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Now the Democrats have taken another of the usually goodly terms and destroyed its original meaning.  Perhaps you don't see it in the same light that I witness but, nonetheless, I wonder if you will ever get fed up enough to see that you cannot change the parasitic group of leeches in the feeding frenzy.  A "covenant" is naught but a "contract".  However, Clinton spoils the word for, when he says: "Covenant WITH the American people", what can he MEAN?  You have made no contract WITH him--or have you?  You voted him in?  No, he failed the election test--"they" just "fixed" the election.  They will do it again, every time.  A one-sided proposal--in political circles is dictatorship.  In this instance it is NOTHING--period.

I am going to push right on with my subject however, because Clinton DOES PROMISE to also get all your children and the population as a whole--immunized.  God have mercy on your sleepy heads.

Since our writings are based on the subject of serums and inunctions in THE AGE OF TREASON [see pgs. 20-30], I will share some "other" opinions.  I realize our original topic is not limited to this subject but it becomes far more interesting and worthy to allow other than one viewpoint.

In this particular case I will offer the Introduction from a book called VACCINATION, by Viera Scheibner Ph.D., Santa Fe, NM 87504, 505-983-1856. (Published in Australia).  Dr. Scheibner: "The book is dedicated to those babies and their parents who suffered from vaccination."  Certainly Goethe was correct when he observed that "Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

There is another volume of work which I recommend to EVERY parent (actually, every person), MEDICAL HERETIC, BY Dr. Robert Mendelshon, Practitioner and Professor of Pediatrics.  I am a Medical Heretic ... I haven't always been a Medical Heretic; I once believed in Modern Medicine."  This is truly one of the most IMPORTANT BOOKS EVER WRITTEN.

There are many bold writers and I am amused at my secretary who says: "Yes, and it is good thing that you (Hatonn) are an 'angel of sorts' because you certainly tread where we mere mortals would be too wise to go..." I am in GOOD company, however: try MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustace Mullins.  You will again see that over and over and over again THE SAME PARASITIC FLUKES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF YOUR SPECIES AND CIVILIZATION.


I am offered a petition from a precious friend who is having great difficulty with a child (school age) who demonstrates learning disabilities because of hyper-life activities.  The child is extremely bright but too hyper to allow learning or allow anyone else any peace who happens to be around him.  This, placed together with other underlying PROBLEMS of emotional nature, makes it all but impossible to deal with the child(ren) in almost any setting.  I am asked if there is "something" among our helpers to HELP?  Specifically, no.  The damage happened right along with the immunizations.  There are millions of children in varying stages or levels of REACTION to those required immunizations.  You not only give ONE--but several at the same time which in itself causes interREactions.  Then you make it on through a bit longer with no major life-threatening seizures--but in many, many cases the brain electric is reacting constantly.  This keeps a child or adult right on the "edge" all the time--and even during sleep the brain is being triggered more and more constantly causing dream distortion and causing people to become socially unacceptable in their behavior patterns--but unable to change or cope properly.  This is nervous system damage which is sometimes outgrown if toxins are reduced or removed--but the usual approach is to continue to compound the problem by ongoing "health" requirements.  I don't know what to tell you frantic parents other than to try to keep your own sanity, remove known irritants and offer emotional stability.  This is a blast because the parents of these children are about to emotionally destruct already.  IT IS BUT PART OF THE EVIL PLAN TO TAKE YOUR WORLD AND ROBOTIZE YOUR PEOPLE.  IN ALL INSTANCES OF HYPER-ACTIVITY, HOWEVER, I RECOMMEND INCREASED SUPPLEMENTS OF CALCIUM / MAGNESIUM / ZINC.  SOMETIMES THE GOOD RESULTS longer get along without supplementation--the chemical bombardment against the body from everything from sugar bars to imitation soup are working diligently AND EFFECTIVELY AGAINST YOU.

Here comes a problem, however, for you are GOING TO HAVE TO CLEANSE THE BODY OF PARASITES FOR THE PARASITES ARE THE CARRIERS OF THE IRRITANTS.  This is difficult in children because they will refuse to take the nasty substances such as wormwood.  I suggest that you drop the wormwood and use increased (by double) the walnut extract or tincture in Gaialyte (or juice mixed with an electrolytic solution like Pedialyte).  YOU MUST CLEAR OUT THE CONTINUOUSLY REPRODUCING PARASITES, ESPECIALLY THE FLUKES, WHICH LATCH ONTO THE VERY BRAIN ITSELF.

