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Beloved, the events will not be stayed for actually, it is finished. When it shall come upon the Earth that which shall be, it is said that there shall be great suffering, and there shall be. Of all things, the fire and the wind shall be worse, for it shall be mighty spouts of fire and molten lava from the pits of Earth, and it shall be liquid and white with heat, and the winds shall fan it and it shall not cool, nor shall they put out the fire, for it shall burn as it touches, and it shall scorch the Earth for miles --- and it shall have enormous velocity. With the blowing winds it shall be flung unto widespread portions of the country sides. Those who recognize and have builded their hovels against that day can be shielded from the rain of burning fragments but the hovels must be built above the flows in those places near the cinder cones. Thy Mother is releasing the eons of stored corruption from within. The pressures are beyond your ability to measure. It shall be thus in the places where ye are, chela, for I speak now of thy locale for there are others who will speak of other.

There shall, within a short duration of time from the first, another within the place where is now the Ocean of Peace (Pacific), and a third within another shorter period of time, within the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean (the places of Atlantis); and it shall not be within the confines of the land which is above the water. It shall force that which is now the bottom of the Atlantic to the surface of the water and there to tower far above and beyond. Go forth and tell mine children how it will be for it will be given unto you to make wondrous visions that they might see and know of these things which will come. Ye will be shown the methods and given unto you that which is needed; my creatures must be informed and given expectation. So be it. Ye who think ye cannot write, go within and pen that which is shown unto thee. Paint the visions for those who have no vision for I shall hold my wrath until warning might go forth. I plead with you, little ones, to heed the assistance of thy brethren whom I have sent unto you.