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8/22/96 #1   HATONN



After a long and wonderful time of sharing with some elder teachers/ messengers, it would seem that the subject of GOD might be totally answered for you "Inquiring Minds".  Ah, but is it?  Only to the extent of YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS is it KNOWN.  And, if you ONLY have the perceptions of your teachers from which to glean your OWN PERCEPTIONS, you will spout out the answer to the question above, as you have just been TOLD!  No, that is not suitable in KNOWING.  There is "knowledge" and there is "KNOWING" and the two are NOT the same in consciousness.  When both ARE THE SAME, in all way of total perception, then you HAVE GOD.  So, what kind of "God" would YOU become?  A God of LIGHT and co-creation?  A God of more profane Sensing unbalance?  What KIND of a "God" will you be?  God IS THAT which creates SELF.  God is also that which CREATES ALL! Therefore, all are but ONE expressing in the myriads of differing sensing consciousness OR experiencing without consciousness of much of anything--just experiencing!

GOD SIMPLY "IS" AND YOU OR "I" SIMPLY "AM".  But, is this sufficient an explanation for universal attainment of knowledge OR knowing?  NO!  It is not because, unless one recognizes his ability to perceive and then BECOME, he will stagnate.

GOD IS LIGHT!  LIGHT IS KNOWING!  LIGHT IS ACTUALLY ALL THERE IS, READERS.  MAN HAS ACHIEVED GREAT STRIDES INTO THE WORLD OF MATTER MANIFEST, BUT HE FINDS HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT MATTER "IS".  Neither do you know what energy, electricity, magnetism, gravitation, and radiation ARE.  Man doesn't really know or understand the simple structure of the elemental atoms, nor the gyroscopic principle which determines that structure.

Man is simply not TRULY AWARE of the wondrous two-way continuous universe of balance in all effects of motion and not a one-way discontinuous universe.  You cannot actually yet fathom the mirrors and lenses of space which are the very CAUSE of the effect in ILLUSION in all "moving" things.

ONLY "mind" has consciousness!  All other things simply ARE and become the product in perception of that MIND CONSCIOUSNESS.  Consciousness NEVER is NOT!  Not even in the deepest of sleep is the MIND "unconscious"--it is only "thought" by "experts" to be in a state of unconsciousness.  Where, further, Universal Mind IS consciousness.  And Universal Mind IS EVERYTHING; EVERYTHING AND EACH THING.

This is the very principle upon which comes the KNOWING that there is no "death"--but rather, the recircling, ever-spiraling expression of LIFE.  The problem that the limited recognition of human man is physical static existence has trouble with accomplishing is the realization that BODY is simply a housing and but MANIFESTS the SPIRIT.  That which you think of as life in the spirit of man manifests itself by willing the body to act--and thus that "willing" being of Mind-self becomes the God of Self.


Man can be perceived as living in a jungle--a place of manifest things and perceptions.  The more man rises to meet the higher CONSCIOUSNESS of GODNESS, the further from that experiencing jungle he becomes. What is happening here in this rising level of enlightenment is the evolvement of consciousness searching for the LIGHT.  Man is forever seeking the Light to guide him on that long tortuous road which leads from his body's jungle to the mountain top of his awakening soul.  Man is forever FINDING THAT LIGHT, and is being forever transformed as he finds it, and gradually he finds the Self of him which IS the Light.

To him whose eyes are in the High heavens, the Light will forever come, and he will be forever transformed as he finds it.  This person-being (mind) becomes ever more illuminated during the ascent from body to spirit and, the higher he climbs, the more distant becomes the "jungle".



Whatever might be your perceptions--the Day is GOOD.  Only YOU change that of YOUR space into that which can be PERCEIVED as good, bad, okay, a bit warped, a bit fair or unfair, equal to all, more "equal" to some than to others, terrible, or wondrous and so it goes.  So LIFE IN THE PHYSICAL FORM IS BUT ILLUSION, PERCEPTION, AND SENSING PARTICIPATION IN UNIVERSAL ATTITUDES OF MOTION--BUT ALWAYS SENSING.

When someone greets you and asks, "How are you today?", the rush of thought patterns flood the mind.  Depending on the recognition of the person speaking, the condition of the perception of self and the "other", you may well greet a remote acquaintance with "Fine".  However, if that be the physician and you are in to call for a "perceived" problem, then you will spill everything in the consciousness as to what happens within self--through that communication device called tongue, lips, lungs, and air complex.  But HOW are you really?  That actually depends on YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.  So, now you have perceptions through consciousness.

