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2/25/91   HATONN



Today we shall leave the news and non-news to the projectors and speculators for we will turn our attention unto that which is truly important--YOU and YOUR SOUL in relationship to GOD and HOW you can discern that which IS Truth and abiding "right-ness".  Believe me, it is NOT: "..If it feels good do it!" nor is it: "..if it doesn't hurt anyone else, do it!"  These may even be acceptable under the laws of the land but either one can be most destructive to soul truth, balance, and simply "self".

For you who say I identify not myself--you will find within the multiple thousands of pages of print and thousands of hours of personal audio-tapings--I identify myself every time I come.  Even, our speakers and scribes do not allow us into their presence without thorough identification and clearance for they are sent forth after years and years of stringent discipline.  They are not acceptable as scribes until they have learned "in this consciousness" to separate self ego of your dimension from the circuits of clear receivers.  That is a point which must be determined by the Master who utilizes the service so freely and humbly granted.  And, dear ones, believe me--by the time an entity becomes a scribe he/she is totally humble, clear of personal ego as relates to the writings, separated from the personal claim and in total awe of the point of sometimes refusing to go on with the service.

Anything that you read as stated given forth by one which will appear in these Journals or Expresses--and I clearly speak of that which is directly given from higher beings or more comprehensive knowledge, they are cleared.  I do not go through all of the introduction and boredom of Dharma's clearance, for instance, every time we write for often we write some six or eight times in a given day--AND YOU THE PEOPLE WRITE AND OBJECT AND SAY THINGS LIKE: "WHO ARE WE TRYING TO FOOL WITH ALL THE NONSENSE".  But at this point I will give you the truth of it--it matters not whether or not Dharma is clear when she writes as far as the reader is concerned!!  It is up to the reader to read, study, and clear of his own space and ask for discernment and clarity in the name of the Holy God of Light and make sure it is THE Holy God of Light, by whatever name you call him, who is in attendance at your reading.

The next barrage of argument is, "How can you commend, honor, and denounce other ones' material at one and the same time?" and usually, I get William Cooper thrown into the fray.  Because, and this is very, very important: Everything written by any ONE is truth!  It is not very often the TRUTH OF HOLY GOD OF LIGHT/CREATOR.

Let us stop here and look into this particular situation.  Mr. Cooper took, in his human ego, research which appeared to him to be interesting and perhaps, or perhaps not, even factual.  But he checked out the information and presented unto you ones that which he found and some which he did not find.  But with discernment, the TRUTH can be gleaned from the circumstance itself.  He stated that he was in the service of Jesus Christ and God and simply wanted to bring Truth unto a lied-to world.  So he worked with other would-be writers and speakers of truths, lies, and interesting fantasy and pronounced unacceptable conclusions from that which they dug up, reported clearly or in fabrication and then, when their own workings were laid bare by ME, they rose in anger, got totally untruthful, i.e. "...stole and plagiarized 50 pages of my work.." when there were only 26 pages of his "work", and thus and so.  There is also a clue which is never absent and heed this well:  IF AN AUTHOR GIVES FORTH TRUTH AND HE KNOWS IT TO BE TRUTH AND PRONOUNCES IT TO BE TRUTH--HE NEVER OBJECTS TO HIS WORDS BEING REPEATED--NEVER!!!  IF HE DOES, IN FACT, KNOW THEM TO BE FABRICATIONS OR PARTIAL FABRICATION--HE WILL SHOUT AND CALL NAMES, FRAUD, PLAGIARISM AND OTHER THINGS SUCH AS "THIEF", "SLIMY PUKES", etc., AND THREATEN TO, OR DO SO, FILE LAWSUITS.  If I tell you the world is round does that give Columbus or Erikson or Copernicus cause to sue me for plagiarism?

