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HATONN: 10-14-90


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10/14/90   HATONN



Let us finish this Express and Journal Chapter with current circumstance.  There is great misunderstanding regarding Jews, Zionists, U.S. Nationalism and anti-Semitism, or, any other anti-anything.


Zionism is a secular political movement dedicated to the establishment of a Jewish state.  It seeks to transform religious hopes and the yearning for individual freedom into a nationalistic political program.  Not until the first Zionist Congress in 1897 did Theodor Herzel call for a "legally secured Jewish home in Palestine."  Zionism uses the mask of religion to hide its blatant philosophy.

  (Doesn't sound like Father Joseph's or Mother Mary's Jewish children to me!)



Actually, since the U.S. abandoned her traditional nationalism and intervened in a European war and turned it into World War I, hundreds of thousands of young American service people have died in needless foreign wars.

It is imperative that the U.S. return to the old Monroe Doctrine in which you tolerated no European or Asian domination of any nation--IN YOUR HEMISPHERE.  It is equally imperative that you observe ALL OF THE MONROE DOCTRINE, in which you pledged not to intervene in quarrels outside the Western Hemisphere.

Unless your leaders are forced to return to sanity, the world will be goaded into a devastating World War III.  The greatest, most effective means the internationalists use to promote U.S. intervention in the volatile Middle East is the charge of "anti-Semitism" to those who oppose using American tax dollars to support Israeli aggression and oppression.  You have developments unfolding this very day which proves the point.

Israel, on the yesterday, said they would not fight a UN force moving into Jerusalem to investigate Monday's fray.  Now, today, they refuse any cooperation and denounce any such move and will effort at preventing any such group from entering.  What does that tell you, America?  Does it not say loudly and clearly that there is evil afoot?   If you have nothing from the world then why all this objection to finding truth?   Surely, if the Palestinians were the culprits, they would quickly be denounced as usual! No, the group will find foundation stones for the "new temple" and exclusion of the Palestinian worshippers from their Holy places--through intensified force!

Some of the "natural" incidents you are undergoing in America are to bring the Bush administration under control in an all-out effort to bring the Israelis under control--for if this is not done within mere days, that massive war will be underway!


Americans today are confused by various religious and historical myths that surround the question of the formation and destiny of the so-called "republic" of Israel.  Uninformed so-called "Christians" believe that Zionism is a "religious" movement, instead of a political one.

The gravest confusion exists in the realm of the political, however.  The philosophy of internationalism, which has been assiduously inculcated into the minds of two generations of Americans by a veritable army of well-financed brainwashers who aim to bring about a world of perpetual peace through perpetual war, has unfortunately been absorbed, even by millions of Americans who consider themselves patriots--this certainly includes Jewish persons, perhaps to an even greater extent than others.

Most Americans seem, subconsciously, to believe that ANY FIGHT ANYWHERE in the world between two groups justifies your nation's immediate intervention, the appropriation of millions or billions of dollars, and the raising of an army to bring "peace" to the afflicted area.

Only a very tiny few Americans ever stop to think that there are at least three sides to any quarrel of foreigners--there is one side to each of the antagonists and also the American side.  And contrary to the naive and childish internationalist idea that wars are fought between the "good" and the "evil", as Spinoza once said, they are fought between two "right" sides.

The question that America should answer when viewing the differences of others is not "Which side is right?" and "Which side should America take?" but "What are the interests of America?!"

As simple and as self-evident as this is, the thought is totally alien to most Americans--and particularly to your political leaders.

I will briefly herein touch on a few points which shall be enlarged upon in a future presentation allowing more space for publication.

Could you, for a minute, forget everything except being "American"?  If you are of another country--pretend for this moment that you are American.  Consider the Mideast problem from an unabashedly America-First standpoint, as peculiar and unpopular as such a position may be with the false patriots and the corrupt who deliberately strive to use the power of the American people for alien ends and their own personal profit.

The question you must attempt to answer is not, "Are the Jews or the Arabs (in this instance, Iraq) right?" but rather, "What is to America's best interest?"  Now you must also realize that oil, to the citizen of the U.S., is not short of supply nor should there be outrageous prices, for you have abundant supplies of oil both stored and unproduced domestically.

