Machovers, Akiva Orrs, Israel Shahaks, and Felicia Langers; these are people concerned about the brotherhood of mankind.


Few seem to recognize that the solution to the Jewish problem lies in the answer to the question, "Who is a Jew?"  The author hesitates to use mystical arguments to answer a question which Judaism raises but the question itself is cloaked with mysticism and, therefore, seemingly would exclude itself from logical and intellectual inquiry.  Many years of study have convinced the author that any serious attempt to solve the Judaic dilemma (exemplified by the Arab-Israeli Conflict) must address itself to the temporal Jew's belief in his unique relationship with God.  The spiritual analogue of that relationship is beautifully explained in the New Testament where the answer to the central question was given long before the Israeli Keneset ever sat in council to debate the issue:

"For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh:

But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God."  (Romans 2:28, 29)

[H: and even in this writing is the total fabrication and mistranslation by usage of the word "Jew" which was non-existent prior to the 18th Century!]

The author could not resist giving the King James translation of this passage because of its poetic symmetry, but for his exegetic purpose The Living Bible Paraphrased is best rendered:

"For you are not real Jews just because you were born of Jewish parents or because you have gone through the Jewish initiation ceremony of circumcision.

No, a real Jew is anyone whose heart is right with God.  For God is not looking for those who cut their bodies in actual circumcision, but he is looking for those with changed hearts and minds.  Whoever has that kind of change in his life will get his praise from God, if not from you."

The tropology of Scriptural language is here so clearly explained by the Apostle as to preclude any preference for the natural Jew unless, of course, one is intent on justifying certain ethnic attitudes and practices upon biblical or religious grounds.  These grounds can and have been used by unreasonable and predisposed minds to justify anything.

It would be obvious that the efficacy of a wholly spiritual relationship cannot depend upon nor relate to the question of one's ethnic heritage.  And clearly, societal discrimination should be on a higher plane such as ethics and not upon a basis of ethnocentrism.  In the words of Dr. John Nicholls Booth, an eminent minister and educator, "Experience has shown that religion or ethnicism as the bases of nations are Neanderthal structures inconsistent with enlightened and beneficial political entities."  The recognition and acceptance by man of his common genesis will not lead him into a system of theology or philosophy which is rooted in racism.

In Israel, the question of "Who is a Jew?" has caused deep family and social disruptions created by state efforts to define the question legally.  Any illegitimate child born in Israel of Jewish parents is not permitted to marry there because of the state rabbinate's monopoly on marriage. The rabbinical courts in Israel interpret the Bible to say that mamzerim--Hebrew for "bastards"--cannot be regarded as Jews.  These mamzerim are forced to wed outside Israel because of the rabbinate's refusal to allow their marriage.  Even then, their marriage is not recognized in Israel and the children born of mamzerim are also classified as bastards.  In 1971, there were an estimated 40,000 Israelis whose social and family statuses were affected by Israel's biblical marriage laws.  Dr. George Tamarin, an Israeli psychologist and anti-clericalist, has stated: "When India became independent, it did away with the untouchable caste.  When Israel became independent, it introduced it."  To dramatize their struggle in this area, anti-clericalists have set aside November 9th in Israel and declared it to be "National Bastard Day".

The Legend of the Chosen People is a product of the art of manipulating men--a prime example of mythic inflation.  The Chosen People concept of Judaism is repugnant to Reason from which derived the principle of the dignity and equality of mankind.  When followed in practice, it leads to violations of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the United Nations Charter.  Moreover, Christianity rejects the Judaic concept of ethnocentrism and Paul rebuked Peter for his hypocrisy in this matter. 

[RM:  Above, the author refers to the U.N. and so-called apostle Paul (old Saul of Tarsus-a Pharisee) as examples to look to make his case--Really?  These are two of the most evil and hypocritical entities our world has ever experienced!]

The Chosen People concept is the bedrock of doctrinal racism.  It is the founding rule of Jewish nationalism promulgated by modern Zionists under color and the supposed protection of religion.  Historically, the concept has acted to deter the unity of mankind and the peace of nations.  In this generation alone, four wars have been fought over it and a fifth is in the offing but has to wait while the nations involved take time out to rearm themselves.  One wonders if the flames of passion against the goyim (other nations) are rekindled when the biblical exploits of King Saul are read by the "chosen people".

The United Nations debate on Zionism brought the following response from the Synagogue Council of America which represents the Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative branches of Judaism in the United States: "Zionism is the liberation movement of the Jewish people in modern times--- But, Zionism is more than a political phenomenon.  It is an expression of Jewish religious belief and hope, for it witnesses to the most distinctive aspects of the Jewish faith.  Specifically, it is a profoundly spiritual expression of Jewish fidelity to the Biblical covenant which links a people, faith, and a land in an indissoluble and distinction of Jewish spirituality."  It is noteworthy that Zionism is more than just politics or "a political phenomenon".  It is essentially espoused to be a religion of biblical origin.  The union of politics with religion has bedeviled the Jewish people throughout their history.  It has caused perpetual strife not only within the Jewish community itself but between it and its neighbors, whoever these neighbors have been.