Next clue, is that ones such as this when queried about that of another--flail about in accusations even unto and in return unto the inquirer.  I have a copy of a letter brought to my attention by one who knows Mr. Cooper and did in fact take time to write him a letter concerning some points in question regarding his information, America West, George Green, etc.  The letter was returned with scribbling along all margins calling the man an "Ass", stupid--among other defining degradations and called George a disinformation bearer in service to the CIA.

At this point I wish to tell all of you something.  YOU tend to get hung up on who is in the CIA and who isn't, etc.  I do not care if George Green is in, or has been in, the CIA.  George Green publishes BOOKS!  He distributes BOOKS!  He even distributes some books with which I take great and total exception to the contents--but America West publishes and distributes BOOKS.  Further, the Greens have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, now, on the publication and distribution of the Phoenix Journals and Expresses and there is not limitation to my gratitude or that of the Hosts preparing to join you on your planet.  That is the TRUTH of it--what a man WAS is of no interest to me whatsoever--what a man IS is that which is of importance!  And further, I make no speculation for your picking in either direction regarding George Green for it is not of my business nor yours.

I can promise you without equivocation, however, that any who treat their readers and honest inquiries of Mr. Cooper and receive response in the manner just outlaid for you--is NOT RECEIVING THE REPLY FROM ONE WHO TRULY WORKS IN SERVICE UNTO HOLY JESUS CHRIST FOR THE ACTIONS THEMSELVES ARE ANYTHING BUT THAT OF THE TEACHINGS OR ACTIONS OF ONE, JESUS CHRIST.


Further, I gave Mr. Cooper a Book (Journal) dedication for I honor him for that which he HAS DONE.  He has presented unto you the LIE and he did it pretty well.  His conclusions were incorrect and I have often stated same.  Further, I have offered time and time again to share with him, Truth, and he declines through more insulting shouting and accusing than the time before.  He has done well, along with the works of others, from which he took his own material and which, I might add, he could be liable for it is not TRUTH.  It is only the truth of the lies having been projected for your disinformation for many years.

Documents were presented to you as truth and to substantiate the projections--but the documents are lies.  Does that make the work into TRUTH?  No, it only substantiates the lies.

Now, for the other side of this coin.  If I could give unto all of you the confirmations and valid documents and letter and input which pour forth from readers, I could not do another thing save reprint them--and they come with rejoicing and confirmation and pleas to print them for all to see.  We are already giving forth all thirteen issues of the Express in some two weeks instead of the quarter-year and our ones cannot afford to carry the burden alone for the additional publications--and we cannot ask more of the readers for all are limited in resources--as we grow in the institute, we shall not concern about expenses and will just put it out there in great abundance--but for now we must keep our material as short as possible, timely as possible to the problems confronting on a daily-living basis and all, in unity, move as rapidly and lovingly as we can--in service unto God, the Christed one of Infinity and our heritage unto that Great Spirit from which we come.  We are in council on a constant basis as to how to bring TRUTH and living contribution to get you through in a human-physical transition while responding to those things of human needs which are thrust upon you while you come into knowing of Truth and that which has been given in great dishonesty unto you for the eons of time past.  TRUTH OF HOW IT IS, IS THE SWORD AND BUCKLER WITHIN THE WORD WHICH SHALL PREVAIL AND KNOWLEDGE IS DIFFICULT TO FACE, CONFRONT AND ACCEPT IN TRUTH FOR THE CONSCIOUSNESS IS BROUGHT INTO AGONY OF THE SUBTERFUGE IT HAS BEEN GIVEN IN ORDER TO SEPARATE YOU FROM GOD.

