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7/12/91   HATONN




This is a very important inquiry and one asked by many: " which Hatonn states that American Subcraft and RPVs carrying nuclear bombs were destroyed by Russian Cosmospheres.  Would this not have caused nuclear explosions and radiation attracting world attention?

NO. Atomic weapons are not detonated easily, as a matter of fact.  They are detonated by an elaborate detonation system and, unless triggered intentionally to detonate on impact, it is almost impossible to detonate a bomb.  The worst thing that would happen is that the casing would rupture and allow escape of radioactive substance.  What you speak of could be done--the bombs could easily be detonated by the Cosmosphere "tone" computer but, so far, that has not been the intent of the "game".  If, however, you get into a "war", your own weapons will be detonated after being turned against you.

We can both detonate and/or neutralize a weapon utilizing a beam system but the Cosmospheres are not sophisticated enough to simply neutralize a weapon, consistently.  They can, however, render the detonator useless.

As to your "beam" weapons, you are dealing with two things which cause great promise of disaster.  One, the beams themselves are what could be called "prana" beams, or "substance of life atmosphere" particle beams.  This can break loose and move into chain reaction which can detonate your atmosphere as a whole.  Next, however, these systems are powered by nuclear cells and the nuclear power packs are also deadly.  Now these systems will, when blasted out of the sky, rain radioactive material all over the planet.  Therefore, to destroy a Cosmosphere is almost as risky as leaving it alone to do its thing!


I am constantly asked to comment on "...the report of a large object heading toward Earth and last reported near Jupiter?"  The ramifications of that object have incredible consequences unto you of the planet.  YOU cannot divert it from its path and, yes, it is headed for your vicinity.  I have already spoken of this mass and I am not going to go into further detail herein--that disaster can be averted if Man comes into change for our forces can easily change its path.  That will be decided at its proper time and by the proper councils.  That mass is recognized by many names in various places of prophecies--from Wormwood to Herculobus.  As you study that which is now being given on the facts of life and energy--you will better understand the possibilities of that mass relative to "thought-bodies, etc.  I believe Mr. Quayle and his idea to blast it out of the sky is about as ridiculous a suggestion as I have ever been given to witness.  You are talking of something far larger than Earth Shan and being compressed in compounding amounts constantly so that when it turns into its expansion cycle it will blast everything in its corner of the universe.  It is up to Man what will happen to that body.

What does Earth-Shan Man know of things?  Perhaps it is God's ship (cloud)?  Perhaps it is MY ship?  Perhaps it is the Kingdom of God?  Perhaps it is the Kingdom of Evil?  Perhaps it is full of "little gray aliens" to suit the UFO fear-mongers?  Perhaps it is a radioactive ball of compressed atomic weapons sent from somewhere to destroy the planet?  KNOW ONE THING--IT IS CONTROLLED BY INTELLIGENT LIFE-FORM!!!  I hope you will all get the recent books on lessons of "what is life" that are coming forth now as your "Pleiadian Connections".  You are being given factual, reasonable, easily understood, outlay of the universal operations and God projection of Creation.  We can do no more--the rest is up to you.



This newly isolated carbon-form which has some 60 atoms of carbon arranged like a "miniature soccer ball" dubbed buckministerfullereness--or "buckyballs"--is interesting for several reasons.  One is that everyone is so proud of the accomplishment of being able to isolate the substance--but more important is what is planned to do with the molecules collected.  I will speak of this substance which is a form of carbon with its own DNA replicating system--BUT listen up: "....their shape may turn out to be structural achievement that on the molecular level is noteworthy as the keystone arch.  This molecule, says IBM physicist Donald Bethune, looks like something some genius engineer sat down and designed.  In essence, a buckyball forms a cage that begs to be filled.  By placing different atoms inside the cage, scientists would be able to engineer materials with unique electronic, catalytic, and even biomedical properties.  One intriguing possibility: if they prove nontoxic, buckyballs might encapsulate RADIOACTIVE atoms used in cancer therapy, serving as shields that protect normal tissue from damage...."  You are determined to commit "ATOMIC SUICIDE"--CANNOT get rid of radioactivity and yet you keep using it like a benefit to Mankind--you are already dying in mass from radioactivity--YOU CANNOT CURE POISONING CASES WITH MORE POISON!

As you read the Germain material in the current JOURNALS note this: buckyballs are "spheres"--this means that they are ready to totally explode and create havoc of such magnitude, you won't know what hit you--especially if you think you will "fill little spaces within" with your radioactive toys!  We shall see.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, July 1991, Volume 14, Number 11, Page 3.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.