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Using "Common" Sense Along The Spiritual Path


9/19/96  #1   HATONN



"In the beauty of the lily, Christ was born across the sea", goes the song The Battle Hymn Of The Republic.  Yet you celebrate HIS birthday on December 25th?  WHAT LILIES?  DO YOU SEE HOW FALSE PERCEPTIONS BECOME EMBEDDED INTO YOUR THOUGHTS?

Then, next: "What a Glory in His bosom, that transfigures you and me."  Say again?  "His bosom", "transfigures you and me."  (???) ONLY YOU can "transfigure self"!  So, a second false statement.  What is a Christ's "bosom" is not "your bosom" and therefore only IDEA can cause or assist in transfiguration of ANYTHING or ANYONE.

I note that in a fairly new Fantasy Land book, COSMIC VOYAGE by Brown, in Remote Viewing--he "targets" Jesus.  And it took a long time before anyone showed up to communicate with Dr. Brown.  Why might that be IF IN FACT the activities are valid in the possibility of such contact?  Well, several things become apparent and the first is that Dr. Brown doesn't REALLY have any idea at all what he is doing.  First, they claim that the "tests" are based on non-religious things to disallow for religious overtones from the critics.  HOW can you separate the most basic teachings from your MINDS?  So, after a lengthy while, a very, very goodly energy-form communicates.  Fine.  Was it JESUS?  JESUS WHO?  Were they looking for Esu, lisa, Eisa, Heysus, Immanuel, Emmanuel, Jmmanuel?  Who?  Oh, the CHRIST?  You can't really ask for just Christ if you want a specific energy, can you, Christ itself being a term for goodness (Spiritual aspect of being).  So, when the mind finally centers on a nearly proper description--someone fitting the projected description of what is desired shows up--sort of.

What does this tell you that is far, far more important than a fellow with an advanced doctorate degree talking to spirits?  It tells you that human learning is limited by the TEACHINGS come before--good or bad.

The book is also filled with LITTLE GRAYS, Martians, and what-not--"aliens".  Although, in all fairness, there are the wondrously benevolent "higher energies" around to do something or other.

You reach totally out of perspective to HAVE REALIZATION OF THE WRONG KIND.  You seek and search and get totally involved with "another man's" fantasy, in this instance, Dr. Brown's.  No, he is not a medical doctor--he is a fantasy-land PhD.  This is not even the kind of REMOTE VIEWING which is shared with you from "mind-control" programs.  So, what you have is a foolish "channel" latching onto anything that shows up.


Some soul energy is very dark and, for purposes of measuring goodness as in black being the absence of all color and LIGHT being "white" with the presence of ALL color tones, we can then consider that which is in-between these extremes to be GRAY.

Okay readers, come into REALITY now, and forget the druthers and the fantastic voyages and alien space entities.  Are there alien space energies and entities?  YES.  But just WHO put them there?  Ah, indeed!  A SOUL departs a body at death of the body and whether or not you wish to think about it--it IS and it REMAINS--something.  The SOUL will be a reflection of that which the human experienced and WAS/IS--in actual measuring of that old soul, "judgment day"!  Soul does NOT fudge on its answers as to growth, and manifest reflection will again reflect the level of GROWTH of that entity called soul.  This can be on any Planet, Earth, or Universe.  All the Grays are, or the lizards, or the serpents, ARE MANIFEST REFLECTIONS OF SOULS INTO MANIFEST EXISTENCE.  Once MANIFEST, the entities can be cloned, fabricated or remanufactured.  Always these beings are seeking ability to GROW Spiritually.

Do not be so foolish as to accept that you have "baby-like" entities who can traverse the Universe just to annoy you one way or another.  A "Gray" (Grey if you prefer) is reflective of a very underdeveloped SOUL in presentation.  A truly serpentine representation is a reflection of a darker soul essence and so on DOWN the line.

Do not be silly enough to construe that I speak somehow here of the "White" man being somehow more Godly, and in God's image, than the "Black" man.  That is "race" and HAS NOTHING to do with it.  GOD IS LIGHT--BLACK AND/OR WHITE RACES, IF THEY ARE GODLY, ARE IMAGED AS LIGHT!  GOD, and YOU are only ENERGY!  If you are a walking-around human, animal, plant or anything "physical", you are MANIFEST DENSE ENERGY, NO MORE AN NO LESS.