I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come from the highest state of Grace, choosing to serve in Command of the bringing of the Truth and Record Keeper of the Council of God.  I am personally known to hundreds of receivers upon your very placement as Hatonn and many there were who received from me and received from me in Truth--until the going got rough and that which was a "game and toy" became overwhelming and the flesh becomes weaker than the soul strength at the given moment.  This is why it is said that there will be many in the offset and yet few, indeed, in the ending.  For as the speaker or writer becomes a threat unto the dark adversary, the impact of human ego temptations are thrust forth and the ego folds unto that of perceived reality and falls into the trap of service unto that which is in physical manifestation--the energy form which rules the kingdom of flesh and ego consciousness.  Does it make their contribution unto truth--less?  No, but it does require that they, on an individual basis, sort that which has been taught in Truth from that which they have now conjured from the physical.  That becomes difficult to do for the ego fed by the temptations and stroking of Satan, himself, becomes defensive indeed and the war within is on, peace is absent, the entity becomes harsh, bold, worldly-oriented and serves the negative cause by doing things in darkness--i.e., suing through the injustice courts instead of picking up the phone and coming into loving communion.  You see, the brother of darkness sends unsigned documents, hiding from light in anonymity, no return addresses in the painful thrusts of words of accusations, sends denouncements to ones who could not care less and will always try to use third party enforcers and will refuse to confront the LIGHT at all cost.  I stand ready to speak with any who have anything to say to me--good or bad and where we show the Truth of it--I speak with any energy who utilizes a human through which to commune.  I have most often found, however, that with the ones who do the loudest speaking and instructing--that when I confront that energy of great touting, they leave their speaker soundless and give of themselves away--for evil will not long confront the Light and will desert the speaker almost immediately.  Ones who come into my presence bearing false speakers never come again--do you not find that interesting?

Does it not occur to you readers that some who claim righteousness because they have spoken "for" one they claim to be a higher energy for 40 years or 80 years or ten minutes--might just be speaking for the servant of the wrong God?  Why does their denouncement of say, Dharma's Sananda, be given honor?  Dharma claims no corner on Sananda, Hatonn, Aton nor any other and ones who do make such singular claims are acting from HUMAN, PHYSICAL ASPECT--FOR SUCH CLAIMS CANNOT BE OF HIGHER DIMENSION FOR THERE ARE NO SUCH STATUS LEVELS IN HIGHER REALMS OF SINGULAR ACQUISITION.  Further, TRUTH IS ON COMMODITY WHICH CANNOT BE PLAGIARIZED FOR IN THE ONENESS OF ALL IT IS THE RIGHT OF POSSESSION OF ALL--NO SECRETS--ONLY THAT WHICH IS AWAITING THE LEARNING AND UNFOLDING.

I, Hatonn, am serving as a Commander at this time of transition.  And I am in Command of a fleet of wondrous starships which we like to call the Silver Wings or Silver Clouds.  Most of the accompanying brothers in service with my immediate command are from Pleiades Constellation for they are most nearly like you in human form.  We have, and are, efforting to give you all this information as quickly as the fingers can put it to document.  We come as Hosts to bring Truth and prepare a "landing place" for the Master who has been preparing a place for you through these eons and now is coming again to a troubled planet in the throes of devastation and then renewal--a wondrous place for experiencing the physical aspect of Man.  We come to assist and fulfill the Commandment of God that the Truth shall be given unto Man and the WORD written for all to have and hold that the lies be revealed and the perpetrators of evil be unveiled.  What you do with the information is between each of you and God--it is not my business as a Commander, nor Dharma's as a scribe--nor George's as a publisher nor Oberli's who efforts to correct Dharma's typographical errors.

I have walked upon your lands as many various nationalities and I have no bigotry nor racism for that is of human physical and I am not of that dimension--I give forth Truth as it is found--and because I tell you Truth does that make me less your friend--or perhaps more?


Is it possible that, in fact, ones in your books of lineage misrepresent the Truth to protect their power?  Is it possible that ones are taught that all Men coming from Space, and aboard that which you foolishly call UFO's, are EVIL is to prevent your insight and loving joy at this day when God would send again His Light upon your place?  Could the projection of horrid little aliens who mutilate cows and suck human flesh and blood be lies to terrify you and keep you locked in the dark prison of the Head Deceiver against this day when God would return and set things to right again?  WHILE YOU DENOUNCE ME AND EFFORT TO LITERALLY KILL MY SCRIBE--AGAIN ON SATURDAY NIGHT, LAST--COULD IT BE THAT YE, YOU, THEE MIGHT BE HOLDING WRONG INFORMATION?  So be it for the time is at hand to be finding out.

