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4/29/91 #1   HATONN



I hope you harken back to the beginning of these writings when we were blasted by ones for plagiarism and then pulled the rug out of the truth of the conclusions they drew.  The stories were simply outrageous with bits of truth, incorrect conclusions drawn from findings of research and deliberate governmental cover-ups and disinformation.  If you think that I am now, in this writing, going to take each "landing" or "crash" or, or, or and give you sordid details--forget it, for I have neither the inclination nor the time to do so.  As incidents come into timely unfoldment, I shall use some as examples but just as example--some Koldasians spend research and study time (mostly in Africa) in an interplanetary study program.  These ones are totally accepted within the communities around their camps.  Aliens also spend much time in Peru where, likewise, they are totally accepted.  It is only your ELITE who cause such a fuss and miscarriage of Truth.

Next, I have continually said that at this time you have nothing--NOTHING--to fear from any little gray beings from space.  That does not mean that at one time space aliens did not come within your earth limits and integrate into the working system of your ELITE would-be Kings.

I AM going to tell you that they first made contact and began functioning and setting up "take-over" plans with the group we have recognized as the Khazars.  These ones were already from the "outer" planetary experience and were on your planet for many numbers of reasons--mostly pure evil intent of take-over of a nice, pretty planet.

America, as a matter of fact, would have been left intact if anyone had noted what was taking place in Europe but you were infiltrated with the greedy Bankers who started the wars, financed the wars, and "won" the wars.  This gave opportunity to further integrate into the systems and gain control bit by substantial bit.  The aliens integrated into the adversary community and began to work in earnest to accomplish takeover.

These are no longer "space" aliens--they are land-locked beings who have perfected very dastardly methods of take-over, terror, replication, and most inhumane behaviors.  They are no longer allowed to pass outside your galaxy limits, for your planet is surrounded with a full shield of brethren from the cosmos to prevent their re-entry into what we will simply refer to as "space".

There are still many participants who do not come forth from Pleiades and do participate in different aspects of gaining working knowledge of how, for instance, to get you off the planet in whole-life form.  A lot of these "little aliens" come from Reticulum, Zeta I and Zeta II.  They will work from shuttle-type craft of varying sizes but mostly quite small and extremely portable.  There are also a lot of robotic replicas usually headed by a "full" being which will make contact to prevent terror or discomfort if encountered.  These ones are those which are often given credit for being totally kind, and "pure love".  These are also the ones who, if caught, are instantly destroyed by your governments.

Contacts are already on your placement which, through agreement, work with these ones for contact, study, follow-on, and follow-up, etc.  Most are birthed through birth canal entry so that all facets of the process can be researched in order to maintain life of physical in transport to the maximum extent possible.

There are other beings who are either already on your place in isolated bases and/or are "along for the ride", so to speak.  It is a most interesting time when a planet makes evolutionary or transitional changes so you would, if you could, find ones from far, far reaches of the universe who come of pure interest but will participate in lift-off if that becomes necessary.  They will not so much as touch a hair on a human's head unless invited to do so.  They do not snatch bodies but if asked to "be allowed to come aboard" might very well honor the request and you, dear ones, will often get quite a ride.  If confronted and the human does not wish participation--simply declare in the name of God to stand away and they will not even approach--laws are honored in the universe and cosmos.  The consequences of breaking any cosmic law through transgression is indeed swift and remarkably devastating to the perpetrator.  You do not have "enemies" at a time of planetary transition.  The hoodlums are planet-bound (earth-bound) and, although there is limited space capability as YOU might interpret it, it is nothing as recognized by "space" travelers.  In other words, you are isolated and ingress and egress are totally controlled by higher command.  Physical evil is not allowed back into the cosmos.

But evil is manifest on the planet--it was the first human life-form to make manifestation on the planet.  A garden for survival of the physical-bound evil energy was provided and an opportunity to grow into the higher dimensions of creative energy given unto the beings imprisoned on the orb.  You will note that instructions of the "Lighted" God were pronounced according to the Laws of God and The Creation and the beings immediately broke them and continued their evil occupations.  Then, through the evolutions of planetary changes and periods of discipline which would allow realignment with God--the element of evil prevailed after every change.  Then, through the changes evolved the old world and new world--according to your memory books and oral teachings.  Man was always given a chance to heal and mend and change of his projections in order to regain ability and direction to again be allowed into higher experience.  Over and over man has had to basically "start over" on your planet.  Many evolve into higher knowledge and move onward toward Godness and establish at every dimensional level of evolution in order to grow into higher knowledge.

These ones in transition, such as some of your scientists as you would historically recognize them--are at stand-by to assist in putting the technology together as needed for restoration and experience in the new evolution during sorting and separation.  Then there will be beings who will remain on the old places (replaced onto the surface or salvaged from peaks, etc.) who will rekindle new life experience as it is placed on the orb which is in healing cycle--if man is not successful in his attempts to totally destroy the orb itself and there remains capability of sustaining life forms.

