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Untampered Bible?

3/12/92 #1   HATONN

I am asked if there are ANY untampered New Testaments?  Yes, AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.  Next in line of clarity would be THE JEFFERSON BIBLE.  All other Bibles are written by [contain the writings of] Saul of Tarsus to control the people and focus them into the physical "controls".  The "Christ" experienced as example.  Ones wish to say that when the Christ said that "except through me shall ye enter into the Kingdom of God our Father" that he meant "I am THE WAY" and not come to show the way".  Nay, except through practicing that which was given and shown unto you by the Teacher--is the WAY, therefore, except through that Christed path of living would you enter into and within the gates of the Father's house.  The "native Americans" call it walking the red road.  The Teacher is NEVER the way--doing that which a great Teacher brings unto you IS THE WAY.  KNOWING without ACTION is nothing and is "judged" as negative action. In KNOWING the heart will act in that KNOWING or the person condemns self to "refusal" to act according to that knowledge.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, March 17, Volume 18, Number 9, Page 32.

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