Let us say you have a physician and a person comes to call on that physician because of excessive growth of facial hair.  Will it not differ in the consciousness of ALL involved if the massive facial hair be on a female, a pubescent boy, a young adult male, or an elderly man versus a virile and youthful male?  In one instance there will be a pat on the back and the physician may well say, "Ah, chap, I see you have grown into an adult!  Bully for you, son." I don't think the same physician would say or perceive the SAME attitude with either a female or that infant with a heavy beard.  If, however, the norm would be that ALL infants and females have hair growth--the perception is also different--BUT NOT NECESSARILY CORRECTLY SO.


(Which came first, the chicken or the egg?)

God, the Creator, is all there IS, all that EXISTS.  God's creating universe of matter in motion appears to exist to your senses; it disappears ever continuously in sequentially perceived segments--only to reappear.  It has NO REALITY--but it most certainly, incontrovertibly, and unequivocally REAPPEARS.  How does this happen?  It "becomes" through the illusion of two-way projected LIGHT in MOTION.

God, the Creator, IS the One Being, the One Person, the One Mind, the One Thinker, the One Self, the One Life, the One Soul, the One Power, the One Reality.  So what happens?  Well--and keep this clearly IN MIND--God's Creation is the imaged, patterned form of God's imagining, built in His image.  It is the body of God, the record of HIS thinking, created by Him for expressing the One-ness of Life, Love, Mind, Soul, and Power which is in Him alone.  GOD IS LIGHT.  GOD IS UNIVERSAL MIND.  MIND IS LIGHT.  MIND KNOWS.


Ah, and now comes the sad part--the ceasing of local "minds" to THINK!  Mind must, and does, think what it KNOWS.  Mind thinks in two opposed lights simultaneously projected from their centering white Light Source and sequentially repeated in CYCLES.

So back to GOD.  God's thinking and imaginings are qualities of God's KNOWING.  God's knowing Mind is timeless and STILL.  So also is God's thinking and imagining timeless and still.  So, likewise, man's thinking and imagining are as timeless and still as is his knowing.



Moreover, One Mind KNOWS its ONE IDEA.  It KNOWS its One Idea of Creation as ONE WHOLE.

Mind thinks its One Whole idea into seeming parts and hence comes the illusion of motion which you will label "Creation", and thus the illusion of "substance" which you call "matter".


The One Light of KNOWING Mind is Self of God.  It is the Universal Self which centers all omnipresent self-creating bodies of God-Selves.  This self-creating universe is the Mind imagined body of God, and RECORDS OF GOD'S THINKING.

You, me (WE) can KNOW God.  We cannot KNOW His body but we CAN "see" it.  Likewise we can KNOW man.  We cannot KNOW the body of man but we can certainly SEE it.


So, readers, the time has arrived in the history of man's journey from his MATERIAL jungle to his SPIRITUAL mountain top when it is IMPERATIVE that he must live more and more in the cosmic LIGHT universe of KNOWING, and less in the electric wave universe of sensing.  MAN must now come to KNOW that his power lies in the stillness of his centering SELF and not in the MOTION by means of which he manifests that stillness.  A contradiction?  NO!  He must also KNOW (and this is a gradual process, usually) the awareness of the COSMIC LIGHT OF GOD in HIMSELF.

Man must now KNOW the UNIVERSE OF GOD for what it IS instead of for what his senses have made him believe it to be.

It is FOR THIS PURPOSE that all things manifest be used to make such a transition of species into KNOWING, lest civilization after civilization be lost to the darkness of the ages of PERCEPTION IN FALSE IDEAS.

All over the world in places of mankind, there come the Thinkers and the ones who make simple (or magnificent) inroads into the perception and KNOWING of this principle of LIFE, GOD, CREATION AND CREATOR.  Most never realize the fulfillment in a lifetime of bringing that truth to bear its FRUIT in TRUTH AND VALUE.  Then, when opportunity comes knocking, the follow-on generation of offspring have already forgotten how to be bold and fulfill the miracle of TRUTH IN THOUGHT.  This is not some PIOUS expression of some thing or that of another--it is TRUTH.  Worse, for the enlightened THINKER there is often not time in expression of human, sensing form, to CREATE an everlasting center for the teaching, sharing, and perceiving of such TRUTH.

"A" man will come along on his journey and realize the IDEA of such greatness, and yet simplicity, and even begin Centers for Truth.  Too bad that too late the following generations haven't realized the full meaning of these Schools of Truth for it becomes a distorted course of classes that produces some mediators but few with full insight as to LIGHT, GOD, AND CREATION.  This binds the progress of SOUL from its unknowing into its HIGHER manifest form of experience.

