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7/15/92 #2   HATONN



Dharma, let us add herein the "Supplement" sent by our sharing friend on the subject and history of the Sumarians.  I believe that this friend of Nora would form a great bond in common interest and friendship--please share contact information for they both have excellence in research ability.  We honor privacy so we shall not print it herein.


The New Testament, the account of the Life of Christ, His teachings and the foundation of His Ecclesia superseded all that was previously recorded.

The Old Testament was compiled by the leaders of the Hebrew tribe and had begun a few centuries before Christ's appearance as accepted.  It was gradually added to and built up.  When the Hebrews overcame the Sumarians and discovered the amazing civilization and the religion of the Sumarians, they rewrote their Old Testament to conform to the Sumarian religion attributing all revelation contained therein to themselves as having been given to them.  Actually they substituted themselves in place of the Sumarians.  However, it was necessary to rearrange the events of their own short history to conform to that of the Sumarians.  In so doing, discrepancies and vague language appears in the Old Testament.

In the course of time as their history developed, more books were added and the order of the books was changed.  The story of Exodus was placed second after Genesis and was a complete fabrication.  The purpose of the book was the building up of the Hebrew pride in their own race.  The Hebrews recognized the superiority of the Sumarians and other races.  The way to overcome this difference between themselves and others was to claim direct contact with the Supreme Being.

The Hebrew history did include their sojourn in Egypt which had been evidence of the charity of the Pharaoh who permitted them a refuge in Egypt.  Their stay in Egypt was marked by a growing discontent of the native Egyptians because of the obnoxious and arrogant behavior of the Hebrew people.  Finally Pharaoh expelled them from his kingdom.  When Moses led the people out of Egypt, it was an exodus demanded by the Egyptians.  They left Egypt with stolen property--jewels and fine raiment.  In the account they give in their book Exodus, they boast of their theft as on recommended by God Himself because they were of mankind His chosen people.  Pharaoh did pursue the Hebrews after they left Egypt in order to recover the jewels and rare raiment they had stolen. These Pharaoh recovered and returned to Egypt.

The author, Jacob Elon Connor, of CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW, tells of the discovery of the tomb of this Pharaoh with his mummified body reposing therein.  No publicity was given this event that is not known to the world.

Many books of the Old Testament with their beautiful maxims were taken in their entirety from the Sumarian religious writings.  The history of the Hebrew religion subsequently included in the Bible as we know it today was made part of the Christian Bible solely because of the beauty of these Sumarian writings such as the book of Ecclesiasticus and especially the Psalms, all Sumarian, and most of all because of the Prophecies concerning Christ's coming or, as the Hebrew religion called it, the coming of the Messiah, which they still expect as a future event for them.

The history of Christianity then had its beginning in the lost civilization of the Sumarians and their origin of Christianity is now brought to light by God Himself at this critical point in time to expose the duplicity of the so-called self-styled "Jewish" race (which is not a "race") who have foisted on the people of the world several major deceptions--hoaxes--to gain their consuming ambition to rule the world and make all nations subject to them.  The hoax of the Old Testament is the major hoax, that Christ was of their own race was another, and now in this century the extraordinarily successful hoax of the Holocaust in the Second World War is another major hoax causing the continuing suppression of the truth of their centuries of deceit.

The New Testament has also been tampered with.  The birth of Christ predicted in the Prophecies to take place in Bethlehem was not brought about at the time of census of the family of David.  David was not the ancestor of Esu Immanuel (Jesus) through His Mother or by adoption through Joseph.  These are untruths introduced into the account of His birth to make His descent from David an absolute fact to establish that He was of the "Jewish" race.  His Mother Mary was of Sumarian origin and could not have been "Jewish".  The Evangelist writers gave a lineage for Mary that is presumed since there was no record to substantiate it.

The Council of Nicea separated the books of the Bible, discarding books that were obviously false.  They retained all the books that were considered genuine including all books containing the prophecies of Christ's coming.  The Council of Nicea had accepted the authenticity of the "Jewish" Old Testament.  False statements could have been made part of these prophecies.  These prophecies can now be read in their original context in the Sumarian writings.

Why, we ask, does God permit such a tremendous contradiction of the truth to become successful for two thousand years?  We cannot answer this question except to say that God is infinite in His Wisdom.  His decision to allow evident lies and evil conditions to prevail and grow over centuries upon centuries can only be understood if we realize that time is an element confined to planet Earth.  God surveys the whole history of earthly time and brings all things together into good over the whole range of human history.

June 30, 1992 M. O'L. Books by L.A. Waddall, A.B. PhD; for reference:






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In view of these texts I want you to ponder that which you continually thrust upon me for interpretation:  THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS which reside with the Israelis.  I ask you: What do YOU think about them and the possibilities involved with their not being allowed to be brought into public notice EXCEPT AS ALREADY TRANSLATED AND WITH NOTHING AGAINST WHICH TO EVALUATE AUTHENTICITY OF TRANSLATION?  SEEMS A BIT TOO SUSPICIOUS TO ME--BUT WHO KNOWS?!



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, July 21, 1992, Volume Page 19-20.

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