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It is now come to be that in these times of closing cycles upon your planet that the evil is already perfected upon your sphere--working now in your own density of perception--you are already infected and infested and you must awaken to your plight for YOU have let the demons within. These ones carry great power in some instances and they are malignant in nature for they use the power of "feelings" and other physical human character­istics and movements which are often quite strange for them and thus, a life means very little to them for they do not abide by Cosmic Law--al­though now, they cannot get off your planet in these closing days of sort­ing and separation. This is why I tell you again and again that. “It is what is already on your planet which you must attend--not we who come in these days of perception, to assist you!”

Many deceivers have come forth with their fantastic UFO tales and gained great publicity but there are MANY who do not deceive. There are ones who have encountered our ships and even have made contact and physical radio contact with our craft or other ships from strange visitors. These ones have been discredited and often simply "murdered" to stop the sto­ries of truth and ones sent from the CIA, etc., to start cover-up stories to denounce and spread panic and fear. The worst scenarios are yet to come as your Conspirators and One World Global Cartel sets up actions which will be blamed on the space brotherhood--I ask you to mark my words NOW for it shall be in the coming.

Earth human is very difficult to convince of anything and you are so fo­cused and centered on the false projections that you no longer know which is false and which is truth--so you cling to the physical elements--but I remind you that life-span is only averaging about 75 years of counting seasons and I suggest that there is something of which you are not aware, afoot. If it is not of the physical plane as you know it, does it not stand to reason that it might perhaps come from the Heavens, as you refer to the Cosmos? If you are EXPECTING A RETURN OF GOD, AND YOU HAVE, BY MAJORITY PROJECTION, STATED, YOURSELVES, THAT IT IS "SOON" OR "NOW"--WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND? WHY WOULD YOU DENOUNCE THE VERY TRUTH-BRINGERS WHO WOULD BRING YOU INTO TRUTH AND BRING ABOUT THE RETURN OF GOD WHICH YOU EXPECT? HOW LONG WILL HU-MAN OF EARTH DENY GOD? HOW LONG WILL YOU CHOOSE RIDICULOUS FABRICATIONS WHEN THE TRUTH OF THAT WHICH IS COMING IS SO MUCH MORE PER­FECTED AND WONDROUS? ALL OF YOU WISH TO TAKE YOUR HUMAN FORMS; WOULD IT NOT BE MORE CREDIBLE TO SUG­GEST TAKING THEM TO PLACES PREPARED FOR HUMAN FORM THAN TO RESIDE ON FLOATING CLOUDS WHERE HU­MAN FORMS WOULD SIMPLY FALL BACK TO EARTH? I SUG­GEST IT IS NOT “OUR” TRUTH WHICH IS IN QUESTION, BROTHERS!


Source:  Phoenix Journal 30, “Pleiades Connection- Return of the Phoenix, Vol 1, pp. 12-13.



"Times" need not be troublesome for you humans of this closing age. For wherever there is just one that does not succumb to the emotional undercurrents of fear that would herd you like sheep into some collective folly, there radiates an influence of peace, stability, healing and blessing. God will amplify the influence of that ONE and blend it with the influence of others who are incarnate and doing of the same. Through these will pour the peace and understanding as well as the strength of direction. No sea shall rise against them!

Phoenix Journal 21, chapter 23, page 193.