Why do you not give us a chance--would it not be wondrous to find there is balance and justice in the Universe--in the Cosmos?  What makes you think "Star Trek" is a fantasy?--the information was originally pulled right off military interception computers and parables written and projected to give you insight unto that which is coming.  I suggest you give more attention unto possibilities and Truth will come into focus and balance.

Chela, start another program, please, for they have tampered with your computer program and you will lose all this input if we go further on this writing.  Please tend it now.


2/25/91  HATONN


I spend time in this current circumstance on matters of very human detail for it is your human experience in which you are functioning.  But you must have input and truthful correct insight into that which is higher dimensional knowledge in order to make your graduation.  You must come into the sorting of the wheat from the chaff so that you can honor the being of perfection which you are and which has been hidden from your own perception--for Man is that which he is "trained" to be and yet at a level of Oneness with God--in that infinite energy essence--he KNOWS!  MAN KNOWS!  MAN JUST PRETENDS TO NOT KNOW FOR HE PERCEIVES THE FUN AND GAMES AND EGO TRIPS OF THE PHYSICAL PLANE OF PERCEPTION IS GREAT AND HE FEARS THAT WHICH HE CANNOT SEEM TO SEE OR TOUCH.  AS THIS MISPERCEPTION OF EXISTENCE IS REINFORCED AND REINFORCED, MAN STUMBLES AND CANNOT FIND BRAVERY ENOUGH TO COUNTER THE BEAST EVEN IF GOD HOLDS HIS HAND FORTH--FOR HE "THINKS" HE CAN SEE THAT WHICH IS ABOUT HIM AND FAILS TO WITNESS THE HAND OF GOD.  EITHER WAY, FRIENDS, THE BEING WHICH YE CALL "SELF" HAS TO MAKE THE DECISION AND THE JOURNEY AND SINCE YE ALWAYS TURN UNTO THE UNSEEN GOD WHEN "THE CHIPS ARE DOWN", WHY DO YOU NOT TURN UNTO THE TRUTH OF THINE OWN GOOD AND PERFECT JUDGMENT PRIOR TO THE LAST MOMENT OF TRUTH?

Why would you denounce these writings as evil on the basis of another's opinions?  Is another brighter or greater than thee?  If you answer "Yes" then you disappoint me for all Men are created equal in the sight of God and since you will make that journey for "self"--why would you give your destiny into the hands of ANY OTHER?  The other is an "authority"? and Expert?  By whose pronouncement?  Ponder it.


First, I will again introduce some new, to some, insight.  "Christ" is a state of being--not a name.  Emmanuel, Immanuel, Esu, Jesus, Hatonn--are names just as John, Paul, George (in fact that is English for Greek, Gyeorgos (my name).  Christ is represented as the INFINITE SACRED CIRCLE WITHOUT BEGINNING OR END.  "Sananda" is a state of being--not a name.  Sananda is a state of grace and attainment as one with God.  Aton is a state of being and in addition, is an accepted label for "God-One Light" and at the time of experience when the "One God" and "Oneness of ALL" was being recognized, was the label utilized for it was the term used to designate the great central sun and source of life.  There is nothing of mysticism nor "chanting" about this nor is it revelation of secret societies.  If it is a "mystery" it is only that YOU do not know this information--but now that you do, there is no mystery at all.  God is not of mysticism, ritual, or secret orders--GOD IS TRUTH, THE WORD, ALL KNOWING AND, WHAT GOD IS SO CAN YOU BE, AS THE MYSTERIES ARE OPENED INTO KNOWLEDGE AND THE MYSTICISMS AND SECRET PRONOUNCEMENTS WHICH SHACKLE YOU ARE PEELED AWAY IN THE LIGHT OF THAT KNOWLEDGE.

