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2/14/91   HATONN



Yes, clarity flows as quickly as the rushing spring snowmelt when Truth becomes the obvious and they can no longer fool you with their lies.  And, yes, it goes all the way back into the times of the ancient bible myths foisted forth to fool you through the ages of time.  Let us take Moses, for this is where Dharma has gotten a very large "ah ha!".

It has always been foisted upon you that Moses, in punishment from God, was not allowed to pass into the "Holy Promised Land!"  The truth of that lie becomes obvious when you consider that the "Promised Land" for a person of God would not be of physical manifestation and therefore anything of physical "stuff" or "things" would not be THE PROMISED LAND.  So you have been duped again by the magician of deceit.  Who gives forth "physical, human, fleshly" promises?  Ah so...!  Ponder this a moment: If you average only seventy some odd years in human flesh and must leave it all behind at death of the flesh--AND, EVERYONE DOES DIE AS IS ACCEPTED--what have ye gained even if ye GET ALL THE PROMISES?  You get a few years, possibly, of "having"--you see, most don't even "have it".  Even in the midst of what is perceived as the power and wealth and control--what have ye?  Mostly terror at losing that which you have garnered, having to guard it, unhappiness, and continued searching for that elusive substance always just out of reach--the PROMISED "LAND", the PROMISED "STUFF", the PROMISED "THINGS", POWER, CONTROL AND ON AND ON--JUST OUT OF REACH.  BELIEVE ME, BELOVED ONES, WHEN THE "TOOL" IS NO LONGER USEFUL TO THE ELITE IN SERVICE OF SATAN'S PROMISES--THE TOOL IS DESTROYED OR CAST OUT JUST AS ARE THE SERVANTS WHO HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS AND GENERATIONS UNTO THE BEAST!  SO BE IT AND MAY YOU COME TO SEE IT IN TIME TO TURN IT ABOUT.

WHY, FURTHER, DOES IT CONCERN YOU SO MUCH WHO MIGHT BE ONE, HATONN?  IF I SPEAK TRUTH, AND TRUTH IS TRUTH, AND I COME IN SERVICE UNTO HOLY CREATOR GOD, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IF I BE A BIRD, A PLANE, OR SUPERMAN?  THE FACT THAT I "EXIST" IN "REALITY" IS A NICE FROSTING FOR THE CAKE, PERHAPS.  Life is a strange experience, for if ye go unto the Devil's schoolroom and ye are wise enough to take only Truth or discern the Truth from the fiction--do you see, ye shall still end up in the presence of God? The Master Teacher was recognized and called, "The King of Wisdom" and ah, so it is!  Was he superhuman at the time?  No--he was simply wise and discerned and taught the difference between the lies and the Truth and practiced Truth in all he did and said.  Another strange phenomenon--if a man lies and knows that he lies, there is still hope for him.  If he is convinced the lie is Truth, he shall surely fall into the trap and be swallowed up.  Further, if he foolishly pronounces loudly that the lie is Truth--the lie is more quickly seen by others and he becomes the jester to be laughed at in full deserving thereof.  An ignorant babbler who proclaims great wisdom is the biggest fool of all.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, February 1991, Volume 8, Number 12 & 13, Pages 4-5.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.