I am telling our crew to GET THE PRODUCTS!!  I shall wait no longer--this is too important to forever be in waiting for the perfection of our own product if it cannot be obtained timely.  I do not need to write further on it--you are capable of putting together a program but it must be NOW.  The sensitivities in coalition with the pulse frequencies are going to blow you out, readers.  THE ATTACK IS ON.  WORSE, THE ATTACKS ARE FAR MORE INTENSE ALONG COASTLINES AND MAJOR FAULT LINES.

Readers, if you are planning to be moving [changing locations] physically, now is the time to seriously consider same if you live in major cities or near fault lines.  The game is getting very serious indeed and things are going to be happening which will be devastating.  Cities are going to be the WRONG place to be, very soon.  THE WAR TO CAPTURE YOUR MINDS IS UNDER WAY AND THE ENEMY OF MANKIND WILL USE EVERY DIRTY WEAPON THEY HAVE.  AND NO, THE PROOF OF OUR PRESENCE IS NOT IN "FIXING" IT--IF IT IS FIXED, YOU WILL FIX IT!




by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.


Dr. Peter Barstosy, M.B., B.S.: Fifteen years ago, when I graduated from medical school, I would have been surprised to be writing a forward to a book against vaccination.  I was a conservative orthodox doctor just off the medical school production line.  I have changed greatly.  My ideas have changed.  Like Dr. Mendelsohn, I have also become a medical heretic.  The more I read and study, the more I believe that medicine is heading in the WRONG direction.

I am not denying that modern medicine has done some marvelous things--acute emergencies and trauma management are unparalleled, but that is where its usefulness ends.  Modern medicine is trying to control Nature.  This is totally wrong--we should be working with Nature.

Medicine today is CONTROLLED partly be Government bureaucracy but mostly by the influence of the pharmaceutical multi-national corporations.  No wonder that any move away from the status quo is being resisted.

This book has come at a critical time in the history of medicine.  A time of change.  The population is now better educated, more informed and making their own decision about their own health.  This change, this revolution, is not from the top but from the base, that is, the people, and it is slowly filtering upward.

People are no longer blindly accepting what is told to them by doctors.  More are asking questions, more are gaining information, more and more are turning towards natural therapies (working with Nature) because of disillusionment with orthodoxy.

Vaccination, until recently, was a one-sided story: "Vaccinate or die" seemed to be the catch-cry of the orthodoxy.  Some began to question this.

There was a gut feeling amongst many that vaccination was not as safe or as effective as claimed.

This book is the culmination of years of research.  Dr. Viera Scheibner has hunted through thousands of articles, read between the lines, reviewed the raw data--all of this information published in orthodox medical journals--and has found facts that piece together to form a terrifying picture.  What was thought to be safe--isn't.

This book has the references to back the case against vaccination.

Any parent who is concerned about the safety and effectiveness of vaccination, and who is concerned about the welfare of their children, should read this book.  It is ultimately the parents of the children who should decide whether to vaccinate or not.  This decision must be made only when the parents are fully informed.

After reading this book, I feel that more and more people will decide against vaccination.  Peter Baratosy, M.B., B.S.

[H: There is no way of which I am aware to reach out and REALLY touch you and bring you into the consciousness of the moment wherein you are!  You are trained to go passively about doing whatever is ordered that you do, and in that "doing" you believe that you are both caring for your child and self ("or 'they' wouldn't order it...") or you simply don't KNOW or don't give a damn.  In the latter instance it is the "DUMBING OF CIVILIZATION".  This is wherein you "just do it" for any number of miserable excuses--number one, in the poorer people, to stay on assistance so that you can "make it". This just continues the downward spiral into final "moronization" (per Fichte and Bertrand Russel) and the plan of the PROTOCOLS OF ZION that is, THE PLAN FOR THE ONE / NEW WORLD ORDER.]



On 12th October 1985 my life changed profoundly.  On that day I met Leif Karlsson, a biomedical electronics engineer specializing in patient monitoring systems.  After only a few hours' acquaintance, on learning of his professional specialty, I asked him to develop a breathing monitor for babies.

