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Christmas Reminder Amidst Baubles & Hype

12/16/97 #1   HATONN


Many of us stay walled in because we are afraid of being hurt.  We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.

We must strengthen, defend, preserve and comfort each other.  We must love one another.  We must bear one another's burdens.  We must not look only on our things, but also on the things of our brother.  We must rejoice together, mourn together, labor and suffer together.

Loving the God self fills a hole within us that cannot be filled by another human being, because they're busy filling their hole.  But once the hole is filled, then you are complete and there is a completeness that then can be shared.

And to repeat: Do not waste time praying for yourself but rather, reach beyond yourself and pray for another while you also seek to know, see and hear so that we can look to all our relations and not simply to the wishes of a physical, opinionated world of confusion.

--Little Crow

And, does this mean that we must never focus on "self" or turn away from "self"?  Nay, never, for self is the central expression of all that IS.  You must come to love self unconditionally and then you can begin to erase, dissolve and forgive those "conditions" which pull you away from God and Truth and Abundance of God's idea.

Does this seem too large a contradiction to handle?  Chelas, loving yourself unconditionally means "I LOVE GOD THE CREATOR, THE MOTHER-FATHER ENERGY, UNCONDITIONALLY.  I DON'T PUT ANY CONDITIONS ON THE CREATOR AND THE CREATOR DOESN'T PUT ANY CONDITIONS ON ME!"  GOD is total allowance for free-will expression and limitations are the bindings of MAN.  Ah, but the secret (apparently) of the ages is how to recognize and personalize, SPIRITUALLY, the TRUTH OF GOD.  When you lock selves into a box by other people's self-centered opinions and perceptions, you have destroyed the ability to open and release the lock that holds you tightly and you have effectively tossed away the key AFTER HAVING LEFT NO WAY OUT AND INTO THE FREEDOM OF "KNOWING".

Why this point so early on this morning?  Because, beautiful friends, LOVE eliminates a lot of powerlessness.  And, brethren, you feel powerless when you don't love yourself.  It is a lack of esteem, insecurity, and "I can't" that eats away at your consciousness and eventually mutates the very soul within you.

Right here at Christmas I get such abusive input from readers who claim that I can't leave you one iota of happiness or joy for I spend the time speaking more abundantly on the nasty little things of life waiting to destroy what you THINK you have.  Sorry about that.

Last evening on what you call your Religious Cable Network came a visitation by Hal Lindsey with a friend, unknown, who were pushing a new book to Paul Krouch, the wizard of Christianity according to Paul Krouch.  You know, the big discussions about the HOLOGRAPHS in the sky, yea even over Phoenix, and some of the elaborate technologies come upon you.  Then there was talk of E.T.s and a put-down of any type of extraterrestrial visitation and finally a pressing mandate to NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THESE EVIL THINGS.

The book being pushed is actually quite good in its presentation of what is going on here and there, but the whole concept of the universe, GOD, and revelation along with inability to do other than as presented by the Evangelical Jesus Christ attitude of MAN, not the Christ attitude of God and all being possible within God.  Oh well--the book seems to be called ALIEN ENCOUNTERS and is available, they said, from "secular" bookstores, whatever that might mean.

These people all tell you just to wait and all of God's (Jesus Christ) people will be Raptured and the Earth will be left without God and won't everyone be shocked?  Indeed, I would guess worse than "shocked".  These people (Raptured) will "all go to the clouds with Jesus", goes the hype.  Oh?  And just what are ye going to do on the clouds?  If you are spirit form, you certainly do not wish to sit around on the clouds and if you are human form, the law of universal physics will dump you right back, with a huge splat, onto the ground from which you ascended.  This is fact and not some Guru's fancy for the day and time.  God and Truth are so much the more wondrous in the fact of reality than are the silly and nonsensical prattlings of would-be distractors.

The interchange went on and on about the blood of the Man and believing and salvation costing only your "belief" or your stated line of approach to that belief.  God is somehow missed all the way along this prattler's pathway of words and opinions.  And then of course comes the message that even though the books are written, you might well choose to only read the ones presented by these narrow-minds as acceptable.  The others--TOSS!  The end is that you are not to seek or find or even LOOK UPON any other possibilities of difference.  And yet there was one inserted statement that would fry your blood; they started quoting from the Bible where GOD delivered into the hands of HIS people the hundreds upon thousands of hapless people referred to as Nephilim and GOD said to slay THEM ALL!  They didn't get all of them murdered so now you must pay for their failure to murder according to the orders handed down.  Are you nuts?  God does not CREATE to simply send orders for YOU to slay His creations.  Hyper B.S.

Meanwhile, go about your silly games, shopping, for which Christmas was created by the commercial anti-Christs to totally blind you from any resemblance to meaning of giving or receiving.  Wrap your own heads in swaddling cloth and bind your eyes and ears so you are not distracted from your credit-card overexpenditures for junk to add to the displeasure of all involved.  Go on and move like the herds of sheep on the perimeter of the slaughter houses and contain your journey in the ignorance so that you are not pulled from your ecstasy or bliss of your individual preferences--to remain totally in ignorance and evasion of life experience.  You can really get too much "bliss", you know, and the ones around you who must put up with all "your" bliss can be overloaded with your selfishness.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 23, 1997, Volume 19, Number 5, Page 10-11.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.