There can be no truthful denial that the Arab-Jewish conflict has grown from theological roots.  Israel's own ambassador to the United Nations, Chaim Herzog, again confirmed this during the United Nations debate on Zionism when he stated that Zionism is the name of the national movement of the Jewish people as established in the Bible and is an integral part of the Jewish religion.  After interviewing Israel's Prime Minister Ben-Gurion in 1956, the Jewish columnist Joseph Alsop wrote an article for the now-defunct New York Post Dispatch (June 13, 1956): "In these days, the Old Testament is hardly news.  Yet every Western policymaker and every Arab leader ought to study it prayerfully, for there is no other way to understand the spirit of David Ben-Gurion, which is also in large measure the priority of his people.  That spirit is a cardinal fact in the Middle East; and if you do not take it as fact, you are bound to make the wildest misjudgments and nourish the most idiotic false hopes."

Because of the theological nature of the Middle East Conflict, it is unlikely that the diplomatic or military forces of the United States, or of other nations, can solve the dispute.  That dispute is the result of belief in Jewish mythology and will end when men quit their beliefs in mystic folly.  That dispute will end when man learns that in creedal, formal religious symbols are created to fill the void of man's ignorance or to stand in place of the ineffable.  But God will not be mocked by any definition of creed or limitation of symbolism.

"Like the Nyanga tribesman... [who] shares a 'psychic identity with the animal--an identity that exists in their realm of myth and symbolism," the Christian fundamentalist shares a psychic association or "mystical participation" with the natural Jew who claims to be the "chosen" of God.  Unfortunately, "Zionists" and other zealous fundamentalists have concerned themselves with the symbols (such as the temporal "Holy Land" or the temporal "Holy City" [or the temporal "Holy Temple"]) rather than the realization of a spiritual relationship with their Creator.  So, while the natural Jew fights his symbolic war with murderous weapons supplied by the United States government, his spiritual counterpart will be attempting to follow the Golden Rule.


* * * * * * * *

So be it and may God place His seal and blessing upon the Word of Truth.  You who proclaim yourselves to be "Jews" and say, "... I am Jewish and I should know--that it is certainly not this way!"  I suggest you look again, for you are most grossly misinformed and that disinformation and misperception will lead you FIRST down the "primrose path" into the briar patch.  You of the "Godly Jews" who have given of time and money toward that which you understood to be the "Chosen place and people of God" are deceived and what you have done is contribute to the downfall of your very origin and heritage and placed it into the hands of the infidels and deceivers of Truth.  I ask only that you stop the denial long enough to have your proof of these statements--but you shall have to look where the answers have been hidden and suppressed, for deceivers continue harder and more violently to cover the lies.  So be it and I close now that this segment may be added unto the Journal.

Good day and Saalome',


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.

United Federation Fleet

Inter-Galactic Federation Command



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1991, Volume 9, Number 7, Pages 4-8.






6/6/91 #3   HATONN



... We have heard from George [Greene] and, of course, of all the information we have produced, the people in Florida at the country Democratic meeting only picked up the word "Jew" in an Express.  The meeting, by the way, is in West Palm Beach where many Judean people retire.  It is sad that ones know so very little about their own heritage as seems to be prevalent.  The lady introducing the speakers, i.e., George, immediately prefaced her introduction by stating that George was anti-Semitic and a Zionist bigot.  I have awful news for these poor, uninformed people--they do not have a corner on Zionism.

I have told you in the past that Jerry Falwell of the "Christian Moral Majority" is a self-proclaimed "Zionist" and  " proud to state that I am a Zionist".  Now, hold to your hats, brothers, Brent Scowcroft is a highly prestigious personage in the Mormon Religious Faith--a Mormon "Zionist". Now, I suggest somebody brush up on their attitudes and information since, in the very facts of the matter--to be anti-Jew is not to be anti-Semitic since the Semites came from the tribe of Shem.  Therefore, since the "Jews" [Khazars] are not Semites--how can you be anti-Semitic if you are against the "Jews" [Khazars] ?  Is this some kind of "New World Order" reasoning?  Perhaps speakers, such as Patrick Buchanan who was called a rotten bigot and anti-Semite just last night on "Larry King Live"--should stop any defense of statements and REQUIRE AND DEMAND that those making accusations along those lines, identify, define, and state their rationale regarding their accusations, for they are ignorant, indeed.



Source: PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, June 1991, Volume 13, Number 1Q, Page 12.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.