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6/17/93 #2   HATONN




Why have I decided to teach these lessons on "Light" and God?  What "authority" do "I" have to express that which IS?  No more than do you--except that you do not seem to KNOW the subject and I DO.

But, what claim do I have?  Well, interestingly enough, I weary that my people are so badly treated and received in the morass of your Earth ignorance and lack of knowledge.  You are like swarms of fish moving hither and yon without direction and being swallowed up by anyone and anything offering great material gain and power.  I weary of my scribe serving the GREAT MASTERS only to be brought before a magistrate in your injustice system and crucified on the cross of greed.

Would it not be better if Germain again brought the lessons?  No--he brought them many times before, only to be rejected and the work buried.  Just prior to this last dictation from Germain, his teachings were through such a wondrously lighted person as to be able to illumine the minds of MAN--only to end up in the hands and at the mercy and downfall of a beautiful woman half his age. This wondrous man left his marriage of over 55 years for this woman who he wed within the same year and allowed his work and himself to be listed as a "humanist" when his whole journey to that point had been toward the total LIGHT of Spiritual KNOWING.

Often my scribe needs to be reminded of who we ARE and what we are about and it helps so see it before her in the same manner that you all experience.  Is she somehow greater, bigger, more important?  NOPE--just serving as do any of you--each "segment" in service being more important than any other segment when it is needed.  What she pens is not important at all if it be kept 'neath the bushel basket or turned over to the darkness.

Dharma was once told by some "channelers" that Hatonn was "like a third grade teacher" and that "no man can look upon God lest his eyes be blinded".  WHAT HOGWASH.  Would a "father" burn out the eyes of his child whom he cherishes?  Would this "God" not be able to soften the "glow" enough to secure safety for the child's eyes or give other protection in some manner?  How dare man so limit GOD.

So, by what authority do "I", 'Aton' (Hatonn) take authority?  [By My own authority!]  I AM exactly who I say I AM--Aton, the ONE LIGHT represented through the ages as the ONE LIGHT--THE SUN.  Now, before you disclaim this in fits of laughter--I suggest you tell Me who are YOU?  I know WHO I am and WHAT I am--I also have the POWER, the KNOWING, and the ability to teach you WHO YOU ARE!  Moreover, you can accept it or reject it as it pleases you, but remember: IF I BE RIGHT, AND I AM RIGHT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO BE ON TRANSITION DAY?  SO BE IT.



The WORD dawned....

The Eighteenth Dynasty, Egypt's Imperial Age, had begun with Ahmose I, a Theban princeling.  Thutmose III had salvaged the great treasures of Solomon's Temple in Israel.  Now the heart of mankind was ready to receive the WORD as it dawned in Egypt as the blazing ATON.  Aton's servant on Earth was to be Amunhotep IV, known to the world as Akhnaton, the "heretic" Pharaoh....

.... Amunhotep IV changed his name from Amunhotep, which means "Amun-is-satisfied", to Akhnaton, which means "It is well with the Aton".

.... Amunmun be struck out of every tomb, temple, and monument on which it appeared throughout the length and breadth of Egypt. ....he (Akhnaton) recognized and served only One God, symbolized by the Disc of the Sun (Aton).  And, little students, no man can fully serve two masters and from this came the knowledge and the saying that you "cannot serve God of Light and the Devil."  In the ending, you must choose.  You cannot serve Amun AND Aton.

Does Dharma (or any of my family) claim to BE Hatonn, Aton, Christ, God or any other entity?  Nope--nor do they always cherish the idea of the service they have chosen in this time of coming into KNOWING. It is mostly a "rotten" job "but somebody has to do it!"



What, then, are we about?  Evolvement--within the cycles of that which IS.  We must get through this, learn, and experience--and evolve from this "play" into the next "more important" expression.  YOU are going to have to look and think beyond the ME-ness of your little world of narrow perceptions or you shall be locked within that same little narrow expression aspect.  Can we do it?  Of course.  "Will" we do it?  That is strictly up to YOU, isn't it?  Keep arguing over Truth material property and dimension (dense) and you aren't going to do anything except slip further and further into a soulless, dark age of death and soul repression.  "I" have "time"--you do NOT.  You are in the "time" cycle of this revolution of the Great Purification and you had best take it most seriously indeed.


Now, next: Why do we come in the symbolism of the Phoenix?  Because we come from places of the Lion and the Bird Tribes, if you will.  I personally expressed on a planet in the Pleiades Constellation called "Hatonn" and it has served well as location identification to my Command.  You can, or not, worry over such triviality if you like, but I suggest you let it go with the other unnecessary trash you accumulate while missing the treasures.