These "schools" spring up and become an offshoot of a MAN who began to SEE.  Then will come along insightful and gifted men, such as Tom Ashtley of South Africa, who can actually take this concept in SUCH KNOWING as to be able to express it into diagrams and examples.  Does he FULLY KNOW HIS TOPIC?  No, or he wouldn't share and diligently struggle to present it to YOU.  Within, ALL KNOW!  So, consciousness in knowing is all that is lacking.  I only say that Tom, for instance, doesn't know all--for I can be sure that if he KNEW ALL--he would NOT BE THERE--HE WOULD BE "HERE".  He, like many, in the higher consciousness of God, knows that his most abundant knowledge and recognition MUST BE SHARED WITH MANKIND OR HE WILL NOT HAVE FULFILLED HIS PURPOSE.  We will not have fulfilled OURS if we fail to facilitate HIS ABILITY TO LIVE AND TEACH AND SHOW THIS INSIGHT.

There are also places about the world, otherwise, which also have begun to share and tell and teach, and have become drifted off into New Age speculations in TRYING TO TOUCH AND HOLD AND BECOME THIS SPARK OF LIGHTED CONSCIOUSNESS. This doesn't work because the UNKNOWING usually end up running the schools and they haven't the full recognition of their purpose, journey--OR TRUTH as expressed through the earlier generation.

Many expressions of soul in agony are expressed of those passing on prior to having fully explored or integrated into and within the younger generation personages of this incomparable TRUTH.  Even though great sums of wealth are present, it is mostly wasted on that which is mundane, even harmful, to the manifest body of the individual, while clear-cut STRENGTH is lacking in both decision-making and DARING THOUGHTS IN ACTION.  In other words, the soul is quite pushy, even in some instances, to put it bluntly--bloody pushy, to have action and positive nature to facilitate the processing and KNOWLEDGE OF LIGHT and GOD--but the manifest personage is quite weak in his/her ability to stand forth and DO THAT WHICH IS NECESSARY.  Remember that ONCE IN LIGHTED KNOWING of knowledge OR GOD, there is no return to the UNKNOWING--come hell or high water.  So, God will often OFFER a WAY to serve without having to present total perception and will ALWAYS move toward those who CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN FACILITATION OF THE "MOVEMENT" TOWARD TRUTH AND LIGHTED EXPRESSION IN ACTION.  These are the ones who also, however, have the most difficulty--because they ARE the most UNSURE of self and feel a need to satisfy every need for guarantee or, if something goes amiss, need a shelter to hide behind lest they be discovered doing something daring for GOOD cause.

I know one, in fact, again in South Africa, who has been called to serve.  Not a mandatory "sentence" to "serve", but offered greater WEALTH, greater abundance--AND an opportunity to serve the former generation of his own lineage.  Will he do it?  ONLY HE KNOWS!  He can gather friends and accomplish silently, quietly, and without note--such a mission and expression--but FEAR always presents its nasty head of DOUBT.  And yet, brethren, HOW DO GREAT THINGS BECOME ACCOMPLISHED FACT?  It requires the recognition of the GOD-SELF WITHIN serving the GOD-THOUGHT IN LIGHTED MANIFESTATION, TO ACCOMPLISH THE WHOLE IDEA OF GOD-PROJECTION.

It is NOT the following of the rules which MAKES the Man, even in God's requirements--for MAN is a sensing creation.  It only requires the KNOWLEDGE of what IS, and a desire to climb that mountain to SELF-REALIZATION.  Man presents the written commandments and rules of law--GOD BIRTHS HIS WITHIN THE ONE IDEA OF TRUTH WITHIN THAT PART OF MAN CALLED SPIRIT, OR SOUL.  MAN KNOWS MAN DOES NOT WANT TO MAKE THE EFFORT TO "EXPRESS" WHAT HE "KNOWS".  You know, "Let somebody ELSE do it!"

There are several WORTHY places of note about your globe that HOLD truth but can't seem to keep it on track.  One such school was founded, The School of Truth, in Africa by Doctor Nicol Campbell, now on "my" side of the veil.  He would have just recently, on about 19 August, experienced a birthday, but alas, will anyone pick up the chalice and truly SERVE?  Is it not also interesting to note that as great men make passage there is sorrow within them for having not accomplished the most important task of all--a KNOWING oncomer to push through that which must be accomplished.  Nicol had a latter-day saying which he would often speak as he knew he faced unfulfillment of his TOTAL vision: "Pray that which I have greatly feared--for it has overtaken me."  If you can understand what that MEANS--you will have arrived at KNOWING!  You will also know that "I and MY FATHER are ONE."  AND IN THAT RECOGNITION COMES UNLIMITED POWER OF CREATION, AS GOD CALLS UPON HIS THOUGHT-MANIFEST IDEAS TO BE CREATED--CO-CREATED.  HE WILL POINT THE WAY--YOU MUST WALK THE WALK.