Readers will note that the above means what it says, as the writer herein does not mistake the interests of say, Standard Oil for the national interest of America and consider that anyone who would contemplate war for the purpose of protecting the profits of a few stateless international financiers and stockholders is unworthy of serious refutation.

Although the judgments in this instance appear to be harsher against Israel and international Zionism than against the Iraqis, the reader is respectfully reminded that if he wishes to know the pro-Israel viewpoint, all he has to do is to turn on his television set, buy a newspaper or contact his nearest politician.  The state of Israel is purely the product of the political machinations of one political group--the Zionists--made up largely of atheistic, self-proclaimed, and false Jews.  You find the Zionists trying to involve the U.S. of America in their feud with the Arabs at every time--which involvement is over land which has been stolen by the Zionists.

If America is to avoid being swept into the maelstrom of a nuclear confrontation in the Middle East and a resulting world war that would destroy all the fruits of Western culture and civilization, you must stand firm for a policy of neutrality and non-involvement in the Middle East and demand a return of your soldiers, equipment, and all fragments thereof--HOME TO AMERICA!

Historians have already pointed out quite sufficiently that American intervention in the affairs of Europe in 1917 only created new problems for America.  That, dear ones who don't remember, was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  Within only a couple of decades, the fruits of the Versailles Treaty were harvested: World War II.  By secret planning of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and England's Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, the U.S. experienced its greatest military disaster at Pearl Harbor, which led to your involvement once again in the ancient quarrels of other nations.

Yet, in spite of the sacrifice of thousands of American youth and the expenditure of billions of the taxpayer's money, no lasting accomplishment came out of the two world wars, as I am sure any of you can take note.

Thousands of American soldiers, almost forgotten, still patrol the uneasy border between South and North Korea.  An uneasy truce, constantly being violated, reflects the failure to secure convincing victory either on the military or diplomatic fronts.  Again, the violation of your policy of neutrality led to the needless death of countless American youths.  Some of these soldiers still are POW's and, beloved chelas, a great number of them are in SOVIET PRISONS IN RUSSIA AT THIS VERY TIME.  Your intervention in Asian affairs has led to the upsetting of the subtle balance of power in Asia and has given the Soviet Empire the excuse for formation of the strongest military force in world history to protect its Asian empire from American encroachment.

Now, you had better take a closer look at that which is taking place through China at the present time, for it is far more important than you can imagine.  CHINA IS BEGINNING A VAST EXPLORATION OF THE ANTARCTIC!  NOW, JUST WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THEY WOULD BE DOING SUCH A THING?

Your retreat from Vietnam, after the expenditure of more than 50,000 lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, constituted the first military defeat for the U.S.  Although your troops were finally out, the war-torn peninsula remained aflame with intense conflict.  Your intervention in Vietnam was a crime, not only to all Vietnamese but to yourselves, and the significance of your shameful defeat is not even vaguely understood by Americans.  You have left yourselves open to be actually invaded by these Viet-Cong right into and up through your southern border with Mexico.  Further, your government is indeed over its head into the Opium trade from out of the Asian Golden Triangle.

Your misadventure in Vietnam is categorical in its proof of the total irresponsibility and stupidity of the internationalist policy of "perpetual war for perpetual peace", which you have followed since the days of poor, foolish puppet Woodrow Wilson.

It is clearly established, by all these lessons of the past and present, that American involvement in the affairs of foreign nations is a costly and useless exercise in meddling.

Americans must examine carefully the unending propaganda of the Zionists, in the press, on the air, and especially on the

floor of Congress.  Able exponents of Zionist schemes to entangle you in the quarrels and feuds of the Mideast forget their roles as "doves of peace" in the Vietnam conflict and raise their shrill "war-hawk" cries for intervention in the Arab-Israel conflict.

With Zionists in control of the American press, radio, TV, and the flood of advocates for American intervention are selling the American public a false religious-political sentimentality that, "Israel is God's chosen nation--you must save it!"  Oh, perish the thought!  If your people and leaders ignore the lessons of the past and involve you in the angers and hatreds of the Mideast then will come the most horrible nuclear holocaust and death of the world you have known and presumably loved.


Your examination of American diplomatic history must begin at least as far back as Washington's Farewell Address of 1796, wherein he admonished your young country to guard against foreign entanglements.  "It is our true policy", declared George Washington, "to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world--so far, I mean, as we are now at liberty to do it."

This policy of avoiding entanglements and maintaining neutrality in the Washington presidential tradition was solidified in Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural address, in which the new president supported the non-interventionist policy of Washington. Jefferson counseled his fellow citizens to enjoy "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, and entangling alliances with NONE."  [Emphasis added.]

Washington's great rule found further expression in the Monroe Doctrine, enunciated by President James Monroe in 1823.  All Americans know that the chief executive here declared that the Western Hemisphere was the specific interest of the U.S. and that the nations of Europe and Asia were to keep out of the Western Hemisphere in terms of military adventure or conquest. You further guaranteed the safety and preservation of these nations within your Western Hemisphere's geographical area--you most certainly did not promise to invade them as with Panama.

What many forget over and over, is that Monroe added another guarantee, namely: "As long as the other nations of the world respect our area of influence in the Western Hemisphere, we acknowledge that we have no MORAL right to interfere with the extensions of power by other nations in the other areas of the world."  Thus, President Monroe sharply delineated his understanding of the moral basis for Washington's neutrality policy.  It may come as a surprise to many misinformed Americans to learn that the Monroe Doctrine is a two-way street.  [Emphasis added.]

As long as your leaders were firm in supporting this doctrine, other nations respected it and observed its restrictions.  In 1866, the Monroe Doctrine was invoked to oppose the intervention of France in Mexico, which had as its object the establishment of Archduke Maximilian as Mexico's emperor.  Again, in the late 1860s, President Ulysses Grant broadened the doctrine to forbid the transfer of European territory in the New World from one European power to another.

In 1905, Teddy Roosevelt added what was to become known as the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.  President Roosevelt expounded the principle that "chronic wrongdoing, or impotence resulting in the general loosening of the ties of civilized society of the part of a country in the Western Hemisphere, might require the U.S. to exercise an international police power."

Roosevelt's forceful declaration was generated by the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean area, where the navies of the British and German empires were setting up blockades of the Venezuelan coast.

The Pan American Conference of 1940 reasserted that no country in the New World could be transferred from one power to another, and the U.S. was authorized to act unilaterally in an emergency to enforce this principle.

One more example of this application of the Monroe Doctrine occurred in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy instituted a naval blockade around Cuba and announced a "naval quarantine of the island".  After secret negotiations and an agreement, not yet made public, between the president and the leaders of the Kremlin, the missiles were "officially removed" from Cuba.

Your last foray in the New World under the Monroe Doctrine was in 1965 when U.S. Marines were sent into the Dominican Republic to quell a communist-inspired revolution.

After reading this profile of Washington's and Jefferson's advice to stay clear of involvement with foreign nations outside the Western Hemisphere, it is valid to pause and ask how you slipped up and permitted yourselves to become involved in two world wars and several "local wars"--set forth by Executive Order and never declared valid by your Congress.

Again, a review of history is requisite to a full comprehension of both of these twin disasters and the conspiratorial webs that ensnared your government.  Through Americans' claim to detest war, you have lost hundreds of thousands of your fighting men in both world wars in the effort to "make the world 'SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY' ".

The critical question must arise: "Why did America permit itself to be baited into these terrible wars?"  Most Americans remain woefully uninformed as to the whys and wherefores of the maneuvering that surreptitiously nudged the United States of America into those holocausts.


In 1916, the political parties of the U.S. sensed the mood of the electorate as calling for neutrality.  The majority of citizens felt the quarrels of Europe were their own family affairs over there.  Woodrow Wilson, hypocritically, was running as the candidate who "kept us out of war".  The Republican platform also called for a "strict and honest neutrality in the European war".  The Democratic platform condemned the efforts of every organization "that has for its object the advancement of the interest of a foreign power".

Then, on January 22, 1917, President Wilson told the Congress: "We do not desire any hostile conflict with the Imperial German government; we are the sincere friends of the German people and earnestly desire to remain at peace with the government that speaks for them."

While the American people were thus lulled into the belief that both political parties were "peace parties", already, hidden events were pushing Wilson toward a warlike position.


As one traces American steps of intervention toward both World Wars, historians find it essential to examine the part which Zionism has played in getting Americans to fight European wars and then expose the real political objectives of the Zionists.

When one attempts to point out the part played by Zionists in getting you into war, the cry is immediately made that, "You are anti-Semitic".  This, many times, frightens the unsuspecting historian and closes his inquiry into this important aspect of political life--which is exactly that which it is created to perfection.

Oddly enough, one can successfully speak of German history without being branded anti-German; one can discuss the Irish, the Poles or Italians, without fear of reprisal.  But let one discuss the origins of the present Arab-Israeli conflicts and--unless the Jews are cast in nothing but the most glowing terms--the "anti-Semitic" charge springs forward like some reflex, calculated to intimidate and gag any concessions on behalf of the Arabs.

Yet, you cannot trace American intervention in World War I and your abandonment of Gen. Washington's injunction "to avoid permanent alliances" without examining Zionism and its role in pushing the U.S. into war.  So, without apology, we must trace the steps by which Zionists have pushed "gentile nations into bitter conflict with other "gentile" nations, in order for the Zionist nation to rise triumphantly out of the discord and ruins of the goyim nations.


Zionism is an unknown quantity to most people but one fact must be made unmistakably clear, and that is that Zionism IS NOT JUDAISM, NOR IS IT JEWRY.  ZIONISM IS AN INTERNATIONAL AND CULTURAL SCHEME TO ESTABLISH A JEWISH HOMELAND IN WHAT WAS FORMERLY KNOWN AS PALESTINE AND IS NOW ISRAEL!

Zionism was founded not by Abraham or Moses, but by Theodor Herzl, a Hungarian journalist, in 1897.  Herzl was Jewish, but there are many non-Jewish Zionists and many Jewish non-Zionists.

There was only one small and inconvenient difficulty with Herzl's dream of setting up this Zionist homeland in Palestine: 93 percent of its inhabitants were Arabs, and this had been historically true for 19 centuries.

  It is true that more then 3,000 years ago the area was INVADED AND CONQUERED BY BANDS OF HEBREWS AND A "MIXED MULTITUDE" OF OTHERS but the blood relationship between these Biblical peoples and modern Jews, after more than a hundred generations, is most faint indeed--to say the very least.  [Emphasis added]

Dharma, allow us to close this portion lest the Express gain the length of a Journal in one issue.  We shall finish this dissertation in the following Express.  This is the most important fact about your modern-day circumstances; more important than is any other.  Until next time, I ask blessings upon you all and may God be thine shield.  Saalome'.  Hatonn to clear.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, October 1990, Volume 4, Number 10, 11 & 12, Pages 19-22.



Comments by RM


Americans live in a state of confusion and ignorance and are continually manipulated because they don't know the truth of history or their adversary.   History books record that U.S. involvement in WW II in Europe stopped with the defeat of Adolf Hitler, his Nazi War machine, and his German Fascist government, which liberated Germany and the rest of Europe.  What they fail to accurately record, however, is the behind-the-scenes, mass-manipulation by the Internationalist-Zionists which led to Hitler's rise to power as well as mass-manipulation of U.S. government and the American people, which led to its involvement in that war, and why.  This is a major lesson for all peoples of all nations on Earth at all times; one that has been lost on, and misunderstood by, the majority of American people.

Not much has changed since the writing of the above article (nearly 30 years ago), as Israeli-Zionists, Internationalist-Zionists, and the Zionist-controlled media continue to pressure and manipulate the American people into accepting a U.S.-led or assisted military strike on Iran's nuclear research facilities and military defense facilities, etc., up to this very day.  This could trigger a long-feared nuclear war (WW III) against the U.S. and Israel by Iran and Iran's allies, Russia and China.  Is this what you want for the world in which we all live? 

Esu (Jesus) Immanuel:  "I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."  (CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 26, 1996, Volume 12, Number 9, Page 22.)     That's good advice for the U.S. Government and all Americans, present and future.

Rocky Montana <>