(1)   Egyptian and Greek mythology tells that this is a bird, representing the Sun (Aton, also THE "Son"), that consumed itself by fire after living many, many years (hundreds according to some, thousands according to others)  [H: As long as he chooses, according to ME] , and then rose renewed from its ashes; a symbol of immortality and spiritual rebirth.

(2)   A person or thing of unsurpassed excellence or beauty; a LIGHTED paragon--model or pattern of excellence and perfection of a kind; a peerless example.

Now, I believe you can see why we travel on a starship called Phoenix and also refer to our project as the "Phoenix" Project.  It also, however, is WHY, particularly at this time of confrontation with our adversary, so many clandestine black operations are also called Phoenix.  Evil ALWAYS assumes the face of goodness in order to DECEIVE.  His favorite places for deception and control are, of course, right in the churches of religious dogmas and misinformation.  Where better to gain control over the Spirit journey of MAN?

This is also WHY the need for the deceit of the World War II "Holocaust" and the massacre holocaust at WACO, Texas (and other places).  It is the symbolism of FIRE, ASHES, and an effort to prevent the rising again of Goodness and Perfection.

So, will God prevail?  Of course--that has never been a point in question; however, man does not seem to awaken until he gets terrible hot-foot disease and heartburn.  Man grows wings of wax feathers in his drive for material gain through greed--and they will melt and he shall fall as the heat turns up in the kitchen.  My people, however, shall rise above the heat and soar as on wings of Eagles WITH the Phoenix.  Will YOU come fly with me?  We shall see.  However, unless you learn what you are, who you are, where you are going, how you come to be, from whence you came and thus and so--you are stuck in the muck of darkness without a lamp.  You have become mired in the physical shackles which now also imprison your souls in forgetfulness.  We have come to jog your memories a bit so that you who would rather do worthy work with your journey can do so.  I care not how long or how much you deny ME and-or MY work and word.  It does not change one iota of the Truth of it.  Further, ones who would claim or disclaim "this Hatonn" or "that Hatonn" are also missing the point in all measure.  The TIME OF THE LORD IS AT HAND.  No one doubts as much or argues the point.  So, do you have so little faith in God as to believe He would leave you to your translation without messengers and guides?  He never has before--why do you deny it now at the most seriously consequential time of history of man and planet?

Ah, I see, chelas--you prefer other teachings that give you a way out of responsibility?  Sorry about that--THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE EXPERIENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

A good thing to remember is that a diamond in the dark is but a rock.  Polished and in the sun--it is the most magnificent of all colored lights reflected into the universe.  WHERE DO YOU KEEP YOUR DIAMONDS?


You can KNOW "light" but you cannot see it for light cannot be "seen".  Light is absolutely "still".  The "sense" of light cannot respond to stillness.  That which the eyes "feel" and believe to be Light is but motion--simulating the IDEA of LIGHT.  As with all things else in our electric wave universe, the IDEA of LIGHT cannot be produced.  ELECTRIC WAVES SIMULATE IDEA ONLY. They do NOT BECOME idea.

When you see the "light of the Sun", you believe you are actually seeing "light" when the nerves of your eyes are but "feeling" the intense rapid, short-wave vibrations of the kind of wave motion which you sense as incandescence.  You can measure this if you like--an unsighted man KNOWS when he is in DARKNESS and when he is in sunlight.  He cannot "see" it--but he KNOWS it.

How does Dharma recognize my own presence?  In the same manner--she needs not "see" me for the frequency of my vibrations can literally knock her off the chair.  Further, she never accepts ANY presence without confirmation of those frequency waves and mine are as specific as any of your fingerprints--and by the way--THAT is not a very good check-point for the "real thing" any more.  Absolutely identical DNA-RNA clones will have identical fingerprints even in some instances to scarring or coloration of the nevi.  This is, however, why so few KNOW me--for almost ALL must "see" something to "believe" they "know" something.  Visual image is about as bad a foundation upon which to form your "beliefs" as any method that "appears" to exist.  You can be fooled every minute of every day by visuals on a TV screen and the subject material has no meaning to you.  The announcer will speak of something as happening "today" and you will be shown a visual from six years ago and to you it becomes "today".  Most of the time, any longer, they do not even bother to mention to you-the-audience that it is "file" videotape.  You simply cannot longer trust almost anything you "see".  This is another reason you MUST start "listening" to your "feelings" about things and pay attention to your intuition for that represents inner KNOWING.