Let me example--if to focus attention on a given thing--say, tie a yellow ribbon on the tree to remind you each time that you see it, of your beloved friend or loved one in the military, it is a valid and wondrous tool for each time you see it if you will stop, focus, and send love and energy; it is a marvelous tool.  If, however, the ribbon becomes considered some magic artifact which holds the "magic of manifestation", it is empty and worthless--for you have given into the "thing" your "power".  The ribbon is nothing save a ribbon--it is the value of the focus of YOUR energy which is the "power".  Just as the super-drug does not heal the body--but only is a tool to assist the body, YOU, to heal.  You must cure; the pill is a tool and nothing more just as the ribbon is a ribbon and nothing more.  YOU, YOU WONDROUS FRAGMENT OF GOD POWER AND ONENESS, ARE THE POWER AND THE CREATOR AND THE ONE WHO MANIFESTS AND, MOREOVER, YOU CAN UTILIZE THAT WONDROUS GIFT FOR GOOD OR EVIL.  ALWAYS GOD SHALL ALLOW YOU THE CHOOSING OF WHICH IT SHALL BE THAT YOUR EXPERIENCE CAN BE VALID, FULL AND THE LESSONS OF PROGRESS OF THE SOUL INTO MATURITY BE ROUNDED AND, FINALLY, INTO TOTAL ABILITY TO FUNCTION WITHIN THE LIGHT ITSELF AS TOTAL KNOWLEDGE WITH WISDOM AND PEACE BEYOND THAT WHICH IS GIVEN UNTO HUMAN ASPECT OF EXPERIENCE TO UNDERSTAND.  Once that understanding is attained--YOU will no longer be in the present dimension of limitation.

Well, you might say, "So you've got Dharma trained and she parrots or arranges that which SHE believes and tosses it off on YOU."  Let us look at that for a minute.  We chuckle a lot at the very fact that she often tells me that, "My opinion does not seem to always represent the opinion of the Management."  In human aspect ones have opinions and they are colored by impact of physical experience and not total objectivity and she may have all the opinions she wants in the physical experience.  If, however, she writes for me, she may not input her opinion unless so stated, any more than would an efficient secretary who takes dictation for the "boss" signature.  That is an agreement which is never breached and if it is, it is so stated and we lose zillions of exceptional scribes who choose to make the writings their own opinions instead of that one for whom they scribe.  In many ways we become inseparable but an honorable scribe does not have a problem with confusing the two--in fact, the opinions become one in the same, but to present Truth unto the masses is indeed overwhelming, to speak at minimum about it.  But then, one can take the work and represent it with interpretation and opinion--as long as they so state that it is their Perception and Interpretation of the meaning.

In other words, George can say that " my opinion, this is what Hatonn means."  But it may or may not be exactly what Hatonn means for it is colored with the opinion of George.  This is, further, why you one are so easily duped regarding your Bible, etc.  If to join a "Church club" you must declare that you believe the Bible to be total Truth in all its content and outlay, you have just been made a fool.  Man has written and translated and erred in those translations according to his perception even unto the translation of a given word to mean such and such a thing, say, from Latin or Arabic into Greek and then German and finally into English for the English-speaking people.  If you cannot take an English word and always have it mean the same, i.e., --pare, pair, peer, pier, etc., etc.,--THEN HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THAT THERE ARE PROBABLY ERRORS, AT BEST?  But if you are allowing self to be so narrowly tunneled at the requirement of another who insists YOU function according to HIS PERCEPTION--you have released your power and self-authority unto another.

Let us take that further a bit.  Say you have a child who attends a given "Church" with you.  Now, you didn't REALLY mean you accepted every word but said so in order to be a participant in the club--fine for you, but what about the child who sees the rules and sees you swear to the rules, etc.  Do I make my point?  Then how can you suppose that total Truth would make it through the generations without erred input since Genesis and Alpha unto the present even if not by ill intent to tamper?  This, dear ones, is called using your God-given gift of choice and reason.  Reason being the only thing that sets you aside in the Godness of creation of beings.  Further, to reason well--you must have knowledge--both good and bad--in perceptions to measure one against the other to reach valid decisions.