He said yes.

One year and one day later, the first Cotwatch went to the first parents wishing to monitor their newborn baby's breathing.  We had decided to rent the first 150 units and keep in close contact with the parents who used them.  Soon, some twenty units were out there working and some time later parents started ringing us to report that the Cotwatch was sounding alarms.

A few questions soon established that alarms occurred at certain hours while babies were deeply asleep.  Cluster of five to seven short alarms sounded within about a 15 minute period.  These occurred after the baby had been exposed to stress, or happened a day or two before the child went down with a common cold or cut its first tooth.  An important fact about the vast majority of these alarms was that the babies had not actually stopped breathing, but, rather, were breathing very shallowly.  In most cases no intervention was needed to interrupt the type of breathing that triggered the alarms as the babies spontaneously resumed normal (deeper) breathing.

All new parents who monitored with Cotwatch were given a questionnaire on which to record all alarms for two weeks.  By chance, 28 of the monitored babies were 'near-miss' (babies who stopped breathing, were found in time and successfully resuscitated).  A further 22 newborn babies were monitored by choice of the parents.

Records by parents of near-miss babies showed substantially higher numbers of alarms compared with the number of alarms reported for newborn babies.  We realized that the alarms were an important indicator of stress level in the babies.

We concluded that when babies are under stress (whether due to insult or while cutting teeth or incubating illness), their breathing changes to what we named the stress-induced breathing pattern and they experience episodes of low-volume breathing in clusters at critical hours while asleep.

We could not find a pediatrician who would undertake independent research to elucidate and further develop our ideas, based on the initial observations with Cotwatch, so we decided to do the necessary data collection and research ourselves.

It was a long and rocky road to travel.  One task was development of a microprocessor-based breathing monitor, to ensure that the data collection was completely objective and scientific.  It took over six months' full-time work before we were able to produce computer records of babies' breathing.

Without endeavoring to do so specifically, we recorded the breathing of babies before and after they were vaccinated. The pattern of breathing that emerged over the days and weeks was extremely interesting and highly significant.  It showed that babies' breathing was affected in a certain characteristic manner and over a long period of time following diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) injections.

At this time, (1988), we did not know that the merits of vaccination were being hotly debated and we did not know that a lot of evidence on its dangers and ineffectiveness had been published in very reputable medical journals.  We saw only that DPT vaccinations caused babies a lot of stress, reflected in sometimes major flareups of stress-induced breathing over a period of at least 45 to 60 days following the injections.  The dynamics of these flareups showed a remarkable uniformity: even though the amplitude of the flareups differed, the days on which they occurred following injection were the same.

Pediatricians to whom we showed our first records pointed to the arrow indicating day-zero (when DPT injection was administered), and commented without hesitation: "This is the CAUSE."  Then pointing to the summaries of stress-induced breathing patterns over several days, each unfailingly followed with "This is the EFFECT."  They, of course, knew that the day-zero arrow indicated the DPT injection.

We also learned from parents who monitored a subsequent child after the cot death that most commonly the previous child had died after DPT injections and we felt we had to address the issue.  However, when we approached a few pediatricians with this observation and conclusion, we realized that we had touched a very sensitive and contentious issue.  Once again, we were forced to start our own search for the truth.

Several years later I had collected just about every publication written on the subject of the effectiveness and dangers of vaccines. Supported by data from our continuing research with the Cotwatch breathing monitor, I decided to write a concise and brief summary of my literature search, reviewing the many thousands of pages of scientific journals and other publications I had studied.

I did not find it difficult to conclude that there is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines of any kind--but especially those against childhood disease--are effective in preventing the infectious diseases they are supposed to prevent.  Further, adverse effects are amply documented and are far more significant to public health than any adverse effects of infectious diseases.

Immunizations, including those practiced on babies, not only did not prevent any infectious diseases, they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention.  It will be decades before the mopping-up after the disasters caused by childhood vaccination will be completed.  All vaccination should cease forthwith and all victims of their side-effects should be appropriately compensated.

