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Awakening To Goal Of Truly Living Each Day

11/30/96 #1   HATONN



A year, a day, an hour, a song from a bird will never come again, even if repeated.  This is recognized as linear movement.  The bird's song may well be chirped again and again--but it will never be THE SAME.  That which is KNOWN can never be unknown--only forgotten.  A "time" segment, whether it be measured in moments or eons, will never "come again".  People, like sequence of time perception, will flow this way or that in their mental perception, will flow this or that way in their mental directions--but never can you hold again the exactness of your moment in that passage.

Realizing these facts, how do we begin to rebuild that which can never be RE-EXPERIENCED in EXACTNESS of an original presentation in either emotion or physical explicitness?  And if, indeed, you would do so, it would prove only of your stagnation.  I do not here speak of the incessant and endless running on a wheel of cycles, but rather, the beautiful assumption of what IS measured with the goodness which will come if you but change your directions and actions--outside of SELF and into the blossoming in perfection of ALL things great and small.

This morning brings the dawn, as usual, while only the "setting" is changed somewhat.  It is the last day of November, 1996, by your data on flawed calendars.  THIS day will never be "again".

What will you do with it--or, as the case will be in the later reading of this question, "did" you do with it?  Some will live, sadness will come to some, pain will flow, joy will flow as you go about whatever is your activity.  You will have some simply sitting and vegetating in front of the golf show or a football thing; some will pray; more will curse.  Some will join the other frenzied shoppers running amuck in the merchandaries, adding to their woes with credit cards and "wishful" thoughts of a special time of love, family, joy--with cards depicting a "time" you perceive as more wondrous and peaceful than is your own.  You try to capture another's dream and claim it for self--in all the wrong places and with all the wrong faces.  JOY and Peace can only be experienced within the emotional SPIRITUAL self.  All else is only PERCEPTION and those, too, are but perceptions of a moment, a passage, a feeling, a knowing, an unknowing--a grasping at reality in balance.


I am asked about life after death.  I ask you: "Why do you insist upon dying?"  Even in the body physical I have to inquire of you WHY you perceive you must die?  These things are chosen of your selves, not mine, for in MY PERCEPTION there is no such thing--ONLY CHANGE.  What you really FEAR is somehow dying OUTSIDE the enveloping connections with GOD.  Will you go to LIGHT or will the passage only spiral downward in absence of God!  And, moreover, if you know not God, how can you realize that for which the SOUL lives or perishes?  Must you bear such shame as to forever conclude a place in separation for self--from God?  Why do you demand to be allowed to live in a manner presented by Man when your stated goals in passage are to be WITH God?  You tremble at the possibilities of "after" life--and yet you do not seek the counsel of those who KNOW--you insist, yea demand, to go with what only MAN physical tells you must be.  Actually, no one even tells you what IS: they only speculate and speculate and boost their own mental possibilities in order to live well among you, the less "smart" and "cunning".  Why most of the sorrow and sadness when a man makes passage?  Well, it depends on many things for observers but, for the participant there is a period of reflection and almost always a feeling of not deserving goodness for a man will feel he did not do that which was his best toward peace, goodness, balance, or harmony.  More people make passage harboring hate than love.  Arguing this point, readers, will not change it--only delay your own personal fulfillment as you reflect self upon the dying.

The preachers get up and wax forth upon whatever goodness can be conjured from another's experience and in any given family that will vary from personality to personality as touched one to another.  So, there is great speaking on how "Joe" or "Mary" is now resting in the arms of God in a Heavenly place beset with only wondrous and goodly things.  No, it is NOT so.  If a man makes transition in a state of SOUL DEVASTATION--he will continue in that devastation until he can experience again with ability to LEARN.  And YOU have no way or right to judge HIS STATE OF BEING.  If you don't know what you seek BEFORE that passage, then what think ye that is so wondrously brilliant of yourself--making that passage--that somehow you will know and realize LIFE?  I can promise you right now that a soul if locked into the thought-forms of mystical magic--will have only CONFUSION for there is no valid destination built within his perceptions.

You can have myriads of "things" in wrong perception but, at passage, you had better have your intentions focused in the right direction!  God does not have liars, cheats, thieves, and evil within HIS perfection of placement.  So, if you want to know facts--it is through your actions and intentions ON YOUR PHYSICAL PLACE OF CHOICES AND FREE WILL--THAT DESTINATION IS PROVEN AND REALIZED.  If you wish to go home to God and to a place of peace, understanding, love, and honor--you had best get busy with fixing your intentions on that destination and living your physical intentions on that destination and living your physical presentation in a manner insuring THAT passage.  For instance: Your belief or attitude regarding "me" is no business of mine--if you think me not anything, then you have to be nothing to me.  That is your business for no matter WHAT you think about me--I AM.  All the debating and arguing you can conjure makes not an iota of difference to fact or me.

Further, I do not try to convince you of my presence for why would I just bargain for more bother in confirmation with ignorant and uninformed energy forms?  Why would I possibly want to have my adversaries aboard my places trying to run my mission?  If I am in the presence of the GOD of LIGHT, which you cannot seem to even "see", why would I want you to come and take control of my kingdom to slash, cut and burn as you have with your "Mother" source?

I am constantly petitioned by family members of individuals who disbelieve to somehow prove or show-and-tell--anything--to cause them to realize truth.  WHY?  Why do you want those disbelievers into YOUR SPACES?  Oh, they are your son, your daughter, your child, your parent--your friend?  Really?  No, they are but physical coalition of genetic structures and their SOULS belong to themselves--NOT YOU.  And remember, dear ones, that God's miracles ARE UP TO GOD!  Moreover, you want a physical show-and-tell.  I chuckle at my own friend here, Fingers, we call her--who would like a shuttle craft in the back yard, please.  Why?  She doesn't NEED a "shuttle" any time, any where and way.  She simply wants to be one of the boys and play in the sandbox.  Magic does not convince your SOUL, brethren; it only excites you.  Then will come the discounting of your vision, your proof, your own conclusions.  You have become to be such a part of the LIE of living and progression as to have TRUTH BY THE FANTASTIC.

I do NOT argue the points--I present TRUTH and you do whatever you choose to do with it.  A person can only come into his own knowledge THROUGH that which came BEFORE him. Would it not be wondrous if you treated what must come ahead of you with as much care and attention?  Why bother to slay a dragon or an angel if you are but to face worse?  Well, that is exactly what you do as you base what you ARE on what somebody, somewhere, sometime, somehow claimed life to be!  The more educated you become, the more sotted in the ways of HOW IT IS NOT, you become.  If you are required to only experience the lies--you will not hold TRUTH.  You will base every facet of your lives on the misperceptions and disinformation foisted off onto your brains--while the soul withers, shirks and finally perishes.  Life and reality can only be experienced by the individual in singularly linear traversement and exposure.  At the least, you who read our writings, CONTACT, of the Journals--have EXPOSURE to possibilities, probabilities and realization.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 3, 1996, Volume 15, Number 4, Page 53.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.