So, readers, IF you are going to have an "alien invasion" of these "creatures"--it is of your OWN MANIFESTATION!  You will find anything "out there" OR "in there" that you wish to manifest.  If you want monsters, you WILL get monsters.  If you want LIGHT Angels--that is what will be your response.  But you can only MANIFEST GOD through your own PERFECTION IN TRUTH.

Now, does KNOWING this information give you wondrous peace, rest, more unrest, more concern, less concern--WHAT?  If you are living in such a manner as to reflect dark or gray soul essence--you may well wish you had worked a little harder at GOODNESS.  You, as SOUL, will join whatever station of growth you have acquired and that which is manifest as energy density, as in human or whatever, is WHERE AND WHAT YOU WILL FIND CONFRONTING YOU AT DEPARTURE FROM PRESENT STATUS.  If you fit with the serpents--you will find self with serpents.  However, that is not until some density of physical measure comes into play.  Souls clinging to the Earth or any human-inhabited place will be gray in color for they are searching for their knowledge.  This is why the most popular Bars are always so dark you can't see--for the people attending those places do not want to be seen, and therefore, the energy forms have access to the stuporous party chosen.  Any time you block your conscious, reasoning MIND--you leave self open for full use by these craving energy beings.  They feed on evil intent and they try to experience their own addictions and ignorance through the hapless "user".  This is why I dislike your accepting "walk-ins" without question and actually with great glee--BECAUSE THE WALKINS ARE EVIL IN INTENT UNLESS A SOUL IS EXPRESSING FOR A VERY, VERY SPECIFIC REASON.  A soul can INSTANTLY "change" and perhaps the person is perceived as having a new personality and direction--but it is NOT A WALK-IN TAKEOVER CIRCUMSTANCE.  This would not happen for MAN has free-will and, except through agreements, would NEVER allow take-over--as in a light-bulb burst.

More perfected SOULS are in a much higher dimension than you will find these lesser knowledged energy forms.


The next question you might ask is, "What about those near-death, or death, experiences?"

Well, these are souls which are HIGHER in knowledge and a "return" to the physical CAN bring a great impact toward goodness or teaching.  Note that almost all will go through a described DARK TUNNEL with energy forms all around and only after passing through that darkness is the light abounding.  Well, the soul of the individual is now traveling in the SAME form as the energy beings on "that other side" of the physical/ etheric veil.  If your soul is advanced, it will go on THROUGH the window and into the LIGHT of ALL COLOR--or visible color tones of some kind, but definitely beyond the gray area.  ALL souls will seek their own "grade level" and decisions of soul must be accomplished.

So, what happens, usually?  The soul simply goes to its etheric level of placement and STAYS there in a "death" circumstance.  A return to the physical extension can be for the use of the individual soul growth OR to serve another--but it works out the same, doesn't it?

When you find a GOOD PERSON who respects truth, love, honor, and GOD/CREATION--there is no FEAR of death of the physical.  So, why is there such terror of death by the masses?  Because you KNOW there are these dark places along your departure route and most people will judge themselves to fit into those categories of development.


Please note that I used "Good and Evil" rather than perceived "good and bad".  There is "good" and there is "evil" but I don't consider "good" or "bad".  Goodness is considered a "Christ" behavior and evil is considered the opposite--or, Satanic BEHAVIOR.  This is simply to CLARIFY explicit meaning of MY statement so that you do not misconstrue my message.  Christlike is a movement TOWARD goodness, and Evil is only that which turns from the Christlike pathway.  Obviously, forgetting to return a borrowed item from your neighbor may well be evil in some measure if you promised that the item would be returned--but, murdering you neighbor is certainly a more severely EVIL thing to do.  After all, you cannot EXPECT to sit to the right-hand of GOD CREATOR if you simply make a transition from death into etheric while hoping some "savior" will make it somehow OK.  That very attitude will INSURE your time-stay in the GRAY areas and only your living physical intents, choices, and actions will offer a level or stay for further developments.  A mass murderer, my dears, is NOT GOING TO SIT TO THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD.  He may very well, however, reside UNDER THE RIGHT FOOT OF GOD, WHICH WILL BE HEAVILY APPLIED, AT BEST.


