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7/12/91   HATONN



To you who are in knowledge of the following, I have a statement for you in response to this: "I have been a devout Catholic for 17 years and have been taught to do pennance and deny self as a way of life.  The JOURNALS seem to be leading me in a different direction."  GREAT!!!  Who told you to deny self and do penitence?  Man or God?  Well, it was NOT God.  God asks you to honor self AS GOD, for you are that temple in which dwells God!  If you err--make to right that mistake unto the one wronged--ye have no right to sit and lecture and scold of self, get absolution and do nothing further about it.  YOU CANNOT SERVE ANOTHER'S DEBT BY ANY AMOUNT OF PENANCE AND YOURS IS SERVED WITHOUT UTTERING A WORD ALOUD--GOD KNOWS WHEN YOUR HEART IS REPENTED.  Now, I shall give you a little insight into self, W & D.C., ( a bit of a "Freudian slip").  You misspelled the word "penance".  That is appropriate enough--but it speaks to the issue directly.  How much do people REALLY KNOW about that which is drummed into their beings for "17 years"?  Ponder it, child.  Only one seeking power over your wondrous being would cause you to debase self--you, who are the most brilliant perfections of the Creator's thought.

Define "penance": an act of self-debasement, mortification, or devotion performed to show sorrow or repentance for sin.  2. A sacramental rite practiced in Roman, Eastern, and some Anglican churches and that consists of private confession, absolution, and a penance directed by the confessor.

Who do you confess to?  Man, perhaps?  Is a man or God behind the confessional wall?  Does any MAN have right to pronounce you innocent or guilty?  Who is the ONLY one to whom you owe confession?  That's right: SELF AND GOD--NO OTHER.  If you own another an "apology" so be it--go make such unto the one wronged but you can burn a church down with your candles and bury yourself in absolution from a Man and it will serve nothing save the Man's pocketbook if you give penance with sums of material matter.

Am I popular?  No, indeed!  God is never popular, chelas, for confrontation of self in the Light of Truth is never pleasant and coming into knowledge causes the power hungry criminals who enslave you to the lies, to lose all power and control over your Being!  That is WHY the TRUTH IN GOD SETS YOU FREE!, EVEN IF YOU BE IN THE DARKEST DUNGEON!

One of my most beloved of friends who gives daily in my service in, yes, these publications of Truth--was a Catholic Priest for over 35 years of this journey--ah yes, you can break away into freedom.  IF YOU LOOK FOR GOD IN THE MOST UNLIKELY PLACES--SO SHALL YE BE GIVEN TO FIND HIM.  IF YOU GO ONLY WHERE MAN PRONOUNCES YOU SHALL GO--YOU SHALL NEVER FIND HIM.  Blessings upon your awakening, children, for it is with great glory and joy that we see the "Light" burst forth in realization of truth about that which you accepted because you were "told to".  God always says, see for self and test it with wisdom for the Truth shall stand into infinity and that which is of Man shall surely fall.

Thank you, Dharma, you must go now for there are papers to be filed with the court again this day.  It is something that must be seen to conclusion, chela--albeit disagreeable.  In love I walk with thee that you may see and hear and KNOW.  Salu.  Hatonn to clear.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, July 1991, Volume 14, Number 11, Pages 5-6.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.