Now please, you ones who espouse "illusion" and "rapture", spare me--for you may practice anything that you choose but Truth is going to be presented and I have no intention to argue nor, for that matter, even debate the issue.  I am come as a Host and Truthbringer and I am exceptionally qualified for that task and I shall do it to the best of my ability which is quite sufficient.  You can waste your time if you choose, in trying to find credit or discredit for one Hatonn, but I remind you that I am sent from the very halls of Aton, as God of Central Life was known right through your Egyptian times and the entity recognized by all other cultures, even though language caused different naming.  My purpose is to outlay Truth--whether or not you accept it or believe it has nothing to do with me and is not my business--but I certainly suggest you give ear to messages lest you perish in the misinformation's aftermath.

I tell you now that the adversary in evil is out to destroy your physical beings in time to capture your sweet little souls for longer experience in his game and if you lose your physical form while still in his clutches, your journey will take you to places of equal or worse confusion, separation from God of Creation, and ongoing experience of forgotten spirals toward the dark apex.  That is your choice and none shall interfere but I do suggest that you look at the possibilities most carefully.


There have been continual contacts from the beginning of the experience on the planet with the "wardens", if you will, from the cosmos and growing children in "rehabilitation" and those coming into knowledge were given care and guidance.  Teachers were sent at all levels of experience--mostly only to be killed or lost to the masses.  This could be allowed, for the growth process given is a very long cycle and myriads of experiences.  Then, however, comes within the physical manifestation--damages which cannot be overcome and through the mere "natural" evolution in the physical state--recovery is mandatory and restoration and reclamation is necessary.  Then, as with all life-forms, higher evolution of the experiencing fragment acquires their own state of evolvement--a planet being a fully capable life-form in itself, ceases being a simple life "sustaining" "craft" and makes its own transition into higher dimensional life-form at which point the parasites are cast off and that which remains is placed into recovery whilst the New continues into higher evolvement.  This does not mean that the earth becomes the human--how dare you be so smug as a human species--it means that this incredible, balanced, totally perfected planetary system evolves into higher frequency and becomes higher pivot and placement within the higher order of Universal Creation.  She evolves literally into one of the mansions of God's perfection for his higher beings to have continuing placement--most of you in the service of God shall experience there in the radiance for a period of your own choosing wherein the evil pressures shall simply not exist.  It is the most wondrously glorious of all so-called physical experiences, for it comes in total balance within love and Godness wherein all the challenges are for pure growth and development of higher consciousness in the exploration of the universe physical and recognition and participation in technologies, honing of full realization of the individual consciousness beyond the planet-bound species.

Those ones who have been sent to your place as guides (crew) to assist and offer the physical manifestation shall be allowed to choose of placement, for the "teachers" have come again from the highest dimensions to serve at this time and do not need the interim growth period.  But many are already guides in that which, as physical, you consider your spiritual guides, etc.  If those guides have gotten you to higher placement then they, too, are qualified to move higher in their own journey through the "grades" to serve ever higher in cause.  As you get higher and higher in the dimensional levels of growth, you will find fewer and fewer recognizable separation of beings, as fragments of energy become more and more the "whole", as aspects of individuality meld within the ONENESS--as focus becomes integrated.

This is why Truth can set you as a species--free.  As you cease giving nurturing, focus and intent unto the beast, he cannot sustain himself for all he has to utilize is that which is already manifest in the physical.  As you withdraw and turn unto God-ness, his total infrastructure is torn into shambles, for he has not spiritual fuel from which to draw life.  Evil can only feed on evil; goodness gives him terrible indigestion and he cannot thrive in the midst of goodness.  If you locate, isolate, and remove his source of life sustenance, evil simply begins to devour its own and finally kills of self as the armies of God-ness turn away from his troops.  And remember, his only tools are human!  Only HUMAN has ability to choose evil or good, and worse, what you consider to be many is actually only a few holding out the temptations with which to increase.  His troops are mostly of brainwashed beings, robotics, and synthetics having been cleverly placed to pull humanity into the pits of helplessness.


I have been asked by ones as to whether or not it is murder to slay a robotoid or synthetic.  Of course it is, for the one in point is the one who commits the murder, not the murdered.  If you kill, and it be a robotoid but you are not given to usually know who is and who is not then in thine own heart you have committed murder and "thou shalt not kill!"  You need not kill those ones you see whom you perceive to be in power and know that they are robotoids, for instance, for obviously they are NOT your enemy--they are but the tools and you know not who pulls the puppet strings--so you have only damaged your cause and you cannot know the next replacement--it is better to deal with that which you can recognize.