Okay, MAN is working diligently to try to advance to PHYSICAL understanding of manipulation of DNA, atoms, etc.  And you can accomplish some things at a quite primitive level.  But your species has not grown to a level of enlightenment whereby you have ONLY positive and goodly intent in your technology--so, you remain quite primitive--until you learn.

So, you have learned to TAMPER, clone, DNA restructure, RNA restructure, and so on--but what have you really CREATED?  Right!  NOTHING!  You have simply manipulated ENERGY.  And this, by its very FACT, means that there is manipulation of SOUL energy as well as MIND CONTROL AND MANIPULATION.  However, the children continue to play with their tinker-toys and chemistry sets.

I can perhaps give you a bit of insight by simply offering an article from DISCOVER magazine--simply picked at random from a non-technical journal or text where we have to have unending ropes of diagrams of DNA, etc.  Man is learning quite a bit in a primitive world of tinkering but, intent is usually in the wrong direction or for self-indulgence.  It is, however, STILL "manipulation" and NOT "creation" regardless of what label you might wish to affix.

[QUOTING, from"Physics Watch", Discover, October 1996:]


by Jeffrey Winters

In the everyday world, it's impossible to be in two places at once.  Not in the atomic realm: Physicists recently made an atom do the impossible.

Erwin Schrodinger, the Brilliant Australian physicist who was among the founders of quantum physics, once dreamed up a paradoxical thought experiment to highlight one of the stranger aspects of quantum theory.  Put a cat in a box, he proposed, along with a vial of poison and a lump of some radioactive element.  After a certain period of time, depending on the element used, there's a fifty-fifty chance that an atom will decay and emit a particle, triggering a device that smashes the vial, releases the poison, and kills the cat.  There is, of course, an equal chance that the atom will not decay, thus sparing the cat.  But during the entire time, according to quantum mechanics, the atom is simultaneously in the decayed and undecayed states.  Not until someone makes a measurement of the atom is it forced into one mode or the other.  And the cat?  Schrodinger said that one would have to "express this situation by having the living and the dead cat mixed, or smeared out (pardon the expression) into equal parts," living and dead.

No one has ever carried out that experiment in all its feline-unfriendly detail.  But two physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, recently did something almost as strange.  They managed to coax a single atom to exist in two places at once.

David Wineland and Chris Monroe pulled off this feat using lasers and a magnet to manipulate a beryllium atom inside a vacuum chamber.  They first confined the atom inside an electromagnetic field and, with lasers, bounced photons off it until it rested essentially motionless.  Using another laser burst, they pumped just enough energy into the atom so that it had an equal chance of assuming either of two quantum states known as spin-up and spin-down, which describe the orientation of the magnetic field of the atom's electrons.  Just as with the hapless cat, the atom, until it is actually measured, exists simultaneously in both states.

Scientists have been creating such odd, mixed states within atoms for years.  But what Wineland and Monroe did next was unprecedented.  They calculated that a light pulse with a wavelength of exactly 313 billionth of a meter, and of a precise polarization (which describes the direction in which a light wave vibrates), could move the atom in its spin-up state without affecting the spin-down version of the atom; atoms in different quantum states absorb only very specific wavelengths and polarizations of light.  The right light, in other words, enabled Wineland and Monroe to tease apart the superimposed versions of the atom.  With a laser, they pushed the spin-up of the atom 80 billionths of a meter away from its spin-down self--a distance some ten times larger than the original beryllium atom.

Wineland and Monroe's research, as esoteric as it seems, may one day find a practical application.  The two physicists are interested--as are many researchers--in the feasibility of something called a quantum computer.  Atoms in such a computer would replace transistors and other electronic components, greatly shrinking the size and increasing the power of computers.  In a quantum computer, one atom could simultaneously represent a zero and a one in the binary language of computers.  In conventional computers, each number of binary code must be stored separately.

To build a quantum computer requires precise control of just the sort of strange quantum effects Wineland and Monroe are now studying.