The intensely vibrant electric current mirrored into the senses of the eyes fairly burns them.  They cannot stand that high rate of vibration.  The eyes would be destroyed by such a vibration, but light would NOT be the cause of that destruction.  Fast motion, simulating light, would be the cause.  It would be like sending a high voltage electric current over a wire so fine that the current would burn it out.

Man, likewise, cannot see darkness.  The nerves of his eyes which sense motion slow down to a rate of vibration at which he can no longer "feel" them.

Man is so attuned to the idea that he actually "sees" light in various intensities, illuminating various substances to greater or lesser extents that it is difficult for him to realize that his own senses are but acting as mirrors to reflect various intensities of wave motion. But that is all that is happening in fact.

Every electrically conditioned thing in Nature reflects the vibrations of every other thing, to fulfill its desire to synchronize its vibrations with every other thing.  All matter is the motion of light.  All motion is expressed in waves.  All light waves are mirrors which reflect each other's condition unto the farthermost star.  This is an electrically conditioned wave universe.

All wave conditions are infinitely seeking oneness.  For this reason all sensation responds to all other sensations.


You people have had ongoing arguments among your "top" scientists for generations as to what is light.  Newton claimed it to be "corpuscular".  By definition this would be something like the little separate "cells" which are represented as "blood cells" (red, white, etc.).  Obviously this means "literally": a minute particle of matter.  Or is light a "wave"?  Evidence is abundant in favor of the argument for both theories.  It IS both.  Light is expressed by motion.  All motion IS wave motion.  All waves are expressed by fields of equal and opposite pressures of two-way motion.  The entire volume within wave fields is filled with the two opposite expressions of motion--the positive expressions which compresses light into solids, and the negative expression which expands it into space surrounding solids.

All space within wave fields IS CURVED.  Curvature ends at planes of zero curvature which bound all wave fields.  These boundary planes of omnipresent magnetic Light act as mirrors to reflect all curvature into all other wave fields in the universe, and as fulcrums from which motion in one wave field is universally repeated.


These, together, constitute what is called matter and space.  It is difficult to conceive light as being purely corpuscular, for light is presumed to fill ALL space.  Space is not empty.  It is full of wave motion.  Corpuscles of matter are half of wave cycles of light. Space is the other half.  There needs to be no mystery as to whether or not light is corpusclar or wave, for waves of motion which simulate the light and darkness of space is all there IS.  The light and motion of solid matter, and of gaseous matter of space differs only in volume and condition.

Water of Earth is compressed into small volume while water of the heavens is expanded thousands of times in volume.  Each condition is the opposite half of the cycle of water.  Is this beginning to make some logical sense to you?

Water vapor is water turned inside-out . It again becomes water by turning outside in.  Expansion-contraction sequences result from this process.

You might find it interesting to share a thought between Dharma and Little Crow one day when a debate regarding "rituals" was in progress.  It had nothing to do with the subject under discussion but when you came to solutions for mankind and evolvement in this "cycle", Little Crow gestured with his hands as he said "everything within must be turned (brought) without."  I don't need to explain his meaning here for it becomes obvious that you are now into the cycle wherein all within must come without.  If you can think about this "concept" and be comfortable with it--you are a long, long way along your trail to knowing.

ALL MATTER IS SIMULATED LIGHT!  Water of the heavens still is water, and it still is simulated light waves.  No change whatsoever has taken place between the waters of Earth and those of the heavens except a change of its condition from positive to negative preponderance.  This change is solely due to a change of its direction with respect to its center of gravity.  Now don't go crazy here either, for "gravity" is going to have to come to your knowledge as not what you perceive it to be.  It has to do with density and not magnetic pull or push.  We will get to that later, please.

All dense cold matter, such as iron, stone, wood, and all growing or decaying things, are simulated light.  You do not think of them as simulated light but all are waves of motion, and all wave of motion are simulated light.

Please pay attention here: Light is all there is in the spiritual universe of knowing, and simulation of that light, in opposite extensions, is all there is in the electric-wave universe of sensing.  The simulation of matter is NOT light.  There is no "light" in "matter".


There is abundant confusion concerning the many kinds of particles of matter such as electrons, protons, photons, neutrons, and others.  These many particles are supposedly different because of the belief that some are charged negatively, some are charged positively, and some are so equally charged that one supposedly neutralizes the other.  There is, however, NO such condition in Nature as negative charge.  Nor are there negatively charged particles.  "Charge" and "discharge" are simply opposite conditions, just as filling and emptying, or compressing and expanding are opposite conditions.

