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4/16/92 #1   HATONN


To you who complain, jest and/or just simply get irate over a perceived boring use of language in the messages brought forth by our brotherhood, I am sorry but there will be no changes.  As a WHOLE, it is considered the best way in which to make contact and communicate and this is the way we have chosen to do it.  I suggest that the "King's English" of James' time is the most "understood" and attached to the entities in point--however, what makes you think the language belonged to him or that narrow period of time sequence?  Evil uses everything else belonging to God in order to deceive you--why must you always assume MAN to be the righteous one and God the imposer?  Oh, I see, some other MAN told you so and pointed it out?

What is coming forth is that YOU want me to be gentle and patient while you abuse and complain.  I can only tell you how things ARE.  I do not even tell you that you have to believe them.  If, however, the confrontation and recognition of responsibility impacts you, it is with full intent.  I welcome the challenge for it allows me to realize that you are hearing and taking the time to ponder possibilities.  You are actually weary of ambiguous wimpishness and the information that "all is OK and if it feels good, do it because the end is coming anyway".  The "end" is NOT COMING, but a new experience is on its way and I would hope that all could see it in time to join without having to make that transition "out of body".  I SHALL NEVER TELL YOU FALSELY IN ORDER TO BUFFER YOUR EGO AND DOUBTS--THAT IS TYPICAL PRESENTATION OF THE DARK FORCES, NOT THE GOOD OF LIGHT!  I CAN ONLY OFFER THE INFORMATION AND IT COMES PACKAGED IN A WHOLE BUNDLE OF PAPERS AND 56 JOURNALS.  IF YOU HAVE ONLY READ SOME 3 TO 20, YOU SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE IT ALL, AND IN EVERY INSTANCE THUS FAR, THE INQUIRIES ARE ALL ANSWERED WITHIN THOSE PAGES.  I'M SORRY, PRECIOUS FRIENDS, I KNOW NOT WHAT ELSE TO OFFER.  IF I REPEAT AND REPEAT, WE ARE BADGERED AND DENOUNCED BY THE ONES HAVING ALL THE INFORMATION.  MINE IS TO BRING THE WORD AND I CAN DO NO MORE WITH THAT WORD EXCEPT OFFER INSIGHT AS YOU ASK FOR IT WHILE PARTAKING OF THE INFORMATION.

We do not write the JOURNALS nor the paper to suit editorial needs of Man or Man's ego.  We do not jump hoops to please the grammatical engineers nor "sell" anything.  We are bringing you openly--as quickly as possible--Truth so that you can know, change and have instructions as you ask for input.  Those who pound on us would but stop you from having access to the abundance as promised by God through the Hosts come to bring you home.  If the Intelligence community desires information, I suggest you go get it through your own channels for I am weary of you opposing ours and calling it "undercover information".  It is not "undercover" for as with all things of God, it is open for all and not personal gain.  I welcome all utilization of the information for it is presented FOR ALL.  If your work be worthy of inclusion, we shall do so, but you will never threaten nor coerce us to utilize one word through those manners except to make a negative point.

Let us take respite and get on with pertinent information.  We shall effort to get to correspondence this afternoon since the court dangles.  We must utilize all possible space and time to allow printing for as long as possible through this barrage of legal entanglements.  Thank you.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, April 21, 1992, Volume 19, Number 1, Pages 7-8.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.