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Balancing Your Life With God-Power Within


11/20/94 #1  HATONN



Just as the dawn breaks through in increasing light in GLORY of that which it harkens with increase--so too can each and all recognize LIGHT and beauty from out of the seemingly dark morass of unclear vision.

In the night-time you see less clearly than in the early dawn but never without assistance can you see as clearly the OBJECTS about you as at, say, mid-day.  However, in the midnight without distraction the spiritual LIGHT and KNOWING are seen far more clearly than at mid-day, in most instances.

There is such difference in darkness because of spiritual ignorance or unknowing and simply "not seeing".  Spiritual KNOWING is recognized by the emotional "feelings" within wherein the soul is lighted in recognition.  Besides, even in the darkness of a midnight on a moonless night--there is not total darkness for the cosmic LIGHTS flow all about you, some within and most "without" your ability in human format to see.  Why?  Because in the physical explanation it is that there is no "reflection"--only absorption within that which the light strikes and passes.  When ALL can be matched in frequency these "things" will be invisible and ONE within integration to express as "WILL".

In the MOMENT is all there IS for the human to experience.  What passes is memory and what is to come is but vision expressed through the emotions of hope, fear and thus and so.  Even in the "moment" there is no actual reality, for the mind cannot separate the dream from the reality, for reality is actually that which is unseen while manifestation is that which is simply projected for the physical senses to experience.  So how do you find balance?  By looking closely at that which I just expressed--and offer reverence to just this moment which is all you have, the last moment being gone and the next one not yet arrived. If you can work within this philosophy within your experience and expression, you can accomplish ANYTHING THE MIND CAN IMAGINE!  How? My dear ones, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING WITHIN THE UNIVERSE FROM WHICH TO DRAW AND CREATE!  YOUR POWER WILL BE IN THE KNOWING THAT THIS BE TRUE.


Perception is ALL you have with which to measure the moment and that which seems to be occurring as you walk your path.  So you complain that I offer you only that which is ugly and horror-filled while claiming it to be but truth.  Ah, but how can you measure BEAUTY without that which is unsightly?  In every moment, no matter how dastardly and terrible--THERE IS BEAUTY. Perhaps it is only the beauty of seeing Truth and uncovering that which is hidden and presents the insanity of experience. Perhaps it is the moment of seeing your enemy for that which he presents--and seeing that he is limited, for in LIGHT there is POWER and CREATION and within the dark limitations--there are only THINGS of which he can deprive you of holding.

YOU are UNIVERSAL while the adversary is limited to his expression in dimensions of such density that he must literally change his being to grow.  You who WOULD grow in LIGHT will only have a "choice" to make--the enemy is dense and anchored in evil intent and, even though he may well do something which HELPS YOU, he has no glory in the moment for he has forgotten that which he so desperately seeks--GOD, HIS CREATOR.

When you realize that you have no limitations save those you place upon selves--you shall begin to flourish in the physical expression as well as within the spiritual, for you will utilize the gifts you create and gather, for the continuing journey into Light. Why have you NO limitations?  Because within God, MAN is universal (Higher Universal MAN = human).  Humanoid is NOT higher universal man.  But one WITH the UNIVERSAL "ONE" is universal in its sameness.

You will realize as you move into realization that you have made your yesterday that which it was, but can you LIVE in yesterday? No, so release it with retention of whatever lessons were given or experienced which ALLOW FOR GROWTH TOWARD UNIVERSAL TRUTH AND LIGHT.  If you cling to the ugly, you will reproduce the "ugly"--let us call it the DNA pattern of thought production.  If you expect to fail--you shall set the stage for failure.  Seek the key of success and you shall have only success.  The point is not failure or success--but that which you PERCEIVE AS FAILURE OR SUCCESS.

I can example much closer to "home" for you who seemingly "wait endlessly" for me to do something, Ekker to do something, Little Crow to fix it, Ronn Jackson to do his thing--ad nauseam.  When you decide to accomplish your task--nothing will stop your achieving.

Why do you not get Ronn Jackson's release if that be your decided goal?  Because you wait for someone else to think of "how" to do it.  Why do YOU not think of how it might be done--and LEAD?