Compressing bodies are charging into higher potential conditions.  Conversely, expanding bodies are discharging into lower potential conditions.  To describe an electron as a negatively charged body is equivalent to saying that it is an expanding-contracting body.  They are opposite in direction.  In this two-way universe light, which is inwardly directed toward gravity, charges mass and discharges space.  When directed toward space, it charges space and discharges mass.

The charging condition is positive.  It multiplies speed of motion into density of substance.  The principle of multiplication of motion because of decrease of volume is the cause of the acceleration of gravity.  The discharging condition is negative.  It divides speed of motion into tenuity and substance.  The principle of the division of motion, because of expansion of volume, is the cause of the deceleration of radiation.

You can perhaps better comprehend this principle by knowing that what we call "substance" is purely motion.  Motion simulates substance by its variation of pressures, its speed, and its gyroscopic relationship to its wave axis.  Particles are variously conditioned as to pressure but there are no different KINDS of particles.  ALL are light waves wound up into particles which are doubly charged.  Their position at any one point in their wave causes them to have the electric condition appropriate for that point.

Light particles are forever moving in their "octave" waves.  All are either heading toward their cathode or their anode, which means toward gravity or vacuity.  They are all moving either inward of outward--SPIRALLY.


Furthermore, all light particles are either expressing the mother-light principle or the father-light principle.  For example, if a particle is on the amplitude of the wave, it would be a true sphere, and as a true sphere it would be neither positive nor negative.  It might then appropriately be called a "neutron".  A particle which is spirally heading inward toward the apex of a vortex in the process of becoming a sphere, might appropriately be called a proton because of its expressing the father-light principle.  We will cover these "concepts" also as we move along.  It is difficult to get it all said at once.  So, AGAIN: if it is moving spirally outward, it could appropriately be called an electron because it would then be discharging in excess of its charge or expanding in excess of its contraction.

Light rays, for example, leaving the sun, are discharging the sun.  They are also discharging themselves because they are expanding into greater volume.  They are also lowering their own potential by multiplying their volume.  They alternate their charge when radially converging upon the Earth.  They are then charging the Earth and themselves by contracting into smaller volume and are simultaneously multiplying their own potential by thus contracting.  This is also why it becomes easy to prove that you are simply a result of compression and expansion.  This, in addition, shows you vividly that you are an "electric wave universe".  Think of it as breathing out and breathing in and let go of the complexity always thrust into the equation by those who would dislike you to actually know any thing about yourselves.


How about adding to that, semi-cycles.  In an electric current there is a constant interchange between anode and cathode, or, positive and negative poles.  A light particle expands as it leaves the cathode in an outward radial direction and contracts as it radially approaches the anode.  This light particle has been the same light particle at all times in all parts of its journey.  Its variation of charge and discharge, its direction of motion and the condition of wave pressure in which it finds itself at all times, are the sole reason for its changing from one condition to another.  The light particles are all the same light particles, all being different only in pressure conditions.

This same is also true of the elements of matter.  Whether they are iron, carbon, silicon, radium, etc., all are composed of the same kind of light particles.  They all seem to have different qualities and attributes, but those qualities and attributes are likewise given to them purely by the positions they occupy in their WAVES.


All things simulate light.  A particle of light which belongs to an atomic system of sodium has in it all of the entire range of the elements, besides all of every other creating thing in the universe.  It acts to carry out the purposefulness of the idea of sodium simply because it is the pressure condition of sodium, and it is part of the unfolding pattern of the seed of inert gas of the octave from which it has unfolded.  If the same particle unfolded from the seed of the oak, it would be part of the wood fiber of its trunk, or leaf, or the chlorophyll which colored its leaves; but it would be the same kind of particle while fulfilling the purpose of cellulose as while fulfilling the purpose of the sodium as well.

All matter in the universe is but differently conditioned motion simulating light, and all differences in condition are PRESSURE differences. 



Okay, here is a recognized number: The speed with which light presumably "travels" is 186,400 miles per second.  Now, consider that the distance between stars and planets is so great that the speed of light is computed as "light years", for the distance computed by lesser units of time would yield figures so great that they would be meaningless.  Almost as meaningless as to say the fact of it--there is no distance at all and no light "travel" at all.  BUT...

Light only SEEMS to travel.  It is but one more of the countless illusions caused by this nice "wave" motion.  Waves of the ocean seem to traverse the ocean but they only APPEAR to do so, for waves are pistons in the universal engines, and pistons operate up and down.  Wave pistons of light, or of the ocean, operate radially and spirally inward and outward, toward and away from gravity.  (Now aren't we having fun with this nasty old scientific subject?)