But quantum states are fragile-the slightest disturbance destroys them.  In Wineland and Monroe's relativity simple experiment, for example, the separated spin-up and spin-down states collapse back into a single atom if the lasers are not turned just right, or if some stray radiation trickles in.  This fragility may make building a quantum computer--containing thousands of atoms--an engineering nightmare.  Still, the researchers are optimistic.  "Fundamentally, it's not a problem," says Wineland.  "We can go a long way from here."



I don't want to linger on the above tale but we can relate this IDEA to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  You HAVE TO DO THE RIGHT THING to have results.  If you want to build GREAT WHITE Souls, you have to stop feeding (fueling) it with black-tar evil.  It is a bit similar to putting black sumptuous crude sludge in the gas tank of a sleek high-octane vehicle.  If YOU FEED YOUR SOUL EVIL--it will become evil, no more or less.  If you feed your body only poison--you will kill it quickly or slowly depending upon what poison you choose.

If you want a LIGHTED soul--you must keep your intent clean and clear.  The procedure, as well as the concept, is simple and succinct.  If you want a better and balanced, harmonious world--you must build lighted souls to reflect the goodness, for Evil taints everything it touches.  Ego itself, in human spirit, is that one focus which, if controlled in goodness, is wondrously productive and creative.  The moment, however, it takes control of itself--it has utilized Evil intent and taint.  When you learn to control your own self-ego and use it as what it is--a servant unto self growth--you will have arrived at great knowledge.  An ego out of control and wielding the power over YOU is the destroyer of highest destruction.  When ego is in control of a being--you have a perfect manufacture (production) of a liar, a cheat, a controller, and a developer of dark intent and manufacture.  In trying to secure "self", that person will destroy anything which enters his space to keep claim to his dark world.  An ego WITHIN CONTROL has no need for deceit or false supports!  A Soul in harmony with God--has not lacking void which needs filling by any physical being.  This does not mean that sensing feelings cannot be "hurt"--but after a long while of experiencing--that becomes less and less as the mind takes up the opportunity of various circumstances to become ever MORE CREATIVE IN ORDER TO BRING BALANCE AND TRUTH BACK INTO A CHAOTIC SITUATION OR FOCUS.

A mind expecting to only find the solutions to every problem will automatically turn to ALTERNATIVES and choosing according to his WISDOM of RESPONSIVE (not reactive) action or stillness, as may sometimes be the wiser path.  To be able to have these alternatives as tools requires a whole lot of LESSONS and an education so that you can RECOGNIZE possibilities.  If you are traveling, you know that when you want to traverse a city you don't want multitudes of deadends--BUT if you have no map--you can't always find the through-ways.  So, when you think I have badgered you with myriads of messy experiences in courts of say, Corporate structures--THINK AGAIN, PLEASE.  That information is going to save your, and this nation's, BACON!  How?  If a thing exists, you can now KNOW that you can get it and use it; if not in existence--you now KNOW HOW to "create" it.  Set your goal, then get all the information and education you can garner to reach it, for IT IS ALL THERE FOR YOUR USE--IF you grasp and use it.  Indeed, it can be equated to a chess game wherein there are all sorts of "moves" to reach, at the least, a checkmate.  If, in addition, you are in an actual game of life and the opposition is using shrewd and illegal actions--and you remain in TRUTH, you shall create a winning game-plan.

In closing this writing, I would point out that there is an article in that journal [Discover] more interesting than the Cat-atom.  It comes from the segment called Light Elements and is titled: We'll Always Have Parrots, and puts the whole overwhelming topic of conditioned and alternative learning--creativity--along with Spirit Guides, etc., in perspective.  It is purely humorous but it has perhaps more REAL meaning than most serious research garbage.  I'll see if we can work in the time to share it.  The gist is that this writer was trying to find a Spirit Guide and it presented as a brilliantly colored Parrot.  I think you can guess the humor you can get from that which simply PARROTS self!  We need some fun and laughs along this journey, friends, lest you take everything too seriously--especially YOURSELF.

Salu, and create a very good day, please.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, September 24,1996, Volume 14, Number 7, Pages 16-18.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.