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Before the "few' can come into the knowing (remembering) of purpose and journey, there must be a period of reminding, recognition of status and unlearning false precepts. God never leaves his fledglings flapping mindlessly for very long. As with all great cycle changes, preparations are laid forth for tangible use during your time of change that the changes brought forth can build a bridge into infinite MIND in a dimensional manner appropriate to the experience. Great treasures of wisdom and wealth are placed for use and guarded by the "guardians" sent (and remaining in higher states of presentation) until such time as an unveiling of purpose can be recognized, proven and inte­grated within.

Each time that man's evolution upon Earth has reached a point where he could advance to a much higher level, this "treasure", if you will, has been brought forth and made available to a worthy custodian to use for the benefit of all mankind--simply, quietly and in logical, reasonable manner to draw no attention from the masses or adversary. This has not taken place since the fall of Atlantis, yea, these 26,000 years ago. Since that time the very items in point have been placed in the appropriate loca­tions for use against the day of final and incredible change and transition. Until the proper ones are in place and into enough understanding to move "with purpose" and "under direction" of highest intent, nothing shall be presented for corruption at man's hands. Always will come the accompanying opening-up of op­portunity at Earth level of experience to continue to "cover" carefully the building and needs of the remnant in security.

In recent history, there have been numerous individuals who have sought unsuccessfully to uncover this vast wealth as you might guess. There have been the deceivers and this is WHY the adversary clings to and bombards the workers of Lighted Cause--to get on the "inside" and garner wealth without honor in Truth or production.

However, this is so well guarded that accidental discovery IS IMPOSSIBLE. The reason for this is obvious. Were this "wealth" and "knowledge" to fall into the wrong hands it could literally destroy the whole of mankind--and in addition, at least destroy the Divine Plan in interruption and flow.  Contacts would be made in "strange" ways into the hearts and minds of "guardians" and participants and what would be needed would be presented in most logical manner of presentation. All of these things are yet to be unfolded unto you. You who are coming into recognition of purpose will KNOW when it is time to KNOW. Until such timing is proper, ye will continue to do thine works as guided in integration with us of the Hosts sent forth for the sorting, testing and ultimate instructions, guidance and actual building of that which is necessary. Many fail the testing and sorting--MANY! In fact, until this day--almost ALL. Aren't we lucky that I can say "almost" and not ALL?

Before this vast abundance can be presented for use, much must be taught and directed so that no errors in placement are al­lowed. Hearts and directions change when wealth is presented into any equation--this be for God's evolvement--not for the "hell of it" for "man's further foolishness". So be it.


Dharma, you are needed elsewhere. I, Hatonn, shall stand by.