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A Timely Reminder Of What's To Come

 4/10/98   HATONN

"And just how will it be, Sir?"  I am asked with tongue-in-cheek humor.  And I knelt down in humble whisper and said unto my children: "You don't really want to know, do you?"  And back to me, with glee, comes: "Oh no, we just want to know about 'here'--here where we are in the U.S.!"  And, "After that, you can tell us about the world!"

"Is God going to really clean His kitchen?"  "No, man will clean his own kitchen," I said to them who were now quite excited to get some bit of fortune-telling pried from the never-ending brick wall set forth by a teacher to allow students to learn, first, the truth, so that they would prepare properly for the things that always come as a civilization is changed, prophecies are fulfilled or changed, and as cleansing of lies from truth begins to BE HEARD and utilized.

So, in mid-January to the end of January 1987, we wrote a novel, a little tale called Sipapu Odyssey, by Dorushka Maerd (Doris' Dream).  Just a little story with which no one without the circle could even begin to "handle" for the concept was too big, yet was too infinitely tiny as to shock the minds of this day watching it all unfold.

This was just a "movie treatment" of a story Doris was asked to write and others would finish as appropriate.  She was "no writer" and protested LOUDLY while Little Crow nagged and prodded.

[QUOTING, from Sipapu Odyssey, pg. 64:]


John, too, was accompanied by projected visual holograms which made an individual have the feeling of actual participation within the scene itself.  As he spoke, appropriate visualizations moved with his verbal illusions.

He said he would simply be giving a description of things as directly handed down to him, without personal comment.  He then launched into his teachings:

"And it is said there shall be winds, and there shall be, in the time when it is winter; and the trees shall bow down their boughs, and the winds shall sting with the cold; and there shall be great suffering among the people and they shall fall down and cry for mercy.

"And there shall be a mighty earthquake and it shall split in twain the country of North America, and it shall be as nothing the world has known before, for it shall be that there shall be a great part of the great land of the north continent go down and a great sea shall form within her center part from the Dominion of Canada into the Gulf of Mexico.

"And there shall be great ocean liners, liners which shall travel within its waters which will be propelled by solar energy of the next age.  But with this, they shall be unable to travel east to west or from west to east, through what is now the Atlantic Ocean for it shall have a mountain range which has been thrown up from the bottom of the Atlantic; and it shall be extended into the air to the altitude of ten thousand feet and it shall be the City of old, for it was the Light of the world.  She went down amid a great shock and a great wave; and it shall be that she shall come up the same way as she went down.

"And the west side shall be as the sheer side of granite, and it shall be without foothold; and the way shall be as the eagle flies from the place which is Upper Virginia three hundred miles due east; and at this point it shall be one thousand and eight hundred feet from the waters; and not an entrance through the land shall there be to the east, for it is not for them which are to be the remnants, to communicate by water; for it shall be with a new science, and a new method shall be given unto them.  For there is not a place which is that shall remain the same in its present state.

"And not a person shall be left which is not prepared for that which shall be.  And there are many called but few are chosen; for there are none which have been chosen which have not been carefully prepared; and they have been unto themselves true, and they have given credit where credit is due.  And now it is given unto them to be the seed of the new Civilization which shall come upon the Earth.

"And within the time which is left before this shall come upon the Earth, it shall be that many will be called; and they shall doubt; and they shall fear; and they shall faint; and they shall fall by the way; and they shall be in no wise, wise, for it is given unto man to fear that which he does not understand--and for that does he wait.

[H: Wow, and here we are doing these very things!  Every day in every way while we rush about trying to gain an edge on a fellow human being, denying God and generally searching, finding, and then cutting the throat that belongs unto self--while choosing up new gurus and less demanding teachers and prophets.  Is Dharma, then, a prophet?  A seer?  A fortune teller?  Surely, she is psychic?  No, and if she would be, she would not speak of it.  Even without that focus she is charged with lying, evil, fear mongering, and generally is sitting on the top of the adversary's "take-out" lists.

My suggestion is, however, that ties not be cut and damage not be deliberately thrust onto these, my people, for ONCE GONE FROM OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME BACK FOR TRUST WILL HAVE BEEN BROKEN.  YOU DELIBERATELY MAKE CHOICES AND THOSE CHOICES ARE HONORED!  WE MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT YOUR WHIPPING BOYS OR FORGIVENESS GURUS OF SOME KIND.  God IS forgiveness; WE HAVE NOTHING TO FORGIVE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER AS REGARDS ANYONE OR THEIR ACTIONS.  A better point should be: "Will the Universe FORGIVE me my errors and transgressions?"  Everything you do, every breath you take, every thought you think--effects and affects the whole of the manifest Universe as well as all that is not manifest in your recognized perception.]

"And it is said there shall be winds, and there shall be the winds, and they shall be as none the Earth has known; and they shall be as the winds from the sea and from the land all rolled into one great tempest.  And they shall be as the winds of the North and the South and East and the West, and they shall tear that which is in their path and they shall be as the reaper who mows down that which is in his path.  And they shall sing with the bitterness of the cold.  And they shall be as the elements of the Earth, for they shall contain both rain and wind; and the hail shall be as big as bird eggs, and it shall split that which it hits.

[H:  Try on Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia TODAY!  And you haven't even yet begun.  Two-hundred-sixty-mile-an-hour winds with incredible devastation.]

"And it shall be that the suffering shall be great upon the Earth, for it is given unto man to know suffering.  And he has not known such suffering before, and when it is come upon him, he shall fall down and shall cry for mercy.

"And it shall be that the winds too shall be great upon the Earth--they shall blow east, west, north and south and not a place shall there be upon the Earth which shall escape the winds which bloweth; and when this tribulation has come upon the Earth, it shall be that there shall be many who have kept within the law.

"And with the coming of winds and belching of fire from within the Earth there shall be--MORE!"

John continued by telling of how things would be.  He said that no one would be responsible for the words of another nor would any man take upon himself that which would be done by another.  Each entity would be responsible for his own.  He said man had lost his identity with the Father God which had sent him, and that if he would not awaken and return to the Father, he would surely perish.

John spoke on for a very long time giving illustration after illustration.  He concluded by saying it was time to talk more about the present.


I also suggest you get the book and study hard the pages starting at page 68, PRESENT REVELATIONS.

And who am I?  Well I am Gyeorgos (Yeorgos of the tale), and I AM ATON.  Are YOU smug enough to think this has not happened before?  Oh lambs, you live in Dreamlands of fantasy in your worldly form manifest in unreality.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 14, 1998, Volume 20, Number 8, Pages 1 & 6.