Dr. Viera Scheibner                                                                                                                                                                                                    Principal Research Scientist (Retired)                                                                                                                                                                    Blackheath, NSW [New South Wales]                                                                                                                                                                        17.5. 1993


If you raised the subject of immunization with any medical doctor they would probably tell you that vaccination is the most effective intervention of modern medicine which prevented more suffering and saved more lives than any other medical procedure.

They would also tell you that the demise of epidemic diseases like small pox and polio is one of the success stories of mass vaccination programs.  However, this claim is totally unsubstantiated.

The documented truth is that the incidence of and mortality from any infectious diseases which used to decimate populations of Europe only some one hundred years ago declined by up to 90% BEFORE any vaccine has been used in mass proportions.  Also, diseases, like bubonic plague or scarlet fever, disappeared without any vaccination programs at all.  The mortality from the dreaded diphtheria declined decades before Corynebacterium diphtheriae had even been discovered and isolated.

Immunization against diphtheria was introduced in 1932-35 and on a mass scale in 1940, by which time the annual death rate was negligible (less than 300 deaths per million).  It is amply documented in medical literature that this mass vaccination was followed by unprecedented diphtheria epidemics--in fully vaccinated subjects.

The 1940s saw also the introduction of mass vaccination against tetanus and whooping cough which in many countries, including Australia, led to outbreaks of the so-called provocation poliomyelitis.  In 1950 Dr. McCloskey published evidence that there indeed was an association between administration of pertussis and/or pertussis-diphtheria toxoid and provocation poliomyelitis closely following pertussis vaccination administered within days before the onset of symptoms.  This is the same famous polio epidemic of 1949-50 which is used to push parents into vaccinating their children, especially against polio.  The provocation poliomyelitis is a well-known phenomenon which may follow administration of any vaccine, but especially DPT and polio. It is officially admitted that all cases of polio in the US, since the introduction of the vaccine, are caused by the vaccine.  The same has been seen in Australia and other countries like England.  So the occurrence of the same phenomenon all around the world be asking too much of coincidence.

The truth about polio and smallpox vaccines is that they are heavily contaminated with animal viruses, being produced on monkey kidneys and calves respectively.  This gave us AIDS which started in central eastern Africa in those states where the WHO (World Health Organization) conducted the eradication campaign against smallpox and polio.  The batches of vaccines used here were heavily contaminated with both SV 40 and SIV (Simian Immuno-deficiency Virus) and bovine retrovirus, another AIDS-related virus. One syringe was used on 40 to 60 people and contributed to the spread of AIDS to hundreds of thousands of innocent unsuspecting people.  It is beyond coincidence that the present raging epidemic of AIDS is affecting mostly those states where the polio/smallpox eradication campaign was conducted.

It should not come as a surprise that a new syndrome of immune incompetence or immuno-suppression developed in babies too. High incidence of child leukemia and cancer has been linked to vaccines by many authors who attributed this to inappropriate antigenic stimulation provided by vaccines and to the presence of contaminating SV40 virus.  Respiratory syncytial virus, or more befittingly, the chimpanzee coryza virus, causes lingering upper and especially lower respiratory tract disease in babies.  These are only the viruses which were discovered and are now, perhaps, looked for. [H: No, they were manufactured.]  What about the myriad of other, unknown animal viruses lurking in the vaccines?


It has also been documented that vaccine against tuberculosis had no impact whatsoever on the incidence of the disease, which is essentially a disease of malnutrition and overcrowding.

The best evidence of ineffectiveness of vaccines comes from two facts: firstly, such deadly diseases as bubonic plague disappeared without any immunization programs, simply because of better sanitation and nutrition and uncrowded life styles and, secondly, the countries which do not vaccinate against certain diseases, like pertussis, report amelioration of the disease and the incidence which compares favorably with the incidence of whooping cough in those countries which claim an almost complete pertussis vaccination cover.  West Germany's Hamburg enjoys freedom from vaccination push since 1962 without the incidence of infectious disease exceeding the incidences in countries that claim more than 90% vaccination compliance.

In 1975 Japan raised the minimum vaccination age to two years: this was followed by the virtual disappearance of "COT DEATH" and infantile convulsions.  Sweden stopped vaccinating against whooping cough in 1979, due to ineffectiveness of the whole-cell vaccine and adverse effects which far exceeded the adverse effects of the whooping cough illness.  After trailing two Japanese acellular pertussis vaccines, Sweden rejected these also, and for the same reasons.