Why do you not go forth and find ones who will offer funds in exchange for security OR participation?  Because you don't know anyone who can do anything?  That is NOT SO--you, for instance, if you read CONTACT, KNOW THE PEOPLE WHO HOLD THE GREATEST WEALTH AND ARE THE MOST POWERFUL ON YOUR GLOBE!  Ah, but you must MAKE THEM WANT TO HELP YOU???  WHICH ONE?  Why would you not begin with the logical one who would see the value and security in your transactions?  Now comes the hard part: the participation without the taking of the beast as your guide.  YOU HAVE TO WORK WITHIN THAT WHICH IS MANIFEST AT THE MOMENT.  YOU NEED NOT TAKE ANYTHING--FOR EVERYTHING IS BUT PERCEPTION!  WHEN YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT.

Why would YOU wait for another to "build" your day?  YOU have the power to build the day or to rend the day!  The day will become whatever you create it to be, perfect or imperfect, good or bad--AS YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE IT IN SPIRIT or in the flesh, for the flesh will follow the will of the Spirit in intent.  When the Spirit KNOWS, the mind will conjure the way to follow that intent.

Moreover, if your intent be one with God, the Universal "One", HE will not allow you to be pulled from your pathway unto HIM because you will have set your course in fulfillment of HIS greater purpose.

If you make these the words of your morning as you begin your day--and live within the intent--you will achieve that which you demand, for you shall COMMAND it within the POWER WHICH IS YOU AND YOURS!


You make of your task of the day whatever you perceive.  We always have ones coming who offer "anything", "everything", "just allow me to serve"!  Ah, but when the comparisons rise up, the ego takes over.  One who offers to but take out the trash in order to serve, soon feels it is menial, for "someone" else does not labor so hard or has more status, or "has more pay, homage, appreciation, and so on".  Do you feed the turkey so it will be bigger and better to eat on Thanksgiving or do you feed it because it is alive and you CARE that it have food and warmth?  You can eat beans, my friends, and be more worthy of God!  Does this mean that "I" somehow wish you no Thanksgiving turkey?  No, it is that I wish you everlasting joy and unlimited abundance and it comes ONLY from the intent within!

Think upon these things for, just as you wield the power of life and death over the head of a captive turkey, the Adversary of LIFE eternal holds the axe over your head wherein the decision regarding your expression is extended to your enemy.  Ah, but YOU have the choices AND YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE PATH OF THE EXECUTIONER AND PUPPET MASTER'S POWER WHILE LAYING ASIDE YOUR OWN UNLIMITED POWER.


Just as the viewing of such atrocities daily on your vision boxes allows you to move through living without seeing, so too has this become your very WAY OF EXPERIENCING.  The turkey at the market no longer has feathers and a HEAD.  It does not bleed when you cut it nor squeal when you pull its limbs apart.  And yet you do this same to a babe unborn and call it "freedom of choice" whilst the child is living.  But you don't have to "look and see" that which is done unto the turkey or to the child--for others without care do the dastardly TASK for you!

I would use, as an example, the pet at your home.  Let us look at Billy, the young parrot at Dharma's.  The loving joy brought by the living bird is eternal whilst a poor meal of parrot meat would not even fill the belly.  Can you not begin and continue to BALANCE life vs. LIFE with these thoughts so that abundance and unlimited gifts be yours?  Must you remain so focused on that which is physical in the sensing that you cannot reach out and embrace the reality of LIVING?  Do you not see that you grow more like your mortal enemy each day as you blind yourselves to TRUTH?  You even now accept your enemy who IS EVIL MANIFEST. You who are "gentiles" in humanity expressed through balance and harmony (goodness) are fooled by those who have never claimed to be other then what they are--they only deny, hide, and lie according to their own rules and commandments.  The Talmudic anti-Christ calls you "goyim" and they, in their Talmudic book of laws--CALL YOU CATTLE.  Is this what you want of your journey--to be enslaved, serve and be butchered as the cattle of the pens?  Well, it has come to pass.

What do YOU want of the remainder of your physically social structure in manifestation?  Do you simply want to be washed along in the flow right to destruction according to "another's prophecies upon you?  NO MY PEOPLE!  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MEET THE DEMANDS OF YOUR ENEMY!  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DESTROY OR BE DESTROYED!  HOWEVER, YOU MUST WORK WITHIN THAT WHICH "IS" LEST YOU BE TAKEN OUT AND REMOVED FROM THE PLAY.  YOU MUST GROW "UP THROUGH" IN WISDOM.