It really does not matter "Who is Hatonn"!  Do not allow "Hatonn" to be a DISTRACTION.  I am simply a servant unto that GOD OF LIGHT.  I am a messenger, a teacher, a whatever might be that wondrous thought of God, given vision and KNOWING, a HOST to share and tell and point the way.  What else I might be is unimportant--I am simply a higher-version of Self under any circumstance.  I travel and exist in higher frequency and KNOWING and become the extension of that arm of God which must accomplish the merging of the unreality of the illusion you call physical sensing, and the MIND-REALIZATION OF BECOMING TRUTH IN ALL THINGS.  You need me for I can offer THE WAY, THE TOOLS, and scramble the adversaries' armies.

It is not necessary to wonder too much what happens if you MISS opportunities to serve in such capacities as we now offer any who have capability--AS YOU ARE BASICALLY ALREADY EXPERIENCING.  Accomplishing, reaching out and "taking the step forward", guarantees a feeling within which excels all feelings of anything yet experienced in Grace and total self-worth--just for having "made the effort" and accomplishing the deed.

Why is God offering such enticements to those who will take these contracts now being offered about the globe to THOSE WHO CAN FULFILL THE TASK OF FUNDING?  Because it is mandatory to allow a WAY to recover that which might otherwise be considered a failure.  GOD IS ABUNDANCE--SO WHY WOULD HE NOT OFFER GREAT REWARD FOR GREAT SERVICE?

In your world of banking nightmares and destructive procedures, you have come to have FRACTIONAL BANKING which would turn FOUR BILLION dollars into the value TWENTY TIMES FOUR and that is not small potatoes.  There is going to be no instant solution to your outrageous complications on Earth without collapse--and collapse is what is sought--but growth UP THROUGH THAT WHICH IS, INTO THAT WHICH IS GREAT.  WE OFFER A WAY TO ACHIEVE THE ENDS WITHOUT CONSIDERATION OF LOSS--TO ANYONE--ONLY GAIN.


I must express Truth, however, in that the window of opportunity is not only narrow--but closing.  YOU can change the world through the actions available, into a far more challenging and changing world, without causing some major devastation to Earth--only improvement and ability to salvage a few wondrous ideas and goodness, along with the reward for so-doing.  God promises rewards of a hundred-to-one--so go count for yourself.

God does not, nor does anyone, give away "money" for NOTHING.  God gives rewards for SERVICE RENDERED!  Ponder it.

So much for the IDEAL; we are not involved with that other than peripherally.  Our thrust is simply to accomplish some good industry, put some people to work, and lay a foundation for "survival" through a time of great tribulation as the world begins to fall apart politically and, as the dragons clash, man must have some means of recovery--AFTER THE FACT.  We are not going to "destroy" anything, including governments; we will only create and build and all else will take its rightful evolvement.  GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000.  God does NOT destroy--GOD creates.  Evil cannot CREATE, only use that which is already manifest and the result is, ultimately, destruction.  Therefore, Man locked into the perception of limitation, cannot CREATE in actuality; he can only play and tinker with that which is already CREATED.

We CAN, however, CREATE VALUE and that is our IDEAL IDEA as relates to growth.  Have I rambled on too greatly?  Perhaps, but some of you need to interrogate yourselves.  Pray, attend some of the memorable ideas as shared by parents, especially of those passed on, because wisdom is gained only through the thought given to those things which were of magnificent import, yet waiting realization.  GOD ALWAYS GIVES, BUT, IN THE GIVING, THERE IS THE CHOICE OF EITHER YOUR REGIVING SO THAT HE CAN THEN REGIVE, OR, DEATH ON THE VINE OF THE FRUIT.  YOU MUST GIVE BEFORE YOU CAN RECEIVE THE HUNDREDFOLD IN KIND AS PROMISED BY GOD CREATOR--WORKING WITH YOU AS CO-CREATOR, AND IN THAT KNOWING COMES THE ABILITY TO CREATE THAT WHICH SEEMS MOST FAR-FETCHED.

So, to you chaps out there waiting to hear these great and simple speaking, I shall draw this to a close.  Be careful what you decline to do or use, for it may well be the last God shall OFFER unto you in your mountain-climb to GREATNESS.  Anyone can be rich and anyone can become famous--FEW BECOME "GREAT"!


Good morning, and may you remain totally restless until you achieve your responsible ideas and place them into immediate action.  The time-glass is empty!  Salu.



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 27, 1996, Volume 14, Number 3, Pages 14-16.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.