While studying thousands of pages written on vaccines I have not found a single paper which would demonstrate that in epidemic situations only unvaccinated children contracted the diseases.  Even during vaccine trials many children contracted the disease against which they were vaccinated, often within a few days.  Although the initial target of all vaccination programs was to eradicate the infectious diseases like whooping cough, polio and measles, when it became all too painfully clear that it is an unrealistic goal, the proponents of vaccination started telling parents and the public that at least the vaccines alleviate the disease.

Not even this is true. Not only diseases like whooping cough can affect seriously both vaccinated and unvaccinated children (based on hospital admissions), but there is a new disease--atypical measles--which is an especially vicious form of measles only affecting vaccinated children and has a considerable mortality rate.

After studying the extensive literature demonstrating ineffectiveness of vaccines and their dangers, I concluded that the call for suspension of all vaccination programs is not inevitable.

Instead of relying on a "magic bullet" (one injection solves it all), the orthodoxy should start learning the dynamics and importance of infectious diseases and effective treatment.  It is absurd to set out to eradicate infectious diseases which play an important role in the maturation of the immune system of our children.

It has been documented in medical literature that people who contracted cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases in later years have remarkably few infectious diseases of childhood to report.  A proper development of rash during such infectious diseases as measles is apparently important for the prevention of cancer and other serious disease in later life.

The sordid story of vaccination programs reveals the enormous gaps in the knowledge base of the orthodox medical establishment, especially a profound lack of knowledge of the dynamics of health and disease and functioning of the human body.  It is this same medical industry which enjoys the protection of the institutions of the State in most industrially developed countries.

The attention of medical professionals and the State should turn to such scientific medical systems as homeopathy which is not only based on sound knowledge of human physiology but also on a profoundly scientific knowledge of the healing processes and the testing of thousands of specific remedies.  It should concern us all that scientific healing systems like homeopathy or naturopathy enjoy a substantially higher rate of success and a substantially lower rate of side-effects from their remedies than do those of allopathic medicine.  The cost effectiveness of these, today still called 'alternative', medical systems is another good reason for the State to look seriously into them as viable alternatives to play an important part in the national health system.  [H: God forbid!]


According to orthodox medicine, the purpose of vaccination is to eradicate infectious diseases.  These diseases are considered bad and a nuisance, rather than the way Nature primes and challenges the immature immune systems of our children. "Measles is misery" scream the posters in doctors' surgeries and try to tell you that one injection will do away with the problem.  They do not tell you that measles and other infectious diseases of childhood have AN IMPORTANT ROLE TO PLAY.

A group of Swiss medical doctors formed an action group which questions the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination of children.  In their 18-page documents they write that in a famous pediatric clinic in Basel until recently (1969) they used to induce measles in children with serious renal diseases (nuphritic syndrome) as a means of healing or at least improving substantially the condition.

Auto-immune diseases like asthma, lupus erythematosus or exema also either disappeared or greatly improved after the child contracted and overcame measles.

"They also questioned the wisdom of relentlessly trying to suppress natural expressions like fever instead of recognizing its importance in the natural healing process.  Also, [regarding] infectious diseases of childhood is a well-documented fact that the immune system must be primed and challenged in young individuals if it is to function properly and protect the individual against the far worse auto-immune disease of later life, such as cancer."

All medical systems--except orthodox or allopathic medicine--look at the human (and animal) body as a whole and interconnected system.  Homeopathy understands disease as a need of the body to rid itself of toxins and it does so in an orderly and meaningful fashion.  Although homeopathic science looks at individual symptoms for guidelines in understanding the diseases and selecting a remedy, it does not attempt to suppress the symptoms, rather initially accentuates the symptoms to enhance the natural healing efforts and mechanisms of the body.

Hering's 'law' holds that as a disease passes from an acute to a chronic form the symptoms move from the surface of the body to the interior, from the lower part of the body to the upper and from the less vital organs to the more vital ones.  Under correct (homeopathic) treatment this movement is reversed and the symptoms move from the more vital organs to the less vital, from the upper part of the body to the lower, and from the interior to the skin.  This is also true for the movement of symptoms in acute disease.  In cases of the so-called fixed miasmic diseases, like measles, the rash first appears on the forehead and moves onto the trunk and extremities. In contrast, the rash of atypical measles in vaccinated children first appears on the extremities, moves to the trunk and attacks the lungs and other internal organs.

