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By What Authority Come I?

4/16/93 #1   CERES 'ATONN

By what authority DO YOU ASK?  If you ask in the name of Holy God of Lighted Creation then you need only reach out and touch my energy for recognition.  If you ask in the acclaim to somehow prove me inept at least and a fraud at best--you shall ultimately feel my sting because that which you project will come in its cycle back unto you--it is the LAW of the Universe.  But, so that some of you rest a bit more easily, let me give you some bits and pieces so that we can move on in our work of this day's writing.


"In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD WAS GOD" (John 1:1).  "Word" in its first and original sense does not mean voice, sound, or speech.  IT MEANS: THE CREATION, according to Divine Laws, from the universal creative fluid, in the "tomb", "cave", or manger of the Earth of that PERFECT ONE, which has the power to spiritualize and regenerate "man".  Your bibles of instruction tell you: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of "GOD".

Therefore, the "Word"...the Divine Creative Influx was PREPARED on Earth that man there might receive it in love and understanding--that he might ascend to higher spiritual knowledge and wisdom because of this preparation.

The prophet Daniel saw a winged lion emerge from the sea.  The "lion" denotes the fearlessness of "one" who is imbued with Divine Truth.

Now, you must understand in this brief dissertation I shall be only touching on points.  The "lion" in representation is most often visualized in the magnificent old placements in Egypt.  The histories of nations, times and wonders still lie untold in the places of the lion--in the Egyptian sanctuaries and magnetic vortices of that place.  However, while we tinker with that input--you must move to the other side of the globe and fix your eyes on where old Lemuria went down some 12,000 years ago.  There still remains remnants never inundated by the massive upheaval which rent the lands as in the Great Grand Canyon, as you refer to the rift in Arizona. There are bits of Lemuria remaining, also, in California (of which we hold dear in location as in this presence), as are other areas in the U.S. South West, Australia and seen vividly on that place called Easter Island off Chile and Peru.  Wondrous histories are yet to be shared, my beloved friends.

Many of YOU who may well find this hard to accept have served in the cause of Lighted Truth in many times and many places--Leumuria and then at the final hours of Atlantis--always preparing the "way" of the wondrous "Dawn" that would come.  All experiences were in preparation for the influx of great Universal Truth.  This original dawning came in Truth in Egypt when Akhnaton revealed the ONE GOD (ATON) to a skeptical, idolatrous world.

Perhaps we could look back a very long way, as through countless millennia the WORD had been prepared by those "goodly" children of Lighted Truth.  At the time of Akhnaton of Egypt it became the "time of the telling" when there would be a great dawning of Truth and the WORD.

And so dawned "THE WORD"...

The Eighteenth Dynasty, Egypt's Imperial Age, had begun with Ahmose I, a Theban princeling.  Thutmose III had salvaged the great treasures of Solomon's Temple in the lands you will recognize as Israel (not Palestine of today's Israel).  Now, the heart of all mankind was readied to receive THE WORD as it dawned in Egypt as the blazing ATON. Aton's servant on earth was to be Amunhotep IV, known to the world as Akhnaton, the so-called "heretic" Pharaoh.  (Ah hummnn.)

Blazing?  Well, the symbol of the One God of LIGHT--is represented by the "SUN"--ALL LIGHT / ALL LIFE.

By THIS authority, do I speak and by THIS authority do I use this scribe.  Ridicule may be fun and fanciful for the uninformed--but it would now behoove you gigglers and twitterers to learn your history lessons--correctly.  FOR NOW IS THE TIME OF THE WORD!  AND SO BE IT!

Now, the next barrage from "disbelievers" flows in the form of: "Who are YOU now that you call yourself Ceres?"  The same old boy!  If your name is John Jefferson Doe and you usually call yourself "Doe" or "John" and change your label attention to Jeff--ARE YOU A DIFFERENT ENTITY--OR SIMPLY USING A DIFFERENT NAME?  PONDER IT WHILE YOU GO THROUGH YOUR EXCUSES FOR DISBELIEVING TRUTH!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 20, 1993, Volume 1, Number 4, Pages 6-7.