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Thy very Earth Source has been seized with convulsions within her entrails, and she has belched forth that which is from within her interior ---and, these things shall increase and increase. She has been in such great pain for such a great time, for thy Mother Earth that she is, is not without great travail. Oh, and such is the pity of it, for man has been unmindful of her; and as she has nurtured him, fed him, clothed him and mothered him, he has remained more and more unmindful of her --- he has been unto her a carnal and lech­erous son.  I RECOGNIZE, IN HONOR, THOSE WHO HAVE CHANGED OF THEIR LASCIVIOUS WAYS AND NOW REACH OUT TO ASSIST. BEWARE, HOWEVER, OF THOSE WHO FORM "MOVEMENTS" IN FALSE INTENT. KNOW OF THAT WHICH YE CHOOSE PARTICIPATION. Man has been much like the salamanders and moles who burrow within her body and has taken and taken from her and given nothing in return. He is blind in his licentiousness, for he has had no thought given of that which has nursed him and healed of his injuries and infirmities.

So be it that he has but added suffering unto insults which have been given unto the Mother Earth wherein man has had his birth into the physical parts of me. And therein is great commiseration of him which is in darkness.  They see not with the eyes which are blindfolded, but they see only that which is unreal, unholy and filled with greed; for I am whole and I can see that which is wondrously complete, and I have not want for I am unto myself all that of which I have need.

p. 85