Believing upon "a man" will never cut it, dear ones.  It is the word of the Christed man in wisdom--that delivers the secret of LIFE. It is NOT THE BLOOD of the "MAN"--but the THOUGHT of the "MAN" in TRUTH THAT OFFERS GROWTH INTO KNOWING.  It is not the refusing to see the "bad" which allows growth--it is the ability to REALLY SEE that which is "bad" and move INTO THAT WHICH IS "RIGHT", IN BALANCE, AND HARMONIOUS WITHIN THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH.  To simply DENY that evil exists is FOOLISH INDEED for "bad" and "good" may well be "perceptions" but EVIL exists and is ever present to pull you away from your pathway unto and within GOD the LIGHTED SOURCE UNIVERSAL--THE ONE.  Every cause has an effect.  Every thought has a response.  Every action has a reaction and always the confrontation of CHOICE is at every instance.  It is wise to accept the righteous "choice", but to ignore the negative as if it were not--is foolish--for you will simply have refused to deal with it and, therefore, through the ignoring, have but empowered it to rise up again and again.  Do your choosing in intent of REJECTING the evil or negative AND ACCEPTING AND ACTING UPON THE DECISION IN FAVOR OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.  You have then rendered the evil powerless over you.  To simply REMAIN IN IGNORANCE is not a worthy choice for then you NEVER KNOW THINE ENEMY AND SO BECOME VICTIM OF THE LIE FOISTED OFF UPON YOU.

May I example for you?  Let us consider the little white buffalo calf who was recently birthed.  Is that the miracle?  No.  There are several things which make it "special" because it is not an actual "albino" offspring but still that is NOT what makes the importance of the incident.  Without reading on for a minute--ponder just what is special about this birth?  Why is it special to the Native Americans?  Just sit a moment and ponder!

Now that you have mostly drawn a TOTAL BLANK on the matter--harken up.  IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE PROPHECY--HOW CAN YOU KNOW THE IMPORTANCE?  Ah, do I mean that there is more?  Of course there is MORE!  Moreover, if you have no notion of the facts OR the importance--how expect you to draw proper conclusions?  The prophecy INCLUDES the birth of a white buffalo, yes; BUT MORE IMPORTANT IS THE DEATH OF THE CALF'S FATHER IN QUICK SEQUENCE.  What does it mean?  That is for you to find out, Inquiring Minds!  The most important thing is to STOP living in someone else's vision.  You can build visions together or you can build your own--but to think that if YOU run over and do something or other to a white buffalo calf because it means something to the Native Americans--forget it--it is ANOTHER'S truth or vision and, without KNOWING, you insult.  If it be worthy, it will sustain and the meaning will become known--if not, find out about it and be RESPECTFUL and REVERENT!  YOU CANNOT RIDE THE COAT-TAILS OF ANOTHER INTO THE LAND OF KNOWING AND CREATION.  YOU CAN LEARN FROM ANOTHER BUT YOU CANNOT "KNOW" BY USING ANOTHER.

No one else can cross that bridge to infinity FOR you.  That is a journey which each must make for self.  All souls will make that journey--it is the DESTINATION which is in question!

There is a saying which is used by Alcoholics Anonymous which goes something like this: "God grant me the ability to change the things I can, accept the things I can't, and the GRACE TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE."  Sounds good?  Well, it is only partially worthy of attention.  God will grant you Grace to accomplish ANYTHING and the ACCOMPLISHMENT will always reside within SELF!  There are no things which are left unchanged for the better--if SELF IS CHANGED FOR THE BETTER--AND THAT IS GRACE!  This has another name: it is called SELF-RESPONSIBILITY within the LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION.

We could go on and on and make flowery speeches and give you rousing pep-talks--but TRUTH, LOVE, LIGHT, GOD AND GRACE ARE SIMPLE AND OPEN.  To live in this manner within these guidelines of these emotions offers the infinite goal--PEACE WITHIN THE KNOWING.  It is simply that you can experience within that which is perceived and realize that it will be JUST FINE--if you do not change your pathway and goal of radiance.  Only you can choose the LIGHT you shall serve unto the world.  If you place your LIGHT within the casings of substance through which no light can pass--then it be your choosing.  If you offer up your LIGHT through the polished crystal of the finest transparency, so shall your brilliance be allowed passage.  All you need do is present your LIGHT--another must choose whether or not to use it.

Just as God offers the light of His Sun, so too can it burn or nurture.  It is through the wisdom in the receiving which is, in the ending, of importance.  If the Sun bakes you to death, it is stupid use of same to willingly stand forth in its mighty strength.  God gives you choices in free-will to consider these alternatives in passage.  By the way, once you hand over your freedom into the hands of ANOTHER--you may well not have a choice as to whether you stand in the ice or the warmth for, as with the turkey in the pen, it is stuck with what is allowed by the master of the pen.

May ours always be to live within RADIANCE.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 22, 1994, Volume 7, Number 4, Pages 43-44.