Vaccination, by introducing viruses directly into the blood stream, far from preventing diseases, actually pushes the disease into a chronic form and deeper into the body where it then attacks vital organs.  The results of suppressing measles and other infectious diseases in this manner are cancer and other auto-immune and chronic diseases.

Medical assessment of alleged effectiveness and efficacy of vaccines centers around the production of antibodies.  Modern immunologists studying the biologic significance of the secretory gamma-A immunoglobulins hold that immunity is classically concerned with resistance to infection.  This is based on the well-known fact that individuals who recover from an infectious disease almost never succumb to the same disease again.  Today we know that the functions of the immune system are more diverse and include not only defense but also homeostasis and surveillance.

In the vertebrates (which group includes humans as we too have a backbone), a diverse cell system has developed--the lympho-reticular system which is distributed throughout the body and lines the lymphatic and vascular systems. Its cells occur within the thymus, lymph nodes and spleen, forming an internal secretory system and an external secretory system in those body tracts exposed to the exterior--the respiratory, gastrointestinal and genitourinary systems.

The tissues of the lympho-reticular system contain a variety of cells performing separate functions, either directly of through producing a variety of influences recognized as foreign by the host.  The internal secretory system produces serum immunoglubulins.  Of course, the gamma-G immuno-globulins secretory system produces a specific group of antibodies--the secretory gamma-A immunoglobulins.  The precise function of the secretory component is not yet understood.

A study evaluating the relative roles of serum and nasal antibody in protecting against parainfluenzae type-1 infection showed that the nasal antibody played a very important part--much higher than the serum antibodies.  This casts doubt on the importance of the serum antibodies produced following vaccination, and hence doubt on the conferring of immunity.  Indeed, we see this proven when vaccinated children contract the diseases against which they have been vaccinated.

Vaccinated children commonly exhibit a deranged immunological response by developing atypical measles, mumps and possibly many other atypical manifestations of the diseases targeted by vaccines.  It is far better, then, to allow the natural processes to proceed without harmful interference.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, January 31, 1995, Volume 8, Number 1, Pages 2-4.




Another Warning On Vaccinations

2/23/95 #2   HATONN


I can't stand the middle road any longer on this issue.  You are GOING TO DO what you are going to do but I must CLEARLY warn you about these childhood injections against disease.  It is nothing but a program to destroy the working immune system. The reasons for your children getting one infection after another is that these immunizations are damaging the nervous system and wiping out the immune systems of your children.




What I see being accomplished as we write is both heinous and irreversible.  I do not tell you WHAT TO DO!  You ask and I simply WARN YOU that these immunizations will begin to kill more and more of your children and maim many more.  The results are going to be everything from nervous inattention and misbehavior to death.  The symptoms may well not be seen in major extent for years--until the person is hit with a whopper like a simple retrovirus.  Contained in these injectables are everything from cow-pus to mercury and nail-polish remover.

If you can't believe "me", there is a book out, I am told, called VACCINATION.  I am sure there are far more than that as one came to me years ago on the subject, then Dr. Mendelsohn wrote a book, The Medical Heretic and Eustace Mullins wrote one called Murder by Injection.  LISTEN UP, READERS: THIS IS NOT FUN AND GAMES--THIS IS MASS INTENT TO DEPOPULATE THROUGH DESTRUCTION OF IMMUNE SYSTEMS SO THAT ANY INTENDED INFECTION EPIDEMIC CAN WIPE OUT THE OVER-POPULATION.  The first book I mentioned, VACCINATION, is done by a person I respect greatly and is CURRENT.  The author is Viera Scheibner, Ph.D. and I have used her work prior to now.  It is urgent and CRITICAL that you get INFORMED--NOW!!  You are "finished" if you allow a LAW to come about and be enforced making it legally mandatory to vaccinate your babies.  That practice is DEADLY.  

[Editor's note: For our new readers, go back and read the lengthy article on the horrors of vaccinations in the 1/31/95 issue of CONTACT.]


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 28, 1995, Volume 8, Number 5, Page 36.