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Elite use sophisticated craft


12/19/91 #1   HATONN


Hatonn to speak on some most urgent, complicated, and above top-secret activities.  I must caution all of you in this location that this kind of information is dangerous for you to have and, therefore, I always have to code a few items for selective insight as well as misdirect attention.  The proper persons MUST get the information but the surveillance teams must not--prior to our intent to share.  You ones will simply have to be patient and wait upon proper sequence.

I have some most interesting questions regarding some of our output from yesterday and I am most appreciative that you ones are paying attention AND asking correct and well-thought-out questions.  It is only through intelligence with exceptional "reasoning" that you will be able to locate facts and backup.

Now, you of the intelligence groups have noted that Baker gave to Mr. Gorbachev a satchel with some $2 million dollars in CASH and promises of other "fringe" benefits such as housing, servants, growth stocks, participation in a major role, etc., IF, he would cease and desist from ruffling waters.  There are a couple of inaccurate points in that, but certainly the scenario is factual and was set up months ago.  You are seeing the finishing up of the plans laid those months past.

As to my yesterday's statement regarding Bush, Blackbirds, etc., I would respond thusly.  Look about you and where the activity is "happening".  Just pay attention to the contrails and launch patterns from Edwards Air Force Base and a lot of information will be apparent written across the skies as big as life itself.  I am told, for instance, that Bush could not have been flown to the Soviet Union.  This is based on two premises--1. There was not "time" and--2. The "Blackbird" has to be refueled.  I was given a third "reason" that my statement didn't "fit".  That is because it requires two pilots to handle the craft and Bush is not qualified to fly it and it only holds two people.  To this I only have to say that you don't know of modifications to that craft in point nor of the craft that requires NO refueling!  Ah, but not from Washington to California does even the unmodified vehicle need refueling.  But it DOES require sophisticated pilots of which there are very, very few available.  You will note the THOSE pilots in point are under lock and key to insure availability--whether or not they happen to like their circumstance. So be it.

I would also like to remind you that I have written extensively about "Cosmospheres" and Cosmosplatforms.  Have I mentioned the "Cosmosphere shuttles"?  Ah, how careless of me!  Not only are they in existence but they are running almost "regular" shuttle trips here and there about your globe--AND THEY HAVE 100% CAPABILITY TO "BEND LIGHT" WAVES AND BECOME INVISIBLE--THEY, BY THE WAY, ARE SOVIET CRAFT!

I used the term "Blackbird" for a specific reason which actually has little to do with the mechanical vehicle itself.  I believe this statement is sufficient for ones in point to understand my meaning.  In some instances it is the "personnel" that are in point; in others, it is the project or "code name".


Whether or not you like it, America, you have "joint ventures" going on with the Soviet Union (by whatever name they wish to call themselves).  It isn't like a nice co- and equal venture.  The Soviet Khazarians are venturing and you are doing what they tell you to do or be wiped out through military force and superior air/space technology.  There are some very, very sophisticated aircraft stationed around your country and they do not belong to you citizens.  There are, however, some very sophisticated aircraft that America has, also, which are most wondrous but not superior in capability to that of your enemy.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, December 30, 1991, Volume 17, Number 11, Page 5.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.