Waves of light do not travel; they reproduce each other from wave field to wave field of space.  The planes of zero curvature, which bound all wave fields, act as mirrors to reflect light from one field into another.  This sets up an appearance of light as traveling, which is pure illusion.


I have a bit of fun as we write, for Dharma is caused to recall her son, Paul, sitting and knowing within that he could integrate the "field" theory.  (This may not be the accurate definition but it will do.)  What?  Anyone can integrate all theories but I think it rather nice that--in the fact that he is now physically dead--he still gets to tamper and tinker and integrate these concepts in Truth THROUGH connections of timelessness and spacelessness and within ONENESS.  You see, a bullet through the brain only transferred the energy--it did not destroy the knowledge.  Knowledge remains just as KNOWING IS.  You see, the adversary can kill the body--IT CANNOT MURDER THE SOUL AND KNOWING.


The "sunlight" you feel upon your bodies is actual light from the Sun.  What is happening is that the Sun is reproducing its own condition on the Earth by extending the reproductions out through cold space into ever enlarging wave fields until those reproductions begin to converge again toward your center of gravity into even smaller wave fields.  The heat you feel and the light you see is dependent entirely upon the ability of the wave fields to reproduce the light and heat, and that ability is conditioned upon the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.

If there is no moisture in the atmosphere, your bodies would simply carbonize from the heat thus reproduced.  One cannot consistently think of that heat as direct rays of the sun, for that same sunlight was intensely COLD during its reproduced journey through the immensely expanded wave fields of space between the Sun and Earth.


Not so--the light and heat which APPEAR to come from the star or Sun has never left the star or Sun.  That which man"sees" as light and "feels" as heat is the reproduced counterpart of the light and heat which is ITS CAUSE.

The rate of vibration in a wave field depends upon its volume.  Vibration in a wave field means the pulse of interchange between its compressed core and the space surrounding that core.  A slow vibration in a large wave field would cool one's body, or even freeze it, while fast pulsing interchange in extremely small wave fields could burn one's body.

A lens which multiplies light and heat toward a focal point which sets paper on fire, merely compresses larger wave fields into smaller ones.  The rate of vibration increases for the same reason that the planets nearest to sun move much faster in their small orbits than those which are far away for the sun.  There is a "law" covering the speeds of planets to rates of vibration in wave fields as appropriately as with the movements in the solar system--Kepler's Law.


What about it?  I realize while we are on the subject of light, vibration, frequency, and rays (that, after all, is ALL) we will refer back to the critical situation within which you find yourselves.  How relieved everyone seemed to be to think you missed that nasty old "Photon Belt".  You haven't MISSED anything and if you don't sharpen up quickly, you are going to have a whole heap of trouble.

The frequency of those rays now expressing on your place are already part of that "photon" shower.  The frequency is beyond that of ultraviolet and it causes mutations of cells and all sorts of damage to an unprepared body.  What you are going to have to do is find a way to match and thrive in those ever-increasing light frequencies.  These rays fall into the range of totally "invisible" rays. They will "getcha" in the same way as radioactive radiation.

Can we help?  Indeed, the little gaiandrianas can match and out-frequency anything thrown at them if given the proper respect. "They" are infinite and can match any frequency.  Moreover, they can bring a living cellular structure right along with them.  It most certainly may be well worth your time and effort to stay tuned.

You must come into realization that you are wondrous but you are quite primitive enough to get into terrible trouble.  Everything in the universe is balanced in its perfection, so you must get with the program.  When you reflect on the subject of "you as a human species", you must realize that you are not any better than anyone else or anything else.  You are all just a part of this great Creation and your part is to do what the rest of Creation does and that is to support each and every other system.  You must find ways to do that which circumvents politics and preferences toward color, ethnicity, and gender.  You are energy and you have a "center".  That center, which is that Energy of Creation, has no form, has no shape, has no smell, and has no color.  It has not preference, no doctrine, no sinners, and no saints--IT IS and it has NO PREFERENCE.  The sooner you come to KNOW as much, the faster you can get on with your learning to "ascend", which seems to be the prime game these days of gurus and evangelists.

I will tell you right now, however, there is ONLY ONE WAY TO ASCEND--by particulation.  You can do it properly and retain the two-way flow--or, you can blow yourselves into pulverized vapor; the choice is yours!

Can you get out of your own way long enough to accomplish this task?  I hope so for it will indicate that your choices are picking up in wisdom.

You are precious to me and I will give you all that I AM--but YOU have to accept it.  Perhaps that is far more difficult than it may at first appear.

In Oneness within Infinity, I AM THAT YOU MAY BE!


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 22, 1993, Volume 1, Number 13, Pages 16-20.


Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.