As failure comes from the puppets in leadership roles, the adversary will remove them and render them useless--either through simply removing them or placing them in totally ineffectual circumstances--as with Ronald Reagan who is never consulted longer and now the discounting of even his wife is underway.  Nixon is another who is totally worthless to them and yet occasionally is used as an imbecile "tool" to sway his old followers.  It was obvious the intent was to destroy Nixon at Watergate time.  Ford and Carter are kept around for they were useful and remain from time to time somewhat useful in diplomatic circles; they are replacements at any rate and we won't go into that now.  I would ask you to pay attention; how do you know who is and who is not on the adversary's side?

You begin by getting a copy of the listings of members in the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, Club of Rome, Bilderbergers, etc.  Perspective tools are on the listings, especially the CFR.  You will, for instance, note that Tom Bradley of Los Angeles is a member as is Jesse Jackson, but Nixon is not a member and neither is Reagan.  The "lead dog" may not show as a member and as ones get public discredit they are usually conveniently removed from membership until the ruckus is over; just watch and see and if you can, get listings of past members no longer alive or active and compare.  You will find that all of the Administration Advisors are either CFR or Trilateral Commission members or both. Some are brought in through long-standing membership in exclusive clubs such as Skull and Bones.  Quayle, for instance, is the son of a very important Bush connection.  You will find that you are totally--100 percent--controlled by ones who are members of these very select groups or in full connections with ones who are members.  The CFR is U.S. membership and every major player nation has their own equivalent club and then higher control runs through the Trilateralists, etc., which is international.  Always revolving around that which is the Illuminati and the epitome of that which was started as the club of the evil puppet-master.  Through the years the game and names will change but NEVER THE FOCUS ON INTENT--the laws/rules are given forth right from the original foundation of that which evolved into the Zionist Protocols, Satanic Bible Code of actions, etc.  All in direct opposition to that which was given as law from God unto his people.

It has required generation after generation of growth to come to the point in perception and technology whereby evil could gain foothold in such a way as to have total control but you are right at the threshold, brothers of Earth.  The actions are already underway--the rules are all that is left to the actual changing--in other words, the printed Laws must be structured so that none can oppose them in any manner--that is called your Constitution.  Actions are already "as if" it is changed.  All that is left is to disarm you and this phase will be finished.


Guidance has always been present from the Master-deceiver himself--from onset of planetary life-form for the first beings were the outcasts from the "heavenly realms" (the functioning cosmic places).  Prior to Earth, for instance, that place you call Mars was a totally warring planet and finally it was destroyed to the extent that life could no longer exist on the planet so you were moved onto Earth.  Take a look at the planets in your solar system--one after another show river beds and other manifestations of once having life capability.  Technology either exists to such extent wherein the population can evolve into higher or placement is given on other orbs for the evolving life-forms.  Always it depends on HUMAN forms of one type or another (indicated by definition as a "thinking/reasoning" being).  Man did not evolve as taught in evolution nor is Man from the ape species--God created Man as his highest creation--AS MAN.  If man was required by his own foolishness to return to the level of a primitive, stupid cave-man variety of life evolution, it was his own failure to understand, practice, and sustain within the Laws of God and The Creation.

Do brothers from the Cosmos have to come and help you?  NO!  But, in every instance, there will be higher evolved brothers from the same "races" in other placements and higher experience who will effort to further their own evolvement through the act of service unto the lesser sleeping/unknowing youngsters in growth.  To limit God and evolution of Creation Mother is a sad mistake for God is totally without limits and all things, beings, and energy forms have balanced placement within the Creation of which God is a major component, with differing beings from various centers, galaxies, and commands.  It takes a very long "time" in sequence attainment into and within perfection and to become one (Sananda) within the Godness is quite an accomplishment requiring much experience, most of which is awfully unpleasant, for it requires working within the groups of lesser evolved beings who rape, ravage, pillage, and plunder with all manner of heinous inventions to accompany the above activities.

The purpose of the heinous destruction of the human being housing a great and Christed teacher is to cause the energy forms of God to remain away from the physical place claimed by the adversary.  After a body has experienced crucifixion, dismemberment, burning alive and a few other dandy extinctions, there is no great desire on the part of a higher being to experience again among the beasts of physical plane. for you are a most unpleasant neighbor.  Just as you might say "How did I ever get stuck with this job?", so a Christed teacher such as Emmanuel "Jesus" might say "How did I ever get stuck gaining my Christed and Sananda graduation rights on planet Earth?"  None-the-less, it is the way perfection is attained and it is WHY force is not a part of God's workings--that does not mean that God will remain passive while man destroys--for all the while man is destroying; so is he destroying self and the grim reaper will reap whatever harvest manifests itself.  So be it.

Dharma, allow us a break at this point.  It is past your mid-day and I am called to other duties.  We can continue a bit later, please.  I wish to dive right into the production of "developed" beings brought forth (manufactured) on your own plane and how they have been utilized to infiltrate the entire species.  Thank you for your service.  Salu.

Hatonn to clear the circuit but remaining on frequency; please shut down communication frequency but allow stand-by.  Thank you--to clear.


Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, April 1991, Volume 12, Number 7, Pages 2-6.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.