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So shall man learn these things of Me for they shall be made to sit in the council with Me and we shall again be ONE.

There shall come forth a new order upon the Earth, for I have created wisely, and when a portion of myself offends me, I cast it off and I begin anew. I shall bind up mine wounds and I shall heal myself, and I shall be as whole again. It is not with pity for myself, but that which I have created, that they know not that which they cut themselves off from, nor do they know their own identity. For this do I weep; for they have blasphemed and been disrespectful unto Me and unto mine other creations.

I have wept that I have created man, for he has become foul, and has become so often as the stench of the Earth; he has poisoned his own food; and he has given unto his brother the potion of the asps; and he has been unto himself renegade, for he has not kept his covenant with Me. Most often he has not been an honor unto me upon the Earth. As I sent him forth he was perfect but he has ceased his perfection upon mine Earth globe.  He has committed all of the forbidden crimes against Earth and brother and has become blind as the creatures that burrow in the ground or live within the darkened caves.  I am most often given into shame for that which I created and placed, as man, upon Earth --- yet, beloved of mine, I love without limits that which errs, for that too, is my creation and ‘tis for him I created and sent him forth.

In due time he shall be purified with fire, and he shall return unto me as the SONS OF GOD. There shall then be much rejoicing, for there shall beas nothing man has ever experienced, for there shall be much ecstatic rejoining and alas, much weeping; for it is given unto man to be purified by his tears and his sorrows. So be it that he shall have them so he may know joy. Ah, chelas, in this there truly is wisdom.

I say that I am his joy and I am his tears, and by his tears shall he come to know me. With my own hand shall I then wipe away the tears from his face that he has shed in my name and for my sake.  He shall then be whole.

pp. 86-87