When you are told to not partake of certain information--why might that be?  It is because the limiter is efforting to prevent you from learning something which may lessen HIS POWER OR CONTROL OVER YOU.  God always says--read it ALL--ALL--and study it well for TRUTH WILL STAND THE TESTING OF INFINITY AND THAT WHICH IS UNTRUE WILL FALL ON ITS ASSETS SOONER OF LATER IF BROUGHT INTO THE LIGHT OF OPEN REASON AND LOGIC.  In the light of Truth and revealed mysteries--the hidden is opened and the mysticism peeled away like the chaff in the winds at harvest.  We further say--copy, share, tell, give, "plagiarize" and present that which we write to all who will hear and see--hopefully without YOUR opinion to PUSH them into your opinion but to allow them to see and hear for selves the logic, reason, and unfolding of that which is sent of God for your knowledge and growth and it shall stand--into infinity.  You need not defend anything we bring you--it needs no "defense" for Man is given reason as that wondrous portion of His creation--and in time he shall come into the Truth of that which IS!

Now, in order to disallow you from giving all credit and/or "blame: unto Dharma, I herein ask that Sananda (Jesus Christed) allow Druthea, our beloved student and humble servant to share a lesson of lessons for you who would seek for Truth of actions and understanding of the commandments of God in the light of discernment of Truth.  This child is humble and perceives self to be unready and thereby comes the ability of the teacher to see that His student is most surely ready.  The responsibility rests most heavily on those who serve in Truth and the fear is always that somehow the scribe will inadvertently misrepresent the speaker. That is why the speaker forms great communion with the scribe and the clearance is pure and critical--every time--and the information coming from this place is edited by God, not a set of editors at the bookstore.

First, you must know how it IS and learn to find and isolate Truth and recognize it.  Then you can be helped in your searching by ways which help others in finding the channels within self for discerning and communion--i.e., the utilization of the yellow ribbon, let us say, to focus a bit of energy unto another.  Moreover, you must learn truly how to commune with self, higher self and beyond WITHOUT THE MYSTICAL CHARADE AS GIVEN BY MOST SELF-APPOINTED GURUS.  THERE IS NO GURU GREATER THEN SELF!  You must come into the realization that all things flow and become only ONE and if you don't understand that then I suggest the book, AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.  THERE IS ONLY ONE--IN ALL THINGS THERE IS ONLY ONENESS AND IT IS FROM THE SEPARATION AND DIVISION THAT YOU HAVE COME INTO CHAOS AND DISORDER FOR YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT WHICH YOU ONCE KNEW.

Then, I ask that Sananda (Jesus Christos) give you input through Thomas.  I would then have Joy to pen for Him but she is distant to such extent that the writing would not be timely to this location and it is the value of that very fact that is worthy of note.  You will find that Truth never varies--only the presentation thereof.  Further, you will, hopefully, be able to see that "I knew/know that!"  I certainly hope so!  If you do not see it, then you have given your wondrous and greatest gift of all--your God power--away, and believe me, it will come into reasonableness when I say--to someone lesser than you for if another would accept your power from you--HE IS NOT OF GODNESS AND IS FAR LESSER THAN BE YOU.

I shall relinquish this forum herein unto my brother that you might see the fact that Truth, when given in that total light of Truth, is in sameness and yet, often given in differing perspective is most valuable indeed in the touching of a chord of recognition in memory.  May you be given into seeing that which is offered unto you.  Saalome' In love and honor, I salute you and stand guard with the Guardians and Hosts in His service and humble service unto you for in God we are but ONE and as there comes into our perception an ending of some sort or another--KNOW THAT IT IS ONLY THE MOST WONDROUS AND GLORIOUS OF THE BEGINNING!


Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, February 1991, Volume 9, Number 5, Pages 1-6